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Rubber - Spoiler Alert: Dreadful The SAD Movie Review

Updated on February 8, 2012


I picked this movie based on the Netflix description, which states that a car tire with psychic powers to explode animals, sees a beautiful woman, and “takes a chance on love”. I immediately thought “Wow, this is going to be terrible. I have to watch it.” However, after watching it, I actually genuinely liked it (as opposed to the ironic love for last week’s Birdemic).

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What Is This Movie About?

This movie starts with the oddest opening I have ever seen in a movie. A car runs into a bunch of chairs (not the weird part), a cop gets out of the trunk of the car, holding a glass of water (wait for it), and the fourth wall is immediately broken. He starts talking to the camera, and ostensibly, me. He has this whole diatribe about how every movie has “an important element of no reason”. He then says the following movie is "an homage to no reason”, then pours the water out, gets back in the trunk of the car, and the car leaves.

Turns out he wasn’t talking to “us” the audience, but the audience in the movie. They watch the events that we know as the movie, through binoculars, and serve as “us” the audience’s internal monologue, such as saying how the movie they are watching is ridiculous, and saying how hot the girl is. It is a really interesting aspect of this movie, but that’s still not what this movie is about.

This movie is about Robert. Robert The Tire. It starts with him gaining consciousness, maybe, and digging itself out of the ground. It (he?) starts to roll along, with this weirdly happy and light music in the background. It starts out by crushing a plastic bottle, and a scorpion, and again, you think “This is really weird, what is going on?” Then it comes across a glass bottle, that it can’t smash, so it starts to shake, and uses its psychic powers to blow it up. For no reason. Yeah.

He rolls through the desert, when a car passes by carrying a beautiful woman, and Robert falls in love. He follows her, and gets into some shenanigans (Oh God, the shenanigans), in order to get closer to her. His story, the “audiences” story, and the fourth-wall-breaking cop’s story, all weaves together, into a very interesting story overall

Oh God, Why?

Even though it was a pretty interesting movie, I still have a bunch of things I want to point out:

  • The tire has more personality than some of the characters (especially the girl). When he’s happy, for example, after exploding something (more on that later), he almost dances around as he travels, to the lighthearted music in the background.
  • Robert follows her, to a motel she is staying in. He spies on her in the shower, and eventually stays in the room beside her. Which begs the question; who rented a room to a tire?
  • The FWB Cop’s assistant, gets another hotel room. He then kills, cleans, and cooks a turkey. He takes it to the spectators, who didn’t bring food, and proceeded to devour this turkey, ripping it to shreds. It is disgusting to watch.
  • After the glass bottle, here are some things Robert blows up:
  • A rabbit
  • A crow
  • A dude’s head
  • The cleaning lady’s head
  • A police officer’s head
  • Okay, pretty much this entire small town gets exploded
  • A mannequin, that was supposed to be a booby-trap
  • Oh, the turkey was poisoned, by the way.
  • I’m not going to spoil everything, but when the “movie” the spectators are watching (not the movie we are watching, the movie in the movie) ends, there’s a pretty cool last scene, that made me laugh. It reminded me of the hallway scene in The Shining.

Wait, Did That Just Happen?

So, FWB Cop is at the scene of the murder of the cleaning lady, when he looks at his watch. He sees the poison has taken effect, and checks out. Literally. He tells everyone to go home, they were great, but they aren’t needed anymore. The other cops don’t know what he is talking about. He proceeds to tell them, this isn’t real, and they are all characters in a movie. It’s not met by some huge realization that he is right, and they all look at the camera, which is what you’d expect. Instead, they look at him like he is insane, like you would expect.

But it doesn’t stop there. They tell him that he is wrong, and that this is real life. FWB Cop says to one of the other cops “Look, you’re holding an alligator under your arm”. He looks down, and sure enough, he has a stuffed alligator under his arm, that wasn’t there before. They still don’t believe him, so he orders one of the other cops to shoot him. He survives, and they sort of start to believe him.

It is at this time that his assistant, AKA Turkey Murderer, comes and whispers something to FWB Cop. Turns out, one of the spectators didn’t eat any of the turkey that was poisoned, so he is still alive. FWB looks really upset, and contemplates on what to do next. He decided that they need to keep up with the show, and goes and tell everyone to forget everything he just said. Just forget that he just got shot twice, and move on with the case. It is insane,

It’s Not All Bad…..

This movie is actually pretty original, and inventive. I like the numerous stories that involve all the characters, even running through the two different “dimensions” of the story: The plane with the audience and the plane with the “movie” the audience is watching. A really cool part is when the two planes come together, to solve the problem of the ending to the movie. The acting is pretty solid throughout, especially Robert. The camera work that they use for the scenes where Robert is rolling through the desert works so well, that I am not 100% sure how they got him to move around.

Final verdict:

You know, this movie is actually pretty cool. The fourth-wall breaking of everything is really interesting, especially in a movie that isn’t really a slapstick comedy that would kind of make sense. Space Balls is one movie that springs to mind that broke it, and you can see that movie doing it, it is insane. This movie is insane, but not in the same way at all. It is the kind of insanity that a movie like Pulp Fiction has, where the style and storytelling is so odd, that it throws you. But when you get it, it is very cool. I would recommend it.

Four-and-a-half exploded heads out of five


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