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Updated on May 20, 2010


extreme break dancing

Sim sima somebody wake me I think I'm the great dreamer crazy plans streamlined into focus say hi to the schemer threw hell fire permafrost and Siberian ice my third eye See's only paradise that's life I skate on air like my skin was silver kinda like domino's I deliver faster than the average my lettuce is thin so I'm coming for the whole cabbage turning into a fiend for the cream I gots to have it check it my rhymes will rearrange your mind change your frequency pull you threw the net and have you sitting with me shake the weight off my shoulders and fly free the door is closed?you can't deny me!door 1 door 2 O.K door number 3 life the great mystery shhhhh..its a secret interwoven through out history whats on t.v?propaganda lies and scandal all this fear mongering is too much to handle fools rule and the blind lead the blind what about me?oh my goodness! its kinda fuzzy, but I can see!photo flashback past memories running on present tracks no more lies please just the facts I'm hungry are you hungry?If you don't feed the guard dog he just might attack hypnotize you hypnotize me he who controls media controls reality we don't know who we be they know who we are our spiritual energy powers the stars December 2012 12th day 12 midnight we'll find out who's wrong who's right tick toc tick they say time is coming everybody's running hiding putting on the good face O.K six degrees of separation or five minutes from doomsday or maybe the planets align mental revolution mental evolution of the mind transformation matter relocation whatever its a slippery slope when you're grasping for explanations of things that captivate the world and the nation things manifested by dreams from the past ghost of the future how about this?one day somebody just might shoot you or a train or a plane just might run threw/fall on your house I don't know when but look out!!!



sim sima

Sim sima newsflash economic backlash threatens the future the planes in a nose dive pull up! pull up! g-forces to strong can we avoid the crash? foxes laugh as they grab the hen and haul ass burning down the house leaving nothing but Ash Oh my! economic mumbo jumbo I can't understand this black cloud ahead super tornado here I don't think this is Kansas bare face clowns dressed in suits and ties even when they tell the truth they tell lies quick to hide "I can't tell the truth!"why?"its classified!!" trust me please everything is going to be all right remember I'm your friend I work for you would I say these things if they wasn't true? All I need is 700 billion dollars or maybe a trillion who knows?but that's all I need to stop this dog and pony show.O.K here we go take all the doe I hope you're right I'm one check from being out the door!on the streets with bad feet brother can you spare a dime?my cars hungry she needs something to eat.hold your head up son it's good to be alive"my girlfriend left me" that's o.k you'll survive,what's her name? "her name was 9 to 5, she left one day went over seas." sim sima who got the keys to my life? whats that? me? oh yeah that's right!!!! No fate but what we make focus man focus man FOCUS MAN!!!! understand? row row row your boat gently down the stream merrily merrily merrilly life is but a dream........

gangsta rap made me do it


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    • Chef Jeff profile image

      Chef Jeff 9 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

      Yes, the glamorous life fits me to a "T"! I'd rather be employed, but they take one look at my disabilities and run the other way.