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Runescape mining and wood cutting tips

Updated on May 7, 2009


I'm sure a lot of you Runscape players don't like leveling wood cutting or mining, I didn't, till I figured these tips out.

For me, mining and wood cutting took so long, it was such a pain. It took so long to level these skills up, I just don't have the patiance. It was such a drag to level these skills up and find a place to do it that was near a bank.


I have a pretty high mining level, and the leveling process was SO slow. I knew I should keep it up though, because mining is one of the best ways to earn money. But it took so long, I just kinda gave up.

Now that I know the tip I'm about to tell you about, mining is pretty easy to level up.

So, most people in a "mining level guide" tell you this:

Mine tin/copper to level 15.

Mine Iron to level 30.

Mine coal to 45.

Mine gold to 55.

Mine mithril to 70.

Mine adamant to 85.

Mine runite to 99.

Well, I'll tell you flat out that this is not a good idea. It will take SO long to level up! Here is my guide:

Mine tin/copper to 20 (it will take a while to mine iron if you try it at level 15).

Mine iron to 99.

Seriously, that is the way for fast leveling. Iron gives you pretty good exp points, and it sells for 100 ea. in the Grand Exchange. That means for 28 (one inventory full) iron ores, that is 2800 gold.

Now if your aiming for the money more then just leveling up, then this is how I would do it. Around 40 mining, start mining coal in Al-Karad. Coal sells for about 178 ea. in the Grand Exchange, so for 28 coal that is about 4984. Then around level 45 or 50 mining, start mining gold. Now, the only real good place to mine gold is the crafting guild, but you need 40 crafting for that. The other place is Al-Karad, but that is kind of slow. Gold sells for about 468 ea., which adds up for a pretty good amount of 13104 an inventory full! Okay, here, I'll make a chart of ores and their prices:

Ore Grand Exchange Price Level Needed To Mine
Tin 33 ea. 1
Copper 78 ea. 1
Iron 102 ea. 15
Coal 178 ea. 30
Gold 468 ea. 40
Mithril 265 ea. 55
Adamant 1,126 ea. 70
Runite 15,700 ea. 85

Ok, here's a table for how long it takes for an ore to come back to the rock after you've mined it:

Just ignore silver unless your goinf for crafting levels too.

Wood Cutting

This skill was also a drag to level up, but now mine is 47 and increasing RAPIDLY. There aren't really any "wood cutting guides" for f2p(free to play) people. Here's a great way to level up fast:

Tree to level 20 (or 25 if you want to cut oaks faster)

Oak's to level 35 (or 40)

Willows to level 65 (or 70)

Yews to level 99

Now, oaks sell for 28 while willows sell for 18. So if your going for more money and slower leveling, cut oaks till level 65 or 70.

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