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Ryan DeLuca Rises to the Occasion

Updated on November 16, 2015

A Beautiful Future

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams," said Eleanor Roosevelt. Emanating that beauty, even when some people in the world become incredibly ugly, is a real art.

To know how to stand strong and retain dignity when faced with horrible attacks -- from those who find their comfort in promoting hate -- is the sign of a truly great human being. Among such leaders, an elite few exist who can rise even higher and create something beautiful when the voices of negativity try to engulf them.

Ryan DeLuca is one such person.

The philanthropist and former CEO of is showing how the words of Saint Francis of Assisi can be lived in our modern days: "Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance."

Tremendouse Poise

I had heard about Ryan DeLuca for years. But when AXS CEO Troy McClain spoke very highy of him in recent talks, I began to follow Ryan's work more closely. That is why I was emotionally moved when an internet story about a sleazy act went viral last week. An Instagram picture of Ryan's ex-girlfriend and a brag about an alleged sexual encounter was posted along with a crude and vile attempt at mockery. The culprit: professional poker player, actor and internet social media personality Dan Bilzerian.

The take. your. heart. blog summed things up:

I was initially guilty in being one of the “popcorn entertainment readers” watching the drama unfold via social media on Monday night, but with all drama, followers, and comments set aside, the man deserving of the spotlight here isn’t Dan Bilzerian, but the former CEO whose reaction proves that sometimes one wrong can make a million more rights.

With such poise in the face of an inferno of jealousy directed at Ryan, it is no wonder why this seasoned leader built one of America's greatest companies, before recently retiring.

The Lens of Opportunity

"The 21st century leader sees adversity through the lens of opportunity," writes Glenn Llopis in Forbes. "Rather than panic, a leader with composure takes a step back and begins to connect the dots of opportunity within adverse circumstances."

The article goes on to explain how such exceptional managers "begin to neutralize the problem and place the environment from which it sprung on pause." In characteristic form, Ryan offered a stunningly positive response to this battle, one that has a design to enlighten and uplift others.

Ryan Pivots to The Good

In basketball, to deal with opponents, successful players move their feet in a manner which is known as "pivot and post." Keeping his balance, Ryan "takes the ball" and pivots toward the beauty and serving others: "I will have more followers that Dan Bilzerian by 2016 by doing good. By being a good person for the world," he said on Instagram.

The link below show's more of Ryan's response:

Watch. I'm giving away a Tesla P90D with autopilot on December 1st. Direct message me if you know a teenager that deserves it.

A photo posted by Ryan DeLuca (@ryandeluca123) on Nov 9, 2015 at 6:36pm PST

A Job Creator

While internet trolls attack, they miss several key facts. Among other things, Ryan has been a tremendous job creator. According to the Idaho Statesman, Ryan built his company "into one of Boise’s most successful startups. It has about 800 employees, including 600 in Boise. The company said in September that it was on pace to surpass $500 million in sales this year."

“He’s not only had a monumental impact on the city of Boise and the state of Idaho, but he has managed to literally transform the entire international fitness industry,” said Matt Rissell, CEO and co-founder of Eagle time sheet software company TSheets.

His leadership helped them be awarded "Best Places to Work in Idaho" for multiple years.

A Long History of Serving the Community

Finally, this is not the first time that philanthropy has been seen from this circle. From donating exercise equipment to parks, to free workshops in schools, to help for charity organizations, this action is simply part of what has come to be expected from Ryan and the people who he collaborates with.

Here is an example from 2014:

Ryan DeLuca had employees dump 100 buckets of ice water on him for the Ice Bucket Challenge. He's donating $100 per bucket to the fight against ALS and other neuromuscular diseases. He says ALS has directly affected the families of several staff members. DeLuca's $10,000 is staying local and going to the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Idaho, the local sister organization of the ALS Association. SOURCE: KTVB.

"The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service," wrote Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Ryan DeLuca is too busy with such massive and immediate actions to let any negative dreamers win a battle against him. Instead, he is creating and fulfilling dreams for others.


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