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Rules Of Survival In Horror Movies

Updated on October 17, 2009

Surviving The Horror


So you think you’ve got a handle on how to survive a in a horror movie? You know the one’s with the slashers   who get off on driving a knife through your flesh and chasing you around sometimes giving you a ten minute headstart where you’re running while they’re walking.  A lot of people think that if the scenes were to happen to them in reality they’d know everything to do in order to make it out safely, a lot of people really have no clue so I’m here to help you by telling you all the things you should avoid no matter what movie or scene. Happy Halloween and enjoy this Halloween Hub written especially for you.

The Top Things to Do and Avoid When In Danger

1.       If you’re hearing noises never investigate while you’re alone, get out of the house immediately or lock yourself away in a room that you’re sure nobody can get into unless you let them.

2.       Always keep a cell phone on you, make sure the battery is charged, have 911 on speed dial

3.       You’d want to keep a weapon near it should be a gun or a baseball bat or anything you can use without having to get too close to someone. Never grab a knife because while you’re trying to stab someone it’s easy to cut yourself or drop it then you’re left defenseless.

4.       Never show too much fear, it’s okay to run and hide but don’t scream out things like “why are you doing this to me” because it makes the killer cocky and alerts him to where you might be hiding. If anything you’re going to want to keep quite so that the killer will be kind of skeptical about what may be waiting for him, her or it.

5.       If you’re downstairs and someone breaks in or you see signs of someone else’s presence but you know that nobody should be home but you, you don’t want to make the mistake of running upstairs because depending on the place in which you reside your only upstairs escape could be the window in which you might fall out while trying to climb down.

6.       Create a diversion quickly; you want to make the killer think you are in another room while you could be in the exact same room as they are hiding. Do this by throwing something out in the hall or anywhere away from you, do this without being seen or making it too obvious.

7.       When you’re on the phone with 911 be quick, someone broke in your home and is trying to kill you, with that said you get off the phone because the police have tracers and can get your number along with your address in cases of immediate emergencies, I don’t know what makes the police think that someone in immediate danger can take the time to give them a great description along with their name and address and all those other details. 

8.       You never want to fall, this happens a lot when busy looking back to see what the killer is doing instead of keeping it moving, surprisingly some just fall on purpose. Get up n keep it moving, the killer is not going to have any sympathy for you because you fell, you don’t want to see what the killer is doing, you don’t have time for that when your life is at stake. Also when you’re running do not  stop to access the situation, if the killer is behind you and you stopped, chances are he, she, or it is now in front of you waiting.

9.       If you can make it to your car but you don’t have your keys what is really the point? Always keep your keys on you or secretly stash an extra set in your car where only you would think to look.  Don’t try to run the he, she, or it that’s after you down with your car just drive, drive, drive but not too out of hand, you don’t want to drive a short ways then crash which is what usually happens.

Identifying the Killer

In cases of the actual killer being a human it can be anybody, your mother, father, boyfriend, uncle, sister, and cousin, anybody so you want to look for the obvious signs.  Watch for emotion, story changes, if they showed up on the scene too quickly that could also be a warning.  You want to play it careful though don’t accuse and keep your guard up around everyone.  If you notice something that is definitely identifiable to the killer don’t panic, play it cool and when you get your chance break away.  Do not confront someone that you think is the killer, you do that and you’re as good as dead. Were you thinking that if you confront someone about possibly being the killer they’d just be like okay you got me so you’re free to go? Hell no…..

If the Killer Survives

If the killer survives and the identity is never found out you want to be around a lot of people always, if you’re around a lot of people you’re at least given the comfort of some safety in case they come after you again which they will.  If you’re the lone survivor they’re going to want to complete the mission by getting rid of you, they will wait until they think you’ve completely stopped thinking about the horror, they will wait for that perfect moment to get to you, they will wait as long as it takes so pray that they die first.

Halloween 1 Michael Myers

Now I’m going to take you back to some of the best horror flicks over the years that I have enjoyed time and time again especially on Halloween. The first one is Halloween one in which we all first met Michael Myers. Michael Myers slaughtered his whole family as a boy but left his sister who was a baby at the time alive. In a majority of the Halloween movies Michael Myers was trying to kill his sister, I’m thinking to myself you let her live and now you want to kill her. Okay Michael Myers kill your sister if you feel you have to but why must you kill everyone else? Also Michael Myers is one of the slow walkers, he never runs, he never even sais anything, plus he has this mask that pretty much stays on, I don’t think I ever saw anyone take it off. In this scene the girl has made a gruesome mistake, she got into her car alone without checking the backseat. I know before I enter my car the backseat is what I would definitely check first you just never know these days with all the carjackers and rapists out there. Oh yeah and if the kids start screaming someone is out there, then its all so true.

Drew Barrymore Is Toast

The Cute Psycho Boyfriend

In the movie Scream part one the killer should’ve been too obvious to figure and at times I thought that Neve Campbell did, check out the scene where her weird psycho boyfriend has a cute presence in a psychotic way. Also get how he made his entrance; I would definitely have caught on to this one before he let the cat out of the bag in the end. Oh and why in the world would Drew Barrymore be talking to a stranger on the phone as if she’d known him forever, she even told him she was making popcorn, might as well have invited him over to share, oh I forgot, she didn’t have to.

I love how this movie was written though; it was like Beverly hills’ 90210 meets High School Massacre.  Everyone was running out buying those masks, they were giving them away at the theaters, we were all just going scream crazy but then when a movie has been around for a while the writers tend to stray from the path that got us all hooked and the others that follow turn out to be dull n stupid.

Freddy's Introduction

Fred Krueger Nightmare On Elm Street 1


Nightmare on Elm Street is where we were introduced to child killer supernatural force Freddy Krueger or Fred Krueger. This killer had it so good when it came to going on his spree because all he had to do is wait for you to go to sleep. Everybody has to go to sleep right?  I was personally afraid of Fred Krueger popping up in my dreams as well, but hey you find ways to always beat the psycho killers in the end whether in a dream or reality.  Fred Krueger was kind of cool with his killing techniques because he made it all sort of a joke and the only people not laughing were the children of Elm Street. He had those knives for fingers that cool hat that I’d still rock today, that ugly red shirt, along with that burned skin feature, sure to be a child’s worst nightmare.


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    • profile image

      hellen 7 years ago

      These tips are so goog. For a while I thought I was the only one who gets it. I mean, CHECK THE BACK SEAT and STOP looking back! lol.