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Rush Rhymes

Updated on October 7, 2017

Rush Hour

Regular Civilians

On his last day of British Rule in Hong Kong.
Inspector Lee looked forward to moving on.
After years on the force, his dues were paid.
But he still wanted to end it with a raid.
He raided, a shipping wharf looking for Juntao.
A huge crime lord, but instead he found.
He found Juntao's right-hand mole.
He also finds treasures that Juntao stole.
Meanwhile, Chinese Counsel Solan Han.
Goes to the US, with his daughter Soo Yung.
Once he arrives, his daughter's on her way to school.
& she's kidnapped by Juntao's goons.
Counsel Han, is informed by the FBI.
That his daughter was taken and they aim to try.
Try to find out who committed the crime.
Han calls inspector lee, and he's set to arrive.
Once the FBI finds the Counsel's intentions.
They think Lee will bring negative attention.
So they call LAPD to send someone their way.
Detective James Carter comes to save the day.
Carter is Arrogant. Carter is reckless.
Carter is loudmouthed but a good detective.
Carter is tricked to be involved.
Instead of getting mad, he plans to solve.
He meets inspector Lee when he arrives.
They load up the car and go for a ride.
Carter is keeping Lee from Han.
He tried and tried but Lee was gone.
Lee was gone, no matter Carters' attempts.
He makes his way to the Counselate.
Lee and Carter find out who' behind it.
They got to the council and reveal it.
While with the Counsel, FBI agent.
While informing, there is a conversation.
Carter answers the phone and it's Sang.
Wanting the counsel to pay to reclaim.
He asked got $50 million dollars.
The council agrees and pursues to deliver.
Before it, they track where the call is from.
They go there and find out that move was dumb.
The building goes up in flames.
Sang comes out smoothly as fire rains.
Lee and Carter see him and gives chase.
Sang drops the Detonator but he escapes.
The council now feels that Lee disgraced him.
The council feels it's best if he sends him.
Sends him home and the FBI takes over.
Before leaving, he is reminded by Carter.
Meanwhile, Juntao wants the council to pay.
At an event, the counsel's ready to pay.
The ransom went up $70 million.
Lee and Carter closed the case as regular civilians.

Jackie Chan
Inspector Lee
Chris Tucker
James Carter
Tzi Ma
Colonel Han
Tom Wilkinson
Ken Luang

Rush Hour 2


Four days after the events in LA.
James Carter was on his way.
He gets to Hong Kong with inspector Lee.
While in Hong Kong they sightsee.
At the U.S embassy, a bomb explodes
Carter and Lee had to put it on hold.
Two undercover U.S custom agents.
Were murdered while inside of it.
They find a long time Triad Ricky Tan.
Just to find out he's a more powerful man.
Meanwhile, the U.S secret service.
Is sending over help in Agent Sterling.
When he arrives he meets the HonkKong Police.
In hopes that they will release.
Release more information so that they can act.
They were looking to obtain more facts.
Suddenly, Carter's room was bombed.
Causing Lee to believe he is dead and gone.
but he's revealed to be alive and well.
They go to Ricky Tan's Yacht.
To capture Tan but he's shot.
Shot by Hu Li and she escapes.
Sterling feel that it's Carter mistake.
So he sends Carter back home.
but Carter wasn't going alone.
He convinces Lee to go with him.
While on the plane Carter informs him.
Of a Rich white man, named Steven Reign.
Who is responsible for the pain.
Carter saw reign on the yacht.
They both figured out his plot.
Reign was laundering in a lot of money.
Lee and Carter begin investigating.
The investigation leads them to a tower.
They go there and meet a group of mobsters.
They knocked Lee and Carter unconscious.
When they came to, they realized they were going.
Going to the Red Dragon Casino.
but Lee and Carter ended the show.

Jacki Chan
Inspector Lee
Chris Tucker
James Carter
John Lone
Ricky Tan
Zhang Ziyi
Hu Li
Alan King
Stephen Reign

Rush Hour 3

Shy Shen

Three years after defeating Tan and Reign.
Things Los Angelos begin to change.
Carter till worked for the LAPD.
But the cases he worked he wasn't doing.
Counsel Solan Han was back in town.
Protected by Lee but he's shot down.
Lee sees the shooter and goes after him.
To his surprise, Carter Joins him.
They catch up to him but let him go free.
Lee finds that the shooter is his brother Kenji.
In the meantime, counsel Han's recovering.
The bullet hit his shoulder only.
Lee and Carter promise grown up Soo-Yung.
That they will find the guy that wrong.
They investigate and find that the triads.
Took everything that Soo-yung had.
So Lee and Carter make their way to intervene.
Assassins coming to fulfill the needs.
Of the Triads. They want than dead.
When they attempt they see they were misled.
They defeated most but kept one alive.
They interrogated him to see what he hides.
Soo-Yung was taken to the French Embassy.
Under high protection and scrutiny.
Meanwhile, Lee and Carter travel to Paris.
Where they meet Jasmin, the Assassin.
She claimed to have inside information.
But tricked Lee but Carter caught it.
Lee and Carter attempt to escape.
but Kenji's men showed it's too late.
Kenji offers, to let them live if they leave.
But they refuse and escapes captivity.
While struggling, they make progress.
They meet Genevieve and got closer to solving it.
They saved Genevieve from getting killed.
They are attacked but destined to fulfill.
Destined to get to the end of this.
They found that Genevieve was the solution.
That's all Kenji wanted.
But in the end, he did not get it.

Jacki Chan
Inspector Lee
Chris Tucker
James Carter
Hiroyuki Sanada
Zhang Jingchue
Noemi Lenoir
Genevieve/Shy Shen

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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