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STOLEn PROPERTY... i wrote this and my charicters ended up in jupiter ascending...

Updated on May 6, 2016

sorry it's unfinished... (bad romanc was a novel i wanted to write..rar ra ahaha... want your bad romance...)

This is no fairytale, it is no lie, and it is nothing to be taken lightly. I speak the truth about what I say in the following:
The war it is here. We can’t see the battles. They aren’t tangible. We can’t touch them or see them, but part of us feels the effects. Unaware, it’s in our subconscious. Some of us ignore it, others deny it, and there are those who are aware; yet do nothing. But, there are those who are aware and fight for us all...
The one’s who fight for us... they are not of this realm... (except anonymous... is my personal hero right now...)

Chapter One:


A girl sat on a bench outside a training circle of sand in the middle of a field of perfectly cut grass. Her dark brown hair covered her face as she looked at the ground contemplating something. “Zipporah your up.” A trainer yelled in the girl’s direction over the noise of men training. The girl smiled at the ground and looked up. She chose out of a nearby barrel a training sword; she felt its weight in her hand and swung it around to get a feel for the weapon. She went over to the training circle and bowed with exaggerated lowness to her trainer. Respectfully, the trainer returned the gesture. Zipporah started to swing her sword in an 8 pattern in front of her body. “Are you trying to intimidate me?” She just smiled but didn’t reply. They closed the space between each other. When they were close enough, Zipporah, like a flash of lightning went at her trainer in a flow of smooth strokes with her training sword. Her trainer could barely keep up and prevent her from overtaking him. The weapon she wielded was as if it were an extension of her body as she danced around her trainer with inhuman speed.

“Point...” Zipporah stated plainly and as though she was bored of the exercise. “How did you do it?” Her trainer asked. “Simply Albrecht; you have a pattern you follow, and sometimes you need to break it and try something different, that is your weakness, you are too predictable.”

Zipporah walked away and as she turned her back she had a wry smile on her face; for years she had been training, and now it was too easy to defeat her trainer. He was -- as she said -- predictable.

Zipporah made her way to her room to relax before her father arrived home. he had been gone for about a year now, he was off fighting a war. Zipporah was very young when it broke out. it started when her mother was taken away... they had not found her to this day, and it was many years later. Zipporah couldn’t remember what she looked like anymore. Her father often told her that if she wanted to know what her mother looked like, to go look in the mirror and she would see what she looked like except for her eyes of course, those were a trait of her father’s family. her personality was very different however, from her mothers. Zipporah is a cocky brat, but for good reason. She could back up her cocky behavior unlike most people, even among the Xandarians above average standards; Zipporah was an elite of her kind!

Chapter Two:
Party Crashers...

Zipporah had gotten ready and was wearing a white floor length dress to the dinner party; since her father was home they were having a dinner party in his honor. The family often dinned with the Faceless – they were more than guardians, they were like family to the royal family of the Xandarians. When you live your life with people around you constantly, one cannot help but get to know these people as time goes on. Zipporah’s protectors names were David, and Sammy. They were like brothers to her.

When the servants brought out the food, they began their meal and happily chatted across the table talking with food in their mouths – even royalty sometimes forgets their manners when in relaxed company.

Chapter three:
Run Away

Zipporah acted quickly and ran to her room as a man rounded a corner; Zipporah was in the middle of packing a bag of clothes, and a few provisions when the man came at her; Zipporah grabbed her holster with her sword in it. She took it out quickly and bowed to the man, but the man came at her taking advantage of her position. She straightened out just in time. This wasn’t practice anymore, and tradition was left out there in the training circle. Zipporah took a stance and went at the man fiercely but he blocked her each time, and he was getting the upper hand, she made a bold move quickly and tried to kick him. He caught her foot with his free hand and twisted it; Zipporah screamed with pain and fell to the floor. The man took advantage of it, and he went to slit her throat. As he made a move and lunged toward her she took her sword and blocked his blade, then quickly thrust it through his abdomen. The man sputtered blood all over her white Dress. Shocked from making her first ever kill, she looked at him, and realized he was one of the faceless sworn to protect her family.

