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SYTYCD 9 -- The Atlanta Auditions

Updated on June 7, 2012

Debbie Allen was guest judge this week and the auditions came to Atlanta. Before the auditions were over Nigel would get his pressed into a granny's bosom. Unfortunately, his face didn't stay planted there all evening, preventing him from saving something very insulting to Debbie and Mary. And some of the contestants had some very interesting non-dancing talents as well as eating habits.

Audrey boasted that she can fart with her neck and lick her elbow. Nigel made a big thing about that, telling her that might not be the best things to list, then got her to demonstrate her neck-farting ability. After doing her routine she got a standing ovation from the audience. Nigel said she was magical and she got a golden ticket to Vegas.

Three hip-hop dancers who call themselves Dragon House and who live together each auditioned:

DH 1 -- aka Boris auditioned first. It was very interesting. Kind of robotic. Judges give him a standing ovation. Nigel says he's mesmerizing. A real artist. He's totally self-taught and has had no professional dancing lessons which greatly impresses the judges. He gets a golden ticket to Vegas.

DH2 -- aka Andre does movements that seem impossible for the human body to do. Mary says he's incredible. Debbie says he's mystical. He gets a golden ticket to Vegas.

DH3 -- aka Cyrus calls what he does robot animating popping. He's not worried and his assurance proves to be well-founded. He's very entertaining. Nigel says he's remarkable. He also gets a golden ticket to Vegas.

Joshua Alexander seems very good. He sings, plays guitar and teaches dance. Debbie says he's special. He gets a golden ticket to Vegas.

Lot of contestants get tickets to Vegas that they give the FF through their auditions. Abigail, Calvin and Aubrey are but three.

Tim is a karate instructor who started learning karate when he was 4. He's won 10 national championships, among many other awards. He comes out with a Selena Gomez backpack. He wants Selena to watch his audition. He calls his dance-style hip-hop meets breaking and martial arts. Says he started dancing to get girls but now loves dance for dance. Nigel not sure where the dancing was in his routine. Mary said he had great power tricks. Debbie says he's the boy next door meets the Wolf Man. He says he's had 7 days of ballet and Nigel has him do a ballet routine. Judges break out laughing during his ballet routine but are impressed enough to put him through to Vegas. In his excitement it looks like he left Selena behind on the stage as he ran out the door.

Jackson Alvarez dances to "Everybody Dance." I thought he had great footwork. Nigel says he's a joy to watch. He and other dancers in the audience demonstrate The Wobble to judges. He gets put through to Choreography.

Janelle is a belly dancer. She dances at Nursing Homes among other places. She says a woman taught her how to belly dance when she was in church not paying attention. She says she also has training in jazz, tap and contemporary hip hop. Mary says she's a star. She gets sent to Choreography. I found it refreshing someone danced a different style than every other dancer has. To a non-pro they all seem a variation on the same theme.

Danielle is a dancer that loves bacon. It looks like she might eat as much as a pound a day but she has a nice figure that lecher Nigel obviously enjoys, as he makes an insulting remark to Mary and Debbie that maybe they should thinking about going on a bacon diet. Debbie correctly tells Mary that Nigel is saying they're fat. When Nigel learns her mother is a cheerleader, he gets mom to stand up and show her stuff. Judges act like they don't know what to make of her as she dances. She gets a golden ticket to Vegas, but I thought some of the dancers that got sent to Choreography were better than her and she would be sent to Choreography, too.

Janelle aka The Belly Dancer and Jackson aka Mr. Wobbles make it through the Choreography round and finally get their golden ticket to Vegas.

Courtney Kirby comes to the auditions with her granny who taught her how to dance. Nigel has some fun playing around with her. When she hugs Nigel he lifts his leg and tries to wrap it around her waist and she puts his face in her breasts. The judges have her sit with them as Courtney performs. Debbie says Courtney is magnificent. That's she Beauty and the Beast. Mary says she's gorgeous. Nigel wants Choreography but the ladies over-ruled him and she got a golden ticket to Vegas.

Asher practiced dancing in a garage on a piece of cardboard. His goal is to be a back-up dancer for Justin Bieber. He does a hip-hop routine. He's very good. Debbie says he's fresh. Mary says he exudes personality. Nigel said he's entertaining and has musicality. Golden ticket to Vegas.

George Lawrence was into sports like track, basketball and soccer and his father was crushed when he gave up sports for dance. He doesn't say too much but his father doesn't sound like he's too supportive of his dance career. He's hoping if he gets a golden ticket to Vegas it'll get his father to come around. Debbie says he's fierce. Mary says he's the best audition she's seen in Atlanta. Debbie feels he was born to dance. He gets a golden ticket to Vegas.

Cat explained that before someone gets to audition they get assigned a number and have to do a pre-dance interview. Britney has a hard time getting through hers. She's from Oviedo, Florida where chickens rule the town. There's a town ordinance where the chickens are protected. Nigel says she's good, but sends her off to Choreography.

Damon and Dion auditioned last year and apparently used a choreography routine from a group called Les Twins from You Tube. They prove that they said in the pre-dance interview they were using Les Twins as inspiration for their routine, but the show never aired it. They tell how after they auditioned they got death threats. Then do their own choreographed routine and get sent to Choreography.

Dion doesn't make it through the Choreography round, but Damon and Britney do.

Overall, all the dancers were talented and there didn't seem to be a clunker in the bunch that got featured. And the sob stories were kept to a minimum. It was a very good episode. There's apparently more auditions next week. Not sure how many more weeks the auditions will go on until they get to Vegas and pick the 20 who will compete.


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