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Rush: The Great Classic Rock Band That Failed to Impress Me

Updated on June 26, 2017

The Tension Building Up to See RUSH!

When I found out that Rush would be playing at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, I was ecstatic! The concert date was a little early for my birthday, but my father was more than happy to get tickets for the both of us. We were a little late on getting tickets, but we thought the seats would be alright. Besides, it's Rush! It shouldn't matter where you are sitting. Just the thought of seeing Geddy Lee rock out on the bass and seeing Neil Peart kill the drums made me want to grab the nearest guitar and Rock Out! Though I could never do it like Alex Lifeson.

The First Disappointment

The first disappointment at the Rush concert had to be when we saw how big the arena was. It was HUGE. It was twice the size of my University's event center. I didn't ever think an NHL hockey arena could be that large. Apparently hockey is a big sport in St. Louis. and we were sitting in the nosebleeds because they were the only seats left. Those nosebleed seats cost $79.99 apiece. A ridiculous price considering you have to squint to see the performers. The concert began with the classic "Subdivisions." "Subdivisions" is a great Rush song, however the sound was terrible from where we were sitting. We were right at the top and in the left corner. Every note they played echoed off of that back wall. I wanted to hold my hands over my ears.

The Second Disappointment

The next Disappointment I encountered at the Rush concert was that the band didn't seem very happy to be there. They seemed bored at the fact that they had sold out a crowd in the largest arena in St. Louis County. There wasn't any throwing out picks or breaking guitars during the concert. When Geddy announced the songs, he did it with absolutely no enthusiasm whatsoever.

If I were Geddy, I'd be doing everything possible to please those fans. I'd be crashing expensive guitars, giving out t-shirts, shotguning beers, or whatever I had to do to make those fans happy. When you're in a band, your fan base is your life. No fans=No income. Simple as that.

The Third Disappointment

The third disappointment at the Rush concert was definitely the set-list. Now I've been listening to Rush all of my life. I want to hear all of their classics when I pay "The Big Money" to see their concerts.

Here is a list of the well known songs they played at the concert, and trust me, I have like 10 Rush albums. I know what is a well known Rush song and what is not.


The Big Money


The Spirit of The Radio

Tom Sawyer


SIX WELL KNOWN SONGS IS ALL YOU CAN PLAY??!! My father paid good money for us to come down here and watch your band show us a good time. I expected to hear HITS, not all of the songs off of your new album. Rush missed some key songs such as "Limelight," "Fly By Night," "Working Man," "Closer to the Heart," "New World Man," "Red Barchetta," and many more. I know bands get tired of playing the same old music, but we came to hear the songs that made you famous. I was going to buy the new Rush cd, but now I have changed my mind. You can forget it Rush. You have burned that bridge.

Here is the set-list if you were wondering:

  1. Subdivisions
  2. The Big Money
  3. Force Ten
  4. Grand Designs
  5. Middletown Dreams
  6. Territories
  7. The Analog Kid
  8. The Pass
  9. Where's My Thing? (with Drum Solo)
  10. Far Cry
  11. Caravan
  12. Clockwork Angels
  13. The Anarchist
  14. Carnies
  15. The Wreckers
  16. Headlong Flight (with Drum Solo)
  17. Halo Effect
  18. Wish Them Well
  19. The Garden
  20. Dreamline
  21. Drum Solo (The Percussor)
  22. Red Sector A
  23. YYZ
  24. The Spirit of Radio
  25. Tom Sawyer
  26. 2112 Part I: Overture
  27. 2112 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx
  28. 2112 Part VII: Grand Finale

Terrible. I want to meet the guy who made this set-list. He/she should think about applying for a job at McDonalds. That might better suit him/her.

Three Strikes and You're OUT!!

Three strikes and you're out Rush (Hey! What a coincidence you have 3 band members! I'll keep my day job). If I can name 3 things I hated about a concert, then it definitely wasn't worth seeing. Maybe you guys should stick to Canada, that way you don't have to drive too far to suck. My father and I stayed two nights at the Drury Inn to see this band and we definitely didn't get our money's worth. We spent around 60 bucks in gas, $200 in hotel costs, and $160 in tickets. And that's before taxes. Over 400 dollars to go see a band that gave us a second rate performance. It's obvious why these guys never come do a show in Arkansas. We would boo them off of the stage down here.


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    • profile image

      rushmaster 3 years ago

      I see your point, but I saw them on that same tour and it blew me away. Rush is a band that you have to listen to all their albums. You say you only have ten albums. Well I have all of them and I knew every song in the concert for that reason. Listen to all the other ones that you don't already have then see them again. You will notice how awesome they are live when you know all their stuff. A lot of the songs on that setlist are great even though they are obscure. But I found that often their obscure ones are some of their best ones.