She pulled out her blade. Her father walked into her room and yelled at her with more anger than he had ever spoken to her with before. “What are you doing Zipporah? They have left without you! You can’t hide with Zachery now! The Forgotten will kill you if he finds you, I have no way out of the palace for you now...the chambers are have to get out, and I can’t get you out. You have to go on your own. Run now or you will die. Meet up with Seth at Safe house 27. If he finds you sooner, trust him. He will keep you safe.”

Zipporah was horrified. She didn’t speak, she just got up and ran away from her father and everything she knew and loved. She ran for her life, through the corridors of the palace. A man saw her as he cleaned his blade of a soldier’s blood. He walked slowly after Zipporah with a smile on his face.

Zipporah unaware of the danger she was in at the moment, kept running when she noticed the man following her. She read the body language, the smile, the sword in hand, he was out to kill her.

She couldn’t run as fast as the grown man — he was fit, and strong; compared to a Human he would appear no older than 21. He caught up to Zipporah and grabbed her long flowing hair and pulled her toward him. He threw her to the ground. Zipporah grabbed her blade and tried to block him, and she ended up with a cut on her shoulder, it was a close call, a man walked up behind him,”don’t kill her yet...I have plans for her.” The man replied “Yes sir,” and knocked Zipporah out with the end of his sword.

Zipporah laid there unconscious as the two men discussed their plans for her, the man was slightly disappointed with his father’s decision. “She is to be burned alive after we get information from her...”

Zipporah awoke on a horse tied to a young man. The horse was lathered with sweat and was running hard. Zipporah was trying to appear unconscious still, not sure what to think of the situation.

“I know you are awake. It was obvious when you stopped being limp in my arms.” The young man said to her. She straightened up on the horse and the young man adjusted himself behind her in the saddle. “Why am I tied to you?” she inquired. “I didn’t need you falling off the horse while we got away. You have been unconscious for the last three hours or so.” Zipporah didn’t know who this young man was, could he be trusted? “What is your name?” “Seth,” he said. “I don’t know about any Seth...who are you and tell me what your intentions are for me!” Zipporah said frantically.

“I’m Seth, don’t you remember the plan?” he asked. “Plan what plan? I don’t know about any plans!!!” Seth sighed. “Who are you?” Seth asked Zipporah. She thought a moment...

“I don’t know...”

Chapter Two:

Safe house #27

Seth untied Zipporah form his waist, and gently put her down off of the horse as though she ware as light as a feather. “For a guy your size you seem to lift me effortlessly.” Zipporah admired her fiancé; he wasn’t anything wildly handsome from what she could make out from under the blood, and messy shape he was in. Seth carefully dismounted the horse, and took the compliment well. “I work out.” he replied and flexed his handsomely defined arm and smiled. He walked toward a tree and pulled a controller out of his pocket and touched a button. A door appeared about ten paces from the tree. He then got out a set of keys and unlocked it, and walked into a storage room full of clothes and uniforms. He grabbed two sets of clothes from a rack labeled “Seth’s Junk – Don’t Touch!” Other racks had names and similar messages written on them; this one said “Brian’s stuff...Keep a’ you hands off!” She read a couple more and laughed. Seth looked Troubled by her laughter, “The day we were chosen to compete for ranks in the Faceless, we were given racks to keep our stuff on; Brian...” Seth Laughed... and continued “he got a crazy idea that someone might take his stuff, so he wrote that on a tag and stuck it on his rack. The rest of us did the same as a joke when we saw it two days later.” His face sank quickly Zipporah could tell he was struggling with something. He turned and cleared his throat... “Two years later Brian died in training. No one touched his stuff; his stuff stayed exactly as he left it, to remind us of our lifestyle, to remind us of the dangers of everything we do; but also of a brother we lost.” He walked through a hatch door into a weapon room: it was full of locked up ammunition for Guns, and also storage for swords, each sword having a label of who had owned it. She noticed that three spots were open with labels on them for whose sword had been there. Brian’s, Sammy’s, and the name Amos scribbled out and replaced with the nickname, dare, were all missing. She quickly figured out that these men had fallen in training. The only ones left were Patrick, Daniel, Seth, and Matthew. Seth continued through the safe house and opened another Hatch through to the bunk area. There were four bunk beds in it; one for each of the candidates, and one extra.

