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SPOILERS About Negan and Who He Killed on The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale

Updated on April 5, 2016

Negan’s Appearance in The Comic Books

In comic book issue one hundred, Glen is the unfortunate victim of Lucile (Negan’s barbwire baseball bat) and Negan’s wrath! The process was the same; Glen was chosen at random. This was one of the most intense moments (if not, the most intense moment) of The Walking Dead’s history. The sad part was that Glen had a kid on the way and was a moral compass of the group. Rest in peace Glen; or as Negan would say, “rest in pee.” (pun intended) Still too soon? I think not!


Negan’s Portrayal on TV and Minor Differences Between the Show and Comic Books

In the television show, Negan appeared near the end of the season six finale episode titled “Last Day on Earth.” Jeffery Dean Morgan portrays the character of Negan and does a really fantastic job of playing the character. The show even kept most of Negan’s original dialog from the comic books with the exception of his famous “F bombs.” They even stayed true to Negan’s awesome and very brutal introduction with minor changes such as him coming out of the RV. Another change was that Negan did not have a beard when he first appeared in the comic books but he does in the television series. Overall, The Governor is nothing compared to Negan as far as villains and major antagonists goes. Negan would definitely make The Governor pee his pants (pun intended.)

Who Negan Killed

I just want to get this out of the way first. A lot of fans and viewers think that Negan killed a female character because there is a misunderstanding where those people thought that Negan said “He’s taking it like a man!” Those people are wrong. Negan actually says “He’s taking it like a champ.” Even if Negan did say “He’s taking it like a man,” that does not necessarily mean that he killed a female character. He could have simply have meant that the victim is brave and instead of being a coward, he is being a man about it. Anyways, the victim is most likely a male character; however, that may not be the case as Negan could have been sarcastic or using a play on words when Negan said “He.” We know for sure that Rick and Carl are safe because like in the comics, Negan also says something along these lines in the television series after selecting his victim “If they try anything, take the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his dad;” therefore, crossing them two out. With Rick, Carl, and (most likely) the female characters being safe, that just leaves Daryl, Glen, Eugene, Abraham, and Aaron. It is highly unlikely to be Aaron or Eugene as that would be too honorable of a death scene for such minor characters and would honestly be too much of a cop out. That just leaves Daryl, Glen, and Abraham for the taking or should I say "for the kill?" (pun intended!)



Out of the three characters, here is the chances of it being each of them according to my probability and statistics; Daryl: 35%, Glen: 35%, and Abraham: 30%. Based on this, the victim is most likely either Daryl or Glen; while there is still a high probability of it being Abraham, his death would not have nearly as much of an effect on the show compared to Glen’s death and Daryl’s death respectively.


As stated, Glen’s contract for the show was not renewed; at least, not that we the viewers know about. While that could be an indicator, an interesting note was that when Glen’s status was unknown earlier in the season whether he was alive or not, Steven Yuen (the name of the actor who plays Glen) was taken out of the credits for a couple episodes until he showed what really happened; thereby, keeping fans and viewers guessing.

During the season finale, there was a commercial that was advertising a new series called “Riding with Norman Reedus.” Norman Reedus is the actor that plays Daryl Dixon; making it just as likely that he was the victim. The reason that this makes it a high chance of him being the victim is that Norman Reedus would possibly have to quit The Walking Dead in order to put time in to his own show.

Who I Hope It Is

As much as I like the character of Daryl Dixon, I feel that his character has ran his course, no longer has much of a purpose, and that his development can no longer be expanded very much. On the other hand, I feel like it would be interesting to see how Glen takes care of his child and Maggie as he struggles with this sticky situation that him and his group are in. What do you readers think? Please comment below as I would love to read everyone’s thoughts! (Pun somewhat intended!)

Who do you think that Negan killed between the three characters in the show?

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