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Royal Rumble Anthology Reviewed

Updated on July 1, 2009

The Royal Rumble as most people wrestling fans and people that are not fans of wrestling probably know is a great test of endurance for some of the most spectacular wrestlers around. Now this idea started out on regular cable television, but quickly evolved into a pay per view event. For some wrestling fans we are old enough to remember when the first Royal Rumble was held, but for some of us that are not that old the Royal Rumble Anthology is a great DVD collection that can allow you to watch and view some of the most classic DVDs that you can see.

For some wrestling fans that have fallen away from the sport and do not watch it on a regular basis because of time limitations or because they do not like following the story lines that are present today you can watch some of the classic Royal Rumble matches on the Royal Rumble anthology. Now I personally own this set and have watched some of the classic Royal Rumbles including the very first one on the Royal Rumble anthology and thought I would share my thoughts on the set.

The first big positive is that it allows you to watch all of the classic and favorite Royal Rumbles on DVD without having to track them down individually. Which is very nice because I know that from looking trying to find the first Royal Rumble is next to impossible. So I know that just being able to watch some of these wrestling matches that I have seen many years ago again and share some of them with my children when they get older is amazing. Now for some people being able to go back and watch these will be boring, but I know that for me I absolutely love being able to see some of my heroes that I grew up with.

The main negative that I have found while watching this DVD is that some of the audio dubbing is not the best and can leave you wondering what was being said. Due to the lawsuit where the name was changed you can tell that this is where some of the audio dubbing was lacking. However, I would have to say that is the only negative that I found while watching this DVD set.

Now for people that are in love with wrestling or even just the average fan that wants to see the world of wrestling as the history of it can be seen in the Royal Rumble anthology you will want to purchase this set.


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