“Seth, who are the faceless?” Zipporah said looking around the room curiously at the things people had written on the walls with permanent marker.

“They are the Protectors of the royal family of The City of Atlantis.” He thought about not telling her she was royalty, but decided if he wanted her to remember, he shouldn’t call her his “Chosen,” which was a nice way of saying his hand-picked slave girl for breeding purposes, and servitude. That would be wrong and he figured her father would be upset with him for saying so. So he only half lied; “You and I fell in love when I was assigned to protect you 4 years ago. You were only 21, and I was only 25. I thought I would choose just as any of the other Faceless would from the best women in the City, however, we started talking randomly a year after I had started serving you at 26, we hit it off and talked more and more. After two years and i was 28, you looked at me straight in the eye, I wasn’t supposed to make eye contact, so I turned as I usually did, and you put your hand on my cheek and turned my face toward you...then you said “”Don’t look away anymore. I want to look into your eyes...” and you looked into my eyes, and said “their hazel...” And then you kissed me.... I was amazed. After that we declared our love to your father, and he supported us. He announced our engagement at a ball three months ago to the world.” Seth looked uncomfortable for a second, he knew what he was doing, he had been trained to deceive when needed, and it was needed. But his discomfort was that it wasn’t true, and he didn’t feel anything for her really, he knew she was a cocky brat, he had read about it in the news papers, and heard about it from her trainer, and others he met. Encounters with her weren’t pleasant for many people. She was also cockier than any man he knew from what he had heard. So saying this to her wasn’t easy, and he had to weave it into her mind that he was her Fiancé... otherwise, he wouldn’t have much trust from her.

Not knowing any of this, she bought his awkwardness, thinking it was hard for him to swallow the loss of her memory. She moved toward him, and he didn’t know what she was doing, and then she wrapped her arms around him and put her head against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and returned her hug. He hadn’t hugged any woman other than his mother, and he hadn’t seen her since he was very young. She hugged him tightly, and he felt her tiny waist wrapped up in his arms. He hadn’t had such contact with a woman ever; until he was thirty years old he wasn’t allowed to touch a woman unless it was necessary – but he was allowed to look. The actual physical contact was new. He knew that he liked the way she looked; she had very dark brown wavy hair, and a sharp, but attractive chin and dark brown almond shaped eyes. her nose was attractive. He had to back away quickly with the excuse that he was in pain...and he honestly was. He hadn’t thought about the repercussions of the fact that he would have to touch her, being her fiancé and all. His reaction was solidified to her by him cringing at the pain when she accidentally touched his side. He had been hit by an arrow on their way out when they were being pursued. “I have to go clean up...and get this sewn up; there is another washroom on the opposite side of the door over there.” He handed her some of his clothes, and went into the room in the opposite direction of the one he told her to go into.

She went into the wash room, and cleaned up. as she washed her hair, the blood from the hit she had received earlier stained the water red as it was washed away, she ignored the pain as best she could to get cleaned up. When she was done, she looked at herself closely in the mirror, taking in what she looked like; she didn’t know until then what she looked like because she couldn’t remember it.

An hour later she emerged from the washroom, and Seth was on his bed, trying to sew up his wound. She didn’t’ look at it at first but was rather shocked to see his handsome features, and clean cut black hair, and the exposed chest. She saw now that he was very fit. She smiled to herself, and then she saw it! A wound that went across his side for about two inches! It was all she could focus on it had been cleaned up but it was bleeding slightly, and Seth was having a hard time sewing it up himself. When he noticed her, he was startled, but recovered quickly. “Can you help me sew this up?” He showed it to her. “O no! I can’t she looked away.” He insisted and walked over to her. “Please I can’t do it on my own.” She took the needle, after all it was her fiancé...and she started to sew him up. He didn’t grimace or anything really, he just sat there as she sewed him up. After it was done, she helped him bandage it and put on his shirt. After that was done, he pointed to a bunk that he wanted her to use.

