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SKYLINE----what really happened

Updated on January 12, 2012

 Words don't even come to mind about how absolutely horrific this movie was. Where do I start? Okay well, we've seen about every alien invasion movie known to man, from; starship troopers to the fourth kind, but this movie tops all of them in absolute atrocity. I'm an average movie goer, sometimes obsessive, especially with the whole Harry Potter series; but that's another point. At first opening, you see the name James Cameron (director of Avatar, which was amazing both graphically and plot wise) and there I am sitting in the movie theater thinking "YES!" greatness has blessed this movie, oh man was I completely wrong.

Eric Balfour and his girlfriend (Scottie Thompson) are in L.A. to visit Donald Faison for his birthday. Faison is a big shot who lives in the penthouse suite of a sky rise condo downtown with his spiteful girlfriend. Early the next morning strange lights shoot down from the sky, taking over the willpower of anyone who looks at them. However, these are no ordinary lights, they're alien lights, and they report back to giant space ships that have surrounded the greater Los Angeles area. Trapped inside Faison's penthouse, the group of "friends" try to survive the alien invasion long enough to figure out what they're going to do and how they're going to escape.  OOOOO how amazing right, well that's not even the great part; here's the backdrop:

So after they (aliens) first invade they drop this ball of blue light that people are like "oh my let me stare at this random light until I disappear". Literally, this light is just so awwww amazing that no one can seem to help themselves except for this group of 5 survivors who by the way made me want them to all die. Great plot huh? There were string after string of bad decisions, and the only one that made sense was the girlfriend (scottie thompson) who said "NO!" to everything, but then she stared into her boyfriends eyes and just obeyed his every command.

Here's the funny:

So after the Day 1, its dawn and Faison with his retardedly expensive video hooked up telescope, decides to take a peek and he's like "there's something down there". Most people with some common sense, movie or not, would rather stay indoors rather than going outside on the ROOF after they experienced what they did the night prior, which they did anyway to investigate with a 9mm beretta and a Canon 5d (which is going to do so much against aliens). Then Balfour, who can't seem to leave his friend out there to dry by himself follows. Then they get locked out on the roof, of which they end up running and then attempting to shoot a door open (by which Faison failed miserably at), to magically have Balfour's girlfriend open the door to get caught in the amazing blue alien light. Then common sense hit them, and they decided to make a run for the marina, because the alien ships weren't over water (which too failed miserably).

SO as they attempt to make a run for it in their vehicles, which by the way one was an incredibly loud Ferrari, and right before they pull out onto the road, WAIT FOR IT; an alien popped its ugly head out and smashed the car in its, whatever they were, of which Faison magically survived, because it wouldn't be a movie without an over dramatic dying scene. So Faison continuosly rolls and shoots at the alien with his magic 9mm, only to end up dying and being eaten by its hand. So then they run away from the alien in the parking garage only to run into another. Apparently the aliens use the huma brain for power, how? I don't have the slightest clue, but apparently that why they sucked all the people up; for power to their main ship (extremely gay).

Then they think it best to stay in the penthouse suite until help arrives. Which about 20 minutes later into the movie, they hear jets and get all happy and excited that help has finally arrived. Magically it was predator drones, and some B52 Bombers (2) carrying atomic bombs. They all end up getting blown up, except for one predator and one B52 which releases the atomic bomb and the ship goes down, only to come back to life somehow and all they're hopes crushed drastically.

(paraphrasing) so hours go by and the movie speeds up the time, then the boyfriend decides he so powerful because he survived the blue light that he can make a run for it, and his girlfriend agrees. So they head to the roof to contact the Marines who were dropped off earlier with AT4's and .50 cal sniper rifles, only to lose miserably to the aliens who now have learned to climb the buildings, which mind you before they didn't. That's where I believe the animation artists gave up, because the graphics got incredibly stupid and unrealistic. So the alien on the roof takes down the helicopter and kills the marines, so then Balfour and his girlfriend make a run towards the stair door, only to run into another alien. It was so awesome (hopefully you can see my sarcasm). So they run back to where they were, and magically they notice the scaffolding, because the scaffolding is going to keep them safe, you know going down the front of the building with all those aliens flying around, they won't notice them. No not the main actors, because that would ruin the movie completely.

So the girlfriend makes it to the scaffolding, and he's just looking for the alien wielding an axe. Of course he loses, and the alien comes up behind him and starts to kill him, when she picks up the axe and stabs it in the brain. With her great acting, she crawls to him only for the alien to not be dead, and then try to attack her, which then he gains some enormous strength and punches the alien to death, and then....they run! Only to lose miserably again, so they run to the helipad trying to escape the aliens new aquired skill of climbing only to see a F22 (maybe?) shooting at the alien. Which it fails miserably again, and they manage to dodge a burning falling at mach 3 fighter jet just barely by ducking. Yes people, by ducking.

So as the alien spacecraft start appearing to pack up, they are just sitting on the helipad holding each other in perfect Blade fashion, not willing to part with each other. SO they get sucked up into the blue light, which she wakes up about 10 minutes later, into what appears to be the stomach of the spacecraft. So she lays by watching these machines take all the people brains, for what purpose? Still haven't found that out, and then she sees her boyfriend, whose out of it, and guess what? No, guess what happens next...they take his brain, and for some reason his brain is red, not blue, why? NO CLUE...but somehow she doesn't get her brain taken because she's pregnant. Why does that make her special...still don't know. She ends up in another room with another pregnant woman, begging for them not to take her baby, which they do anyway, but then her boyfriend, who managed to take over an alien body (the one his brain was put in) comes to her rescue, and ends.

What went wrong:

The movie started off amazing, both graphically and leaving that hanging unknown. Why did the aliens come to earth? Is it just happening in L.A? Are there any more suvivors? Then, it stayed like that. The plot, well there wasn't much of one, and then I really do believe the animators just gave up after about an hour, because the graphics began to suck miserably. The ending, there was no ending, and I am hoping that they aren't going to make a sequel, because that would be death.

This movie is not worth the money I spent on it, and I rarely say that, but this topped the cake. I recommend that everyone just wait for the DVD or for piracy. Whichever (piracy) comes first.


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    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 2 years ago

      I agree with you on all counts. The big point with space invader movies is the alien technology and purpose. I believe having a small group of people with a limited perspective on the events as the only input for the audience puts these movies at a disadvantage. I don't understand why some film makers choose this approach.

    • profile image

      Movie_Fanatic 6 years ago

      Really? I thought this was quite a good movie. It was quite different from other similar alien invasion movies in that, basically the humans get absolutely annihilated. Not even nukes do anything. Also the alien ships don't need to be over the water as they're targeting the main sentient species of the world, us. They don't need ships over the water.

    • profile image

      Skyline pro 7 years ago

      Hmm from my understanding this is what happened: The masterminds (real aliens) were never seen in the movie, but what they did was to mindcontroll the humans with the blue light and then put the human brains into big ass monster bodies to create a super soldier. And I guess the main character didn't get mindcontrolled so he had full controll when he was in the (big alien body). And aparently kicked the living shit out of the other aliens in the end.

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      So, this is just like Independence Day? I think this is much better than the Skyline. With James Cameron at the helm, I don't think he'll put loopholes in his masterpiece. Got to see it myself. Thanks for the review.