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Updated on October 6, 2009


I found the blog I was searching fr about E-Casanova, the Michael Jackson body double, and impersonator. The web site read:

I E-Casanova have been recently diagnosed with a non sexual life threatening illness. My last and final shows are September 10, 2009. Where were the shows?

i believe the funeral the world watched was in honor of E-Casanova who passed away and not Michael Jackson.

I believe that E-Casanova was staying at the rental home of Michael Jackson, hidden from view, and Doctor Conrad Murray was hired specifically by Michael Jackson to care for him.

Michael Jackson has left many clues, to gain the feeling he needed and satisfaction for pulling off this scam.

Michael Jackson has and will use his fan base all around the world to make more money than he could ever earn prior to his planned demise.

A VIRGO is A VIRGO, and Michael Jackson is a VIRGO!

The autopsy report released stating that the results showed an active sperm count, is a classic Michael Jackson creation. Michael Jackson wants the people to believe that he could be the biological father of the three children.

I did not see in the autopsy report for Anna Nicole Smith, any statement that her ovaries and eggs were still active.

Michael Jackson will find that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. It is human nature that we want what we think we can not have, and when we get it we do not want it.

Michael Jackson enjoyed the attention and turmoil that he created, and it is my belief that he will mess up because he is addicted to the life style he alone created.

My intuition leads me to believe that E-Casanova had a problem with his lungs, and passed away. All evidence points to this theory.

I have very mixed feelings concerning this well thought out scam. However, the bottom line is that Michael Jackson is a fraud, using his fake death to attain financial reward for him and his family. This is my opinion, and after many months of extensive research.

Remember people while you are paying for the This Is IT movie once in a life time show, this is it is not Michel Jackson's last curtain call.


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