“What are we going to do?” Zipporah said to Seth after sitting on her bunk. “I’m not sure yet; but we need to get away; we need to find some chambers away from the palace. There are some in Greece, and Egypt. We might be able to Hide there for a while and make a Jump. But for now, we should go to sleep.” Seth Got up and turned out the light, and after hitting his head on a cabinet on the wall, laid down in bed. Zipporah laughed at him...”be careful! we can’t both lose our memories, then we won’t be worth noting to each other.” “Good night babe.” Seth said trying to be endearing. “Good night Seth; and please don’t call me babe, I need to know you more before we call each other Babe again.”

Chapter Three:
Getting to Know You...

Seth woke up to a burning smell coming from the Kitchen. He jumped out of bed, and went running into the kitchen as Zipporah was putting out a fire with a pot of water from the sink. “Sorry Seth...I didn’t mean to wake you up like this...I was trying to make breakfast for us.” Zipporah looked frazzled and panicked.

“Zipporah...what was that mess even supposed to be?” Seth asked poking the food in the oven with tongs.
“Steak and eggs...”
“ to put it nicely...” Seth grimaced as he looked at the charred and water soaked stake in the oven; the watered down eggs that were overcooked on the stove -- now floating in the pan, looked and smelled so bad he gagged at the sight of them. “Gees... you could have killed us...why O why couldn’t you wait for me to wake up?” He said dismayed and slightly angry. He went and turned on a ventilation system that sucked out the smoke and replaced fresh air inside the safe house. Zipporah sank almost as a dog would from being scolded for making a mess on the new rug. “I’m sorry...I just....I just...”

“You just what Zipporah?” Seth said rounding on her angrily...

Zipporah choked back tears, “I just wanted to impress you.” Zipporah stormed out of the kitchen crying.

Seth reached a hand to his head and rubbed his head...”I eye eye! I do not know women...” he then proceeded to clean up Zipporah’s mess. After that he went past Zipporah crying in her bunk into the wash room and cleaned up his wound and redressed it. When he emerged from the washroom, Zipporah was still crying... “How long are you going to keep balling about this? Can’t we just move on?” Zipporah looked at him with her tear soaked face furiously! Zipporah stopped crying immediately, then stormed into the wash room and slammed the door behind her.

“Well at least she stopped crying,” said Seth to himself then busied himself with cleaning the weapons. An hour later Zipporah emerged and looked more like her usual self – from what Seth had seen of her usual self at least. She then busied herself with ignoring Seth. Seth didn’t realize it until he came back with food for both of them. She ignored it when he put in front of her. “Your hungry right?” Zipporah started to trim her finger nails... Zipporah?”

“O so I see how it is....your ignoring me.” Zipporah continued with her game of ignoring him and sighed. “Wow that is good...ignoring your fiancé just because of a silly little thing like screwing up breakfast and almost suffocating us with carbon dioxide! Yeah that isn’t a big thing at all.” Seth said sarcastically. Zipporah looked troubled...and finally spoke to him...”I didn’t realize it was such a bad thing to try and impress your Fiancé with a good meal.”

“You didn’t impress me you could have killed us! This is Very closed courters, and fire is a really big hazard in here. Safe house 13 burned! A lot of people died. It is why things have been changed with the older safe houses like this one because of safe house 13. They had to put in ventilation systems and all kinds of safety precaution because the earlier part of two generations ago, were only concerned with fortification! They were preparing for this war. I suppose however that they didn’t think about fortifying it against you. Not like we didn’t know about it anyway...someone knew it was coming I’m sure...”Seth trailed off.


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    • ~Kimberly Kay~ profile imageAUTHOR

      Kimberly Mattfield 

      2 years ago from Tacoma washington

      this book was an analogy for spiritual warfare...

    • ~Kimberly Kay~ profile imageAUTHOR

      Kimberly Mattfield 

      2 years ago from Tacoma washington

      Congratulations... I'm coming up... I'm done... I have a Chaplin and anonymous working for me... Obama this is it!


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