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Rush Concert Review May 1980

Updated on May 7, 2013

All The World's A Stage

During the late 1970's my friends introduced me to music by the band Rush. Power trios were the rage, as ZZ Top was close to reaching super group status, and Rush was not far behind. This band, consisting of Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart was already super big in Canada, so was it there turn now in the USA ? At that time Rush really wasn’t getting a lot of air play on the local radio stations I was listening to. I went out and bought a copy of their album; All The World’s A Stage and it blew me away. If you ever want to get one Rush release-then make it that one, you’ll hear what I mean. It is a live recording- with the fans right in the mix.

Then came the release of Permanent Waves in 1980, and you started to hear Rush all over the FM radio, they were no longer this underground Canadian band. On May 20 1980 I went to see the Rush concert at the New Haven Coliseum in New Haven Connecticut. Opening with the song 2112, and leading into The Temples Of Syrinx, this band had a scary good tour-de-force sound. Excellent sound quality, Geddy's voice still high, along with a few added sound effects, this was a polished band at the edge of becoming a super group. As best I can remember, songs played that evening included; 2112, Working Man, Closer To The Heart, and The Trees. Outstanding versions of The Spirit Of Radio and Freewill were also played and Entre Nous showcased the bands ability to play at what that time was considered a rock ballad. Here was a show that left you drained, but still looking for more. But it was only 1980-and there was plenty more Rush to come.

Into the year 2013 Rush continues to tour. Still always rocking, they are they premier power trio !

Please Enjoy This Video By RUSH


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