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SYTYCD 10 -- Vegas Week

Updated on June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013

Original Airing: June 11, 2013

[Note: Please accept my apologies for any misspelled names. I recapped live, so I could tape Pretty Little Liars and Twisted, so I did the best I could. But I know I messed up on a few names. Like Chrystiany. I saw the first part of her name but not the last.]

Las Vegas week begins. The judges are: Nigel, Mary, Adam Shankman, Twitch and Jason Derulo.

The day starts off with dancing solos for the dancers to get a hotel room key and to stay. Malece Miller first dancer to dance solo. Four others dance afterwards. Malece gets her key and gets to stay. So the weeding out is starting early, this season.

Donovan Gibbs hopes to also get his key. His story is told and how his family has sacrificed for him. Donovan is let go and doesn’t get a key. He cries as Cat interviews him. I really felt bad for him and all he’s sacrificed to not even get to stay for the auditions.

Several dancers are sent home. 53 got sent home by 7 p.m. Several that were featured prominently in the auditions. Fik-Shun is next to perform. He actually lives in Vegas. His solo makes everyone laugh. Judges give him standing O. He get gets his key.

Day #2 begins. First round of choreography begins. Tabitha and Napoleon are the choreographers. It’s Hip Hop. All the first group of dancers make it through to the next round. Other groups aren’t so lucky. The numbers are cut down to 77 dancers after this round.

Lunch time. Half the contestants are gone. Sonia is now going to lead a new Jazz choreography round. Next round of judging starts at 5 pm, but Sonia wants dancers to practice all night long and the judging round is cancelled.

While Malece is practicing the number. Her partner Armand losing focus and Malece running out of patience. While running through routine the final time Armand drops Malece on her head. An ambulance has to be called and a neck brace put on her.

Day #3 begins. Hannah Simone joins panel for the rest of the judging panel. Nigel says he’s disappointed with all the dancers since they had to rehearse extra time because none of them were good enough. The judges will brook no mistakes.

Amy and Fik-shun in first group. Fik-shun gets through. Amy also makes it through. Adam says Amy is already in his personal top 20. More contestants make it through.

Sydney lectured by Sonia for saying her partner was holding her back and she runs off, so Jade has to work on his own. But they come together later and finally connect. Jade has to dance for his life to save himself. Nigel calls Sydney for calling her partner out. She gets sent through, but it’s bittersweet because of what she did. She’s not sure she wants to go on and continue.

Malece is back and cleared to perform. Her neck is hurting. She a little scared to be dancing with Armand, again. Malece asked to tell what happened. They say it doesn’t show. She makes it through. Armand is next. He’s told Malece made him look good. He’s called out on dropping Malece on her head. Mary says she’s fighting for him