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Rumours of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Updated on January 2, 2017
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Source
Queen Elizabeth II and husband Prince Phillip
Queen Elizabeth II and husband Prince Phillip | Source

With the Queen her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II not attending Christmas Day Mass and not visiting Sandringham Palace the Royalist media has been going into overdrive. Right away when it was learn't that both the Queen 90 and her husband Prince Phillip or the Duke of Edinburgh 95 had serious colds serious concern was being shown by the media.

When the Duke did appear on his own at the church where the Christmas Day Mass was to be held flanked by other Royals speculation about the Queen's health became the order of the day. This was not helped by the press office at Buckingham Palace not really giving much information out either to the media or the public.

What really threw fuel on the fire though was a Tweet from a purported BBC account that said the Queen had passed away. Of course the media and the public alike went into a frenzy and there were according to sources staff dressed in black as the BBC was about to announce the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

However Royalists in the UK and all over the world who follow and like the British Royal Family especially the Queen need not have worried as it was found out at the last minute that the news emanating from this BBC Twitter account was in fact a hoax. A BBC correspondent Rory Cellan - Jones said the fact that the BBC and others took notice of this news and did not realize it was fake shows everyone is "Bonkers" to quote the correspondent.

Princess Anne the Queens's daughter and sister of Prince Charles said her mother has had a bad cold for 13 days and was getting better. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have been the reigning Royals on the throne ever since anyone can remember in the UK and of course with old age and ill health they are not going to be there forever though they do remarkably well for their ages.

When the time does finally come that the era of Queen Elizabeth II is over (however that comes about) many people in this country fear for the future as this present Queen is seen as a figure of stability whether you agree with the institution of monarchy or not.

Prince Charles with mother Elizabeth II
Prince Charles with mother Elizabeth II | Source
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge with Kate Middleton
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge with Kate Middleton | Source
Prince Harry
Prince Harry | Source

The Succession: some facts

1) Queen Elizabeth II current Queen

2) Her coronation was in 1952 and has been on throne longer than Queen Victoria

3) Married to HRH Prince Phillip other wise known as The Duke of Edinburgh

4) Prince Charles as it currently stands would succeed his mother on her death or abdication

5) Charles's son Prince William Duke of Cambridge would succeed Queen if Charles could not take over throne or would succeed Charles upon his death or abdication

6) William's brother Prince Harry who is very popular among the public would follow William to the throne in the event of William's death or abdication

7) If none of the above succession worked than a number of officials would appoint the next King or Queen out of four individuals as long as they are 21 or over

8) British Royal Family related to all over European Royal Families through Queen Victoria

9) Princess Diana mother of William and Harry changed the Royal Family forever as a modernizer and her more approachable way with ordinary people and her work for charities. Tragically killed in a car accident in 1997 in Paris which still has conspiracy theorists asking questions how it came about

10) Coronation Chair where a member of the Royal Family becomes King or Queen was made in 1291

Princess Diana will never be forgotten

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Source


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