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Ruby Dee

Updated on June 14, 2014

May God bless you Ruby Dee

To many you were a treasure, icon, and an example of the fruits and labors of the struggles of previous times. While accomplishing much throughout your career through activism and career achievement, you were an example of how to be a complete woman.How beautiful to take your last breath surrounded by your children, grand-children: loved.

A Few Accomplishments of Ruby Dee:

1963 - Speaker,March on Washington.

2001 - (with Ossie Davis), Lifetime Achievement award, Screen Actors Guild.

Friend to Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

2005 - Dee and Davis,National Civil Rights Museum’s Lifetime Achievement Freedom award.

Arrested for protesting the police brutality (shooting) immigrant Amadou Diallo.

Awarded an Emmy, Grammy, Screen Actors Guild, and Oscar nomination for her performance in “American Gangster.”

Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee - The Ultimate Love Story

These two lived their lives exploring their talents but never forgetting their pursuit of greatness displayed by civil rights activism. Living a life of purpose ensures that you not only strive to achieve and accomplish career objectives but also contributing to society by supporting the movements while making a difference to others. Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee were married for 56 years before he passed. The journey and the love of a lifetime is sadly complete in the passing of Ruby Dee. Never was it so beautifully expressed, the love of two people, than in the following final wish requests of the two expressed in their biography: How to love with Ossie and Ruby: In This Life Together:

"Cremation after a public ceremony, and then, into an urn. A special urn, large enough and comfortable enough to hold both our ashes. Whoever goes first will wait for the other. When we are united at last, we want the family to say good-bye and seal the urn forever. Then on the side, in letters not too bold-but not too modest either-we want the following inscription: 'Ruby and Ossie - In This Thing Together.' "

May God bless you Ossie and Ruby, in this thing together for eternity.


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