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Review: "Rust in Peace" the 1990 Studio Album by Megadeth

Updated on July 6, 2018
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Ara is currently an Accounting student at Glendale Community College in Glendale. CA. His main goal in life is the enjoyment of it.

The Front Cover For Rust In Peace

The album cover for Rust in Peace shows a skeleton like creature holding a light while there is a body that has been preserved by cryonics. Five Magics is a magical song in a sense because it is so great!
The album cover for Rust in Peace shows a skeleton like creature holding a light while there is a body that has been preserved by cryonics. Five Magics is a magical song in a sense because it is so great!

Rust In Peace Is Considered By Many Fans To Be Megadeth's Best Album

Rust in Peace is the 1990 album by American heavy metal band Megadeth and it is considered by many fans to be the finest album that they have ever made. Or is it? This writer has certainly thought so. Even more than 25 years later, Rust in Peace stands out as a classic thrash metal album. Even so, it still does not top Annihilator’s Never Neverland album. Annihilator is on a different level when it comes to thrash metal bands and it is better than Megadeth overall but that’s a different story. Dave Mustaine’s voice has certainly improved by this time and it lacks the hoarseness that we hear on the band’s first three albums. Joining Mustaine is extraordinary guitarist Marty Friedman (ex-Cacophony) and also joining is Nick Menza R.I.P. May 21, 2016. Note: Gar Samuelsson is another former Megadeth band member that passed away. He died due to liver failure in 1999. Note: as of 2017, the best Megadeth album in the opinion of this writer is the one called Peace Sells But Who's Buying. But for a period of I would say 1993 through 2016, Rust in Peace was considered by me to be Megadeth's best album. However, as of 2017, that distinction belongs to the band's 2nd studio album called Peace Sells But Who's Buying. Nonetheless, Rust in Peace is still worthy of praise and recognition.

Rust In Peace Was Released In A Fine Year For The Heavy Metal Genre

Rust in Peace has nine songs for just over 40 minutes of heavy metal enjoyment. Even if you are not a Megadeth fan, you will enjoy the album for its speed and creativity. 1990 was a very good year for heavy metal as a few bands released very notable albums. Slayer would release Seasons in the Abyss. Judas Priest would release Painkiller, the album that could very well be their best one. And Pantera put themselves on the map and began their quest for fame with their groovy thrash metal classic Cowboys from Hell.

Hangar 18 The Great Song With Lead Guitar Exchanges

Rust In Peace: A Brief Review

Holy Wars… The Punishment Due is a fast classic song that has a political theme to it. It makes reference to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The band would record a live version of the song on the Japanese version of 1994’s Youthanasia album. Hangar 18 is another classic song in which Mustaine and Friedman trade off on lead guitar parts. Five Magics starts with an awesome bass part as David Ellefson shows his creativity in this one. It is one of the most memorable parts of any Megadeth song in the band’s history and it is still enjoyable for me even now in 2016! The major highlight of the album is the outstanding Tornado of Souls and also one of the best Megadeth songs ever along with such classics as Devil’s Island and Mary Jane. The song is basically about someone trying to reinvent themselves after a rough life. They see a golden opportunity before them because they think that they have seen the light that will lead them to a brighter future. One of the weak points is the less than two minute song Dawn Patrol. Dave Mustaine just speaks and there is no real singing. The entire song consists of just bass guitar. The song really does not belong on such a stellar album such as this. What was the band thinking? If history is any indication, Megadeth would decline as a band and would not regain their greatness as a group until 2004 with the album The System Has Failed. The album ends with the very solid Rust in Peace… Polaris as there is lots of outstanding fast picking in the song for a good 1.5 minutes!

Favorite Song On Rust In Peace

What Is Your Favorite Song On The Album Rust In Peace?

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Is This Megadeth's Finest Album?

With the weaker Dawn Patrol, the greatness of Rust in Peace is diminished and this is one of the reasons why it is not in my top 5 metal albums of all time. Even so, many of you may still say that Rust in Peace is Megadeth’s best album. Or is it really? 1992’s Countdown to Extinction is a little different but that one does not really have any bad songs in it and for that reason it may be a little more consistent of an album. Even though Rust in Peace is a very good classic thrash metal album, Megadeth still cannot top other thrash metal bands such as Tankard, Holy Moses, and Kreator. Germany has the upper hand on the US when it comes to metal music but again that’s a different topic for a different day. Rust in Peace will forever be regarded by critics as Megadeth’s best album but I’m not so sure. You decide.

The song Five Magics (newer version)

The song called Tornado of Souls

© 2016 Ara Vahanian


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