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SUPERHERO QUIZ - 100 Questions to test your knowledge

Updated on April 6, 2015

Superhero & Villains Trivia Quiz.....

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Superhero Trivia Quiz Challenge....

A Trivia Quiz to test your knowledge of Marvel & DC Superhero & Villains.. .Who is Oliver Queens alter-ego? What is Thors Hammer called? What dented Captain Americas Shield? Also a list of Fun Facts..

Quiz details & instructions....Now that you have opted to take the Superhero Quiz Challenge you will find all the questions in the blue box to the right.

Just click on the button to the left of your answer and click next, the result will be confirmed immediately either 'correct' or 'wrong ' with the actual answer displayed.

You will then move onto the next question in a series of 100 questions and so on, with your percentage result and knowledge status being shown at the end of the Quiz.

You can also view the amount of people that have taken the Quiz and the answers they gave by clicking on the Statistics link.

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Good Luck!

DC Fun Facts


Did You Know.....

  1. In 1963 the Kennedy administration asked DC Comics to involve Superman in their health & fitness program.
  2. Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939) this comic is worth approx. $351,000
  3. Supermans middle name is Joseph. That would be Clark Joseph Kent and not Kal Joseph El.
  4. Aquamans Atlantean name is Orin and his Earth name is Arthur.
  5. Adam Glass, writer for DC Comics, received death threats after a picture of a newly designed, barely clothed version of Harley Quinn debuted in his series.
  6. The Justice League was formerly known as The Justice League of America.
  7. The Flash gave his super powers to himself. During the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover comic, he ran so fast that he turned into pure energy, traveled back in time and hit himself as the very bolt of lightening that gave him his super powers in the first place.
  8. Batman has appeared in more than 6250 comic books, that is more than any other comic character.
  9. Aquamans arch enemy, Black Manta, only became a super villain because Aquaman failed to rescue him when he was captured by pirates.
  10. There have been several characters over the years including the speedster Bart Allen , Grandson of Barry Allen, that have adopted the persona of The Flash, however here are the main three.
  • First Flash was Joe Garrick
  • Second Flash was Barry Allen
  • Third Flash was Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West

Marvel Fun Facts....


Did You Know.....

  1. Marvel Comics was first known as Timely Comics set up in 1939 by Martin Goodman. Stan Lee became editor in chief in 1941 when he was aged 18, and stayed in the role until 1972
  2. Marvel once owned the rights to the word "Zombie"
  3. The first black superhero to have his own comic was Marvels Luke Cage in 1972
  4. The worlds biggest selling comic book is X-Men #1 (1991) it sold almost 8 Million copies.
  5. Northstar, a French/Canadian mutant, is Marvels first openly gay superhero. He came out in Alpha Flight #106 (1992)
  6. The use of the word "Werewolves" in comics was forbidden by the comics code authority.
  7. Marvel went Bankrupt in 1996
  8. Nicholas Hammond was the first actor to play Spider Man on TV. He was in a live action television series on CBS between 1977 & 1979
  9. Readers were awarded a 'No-Prize' if they spotted any mistakes in the comics. It was an empty envelope and written on it were the words "Congratulations! This envelope contains a genuine Marvel comics No-Prize, which you have just won!."
  10. Famous writers that have written for Marvel over the years include:
  • Kevin Smith (Director)
  • Allan Heinberg ('OC' & 'Sex in the city' scriptwriter)
  • Jeph Loeb ('Heroes' producer and 'Teenwolf' creator)
  • Brian K. Vaughan & Damon Lindelof ('Lost' writers and producers)
  • j. Michael Stracyynsk ('Babylon Five' creator)

Lost in Translation.............


Top 10 Superhero Sidekicks.....

What Superpower would you most like to have?

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Which Superhero would you rather be?

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Well that just about concludes my contribution of all things Marvel & DC...I trust that your effort on the Quiz left you with room for improvement, but feel free to try again and to challenge others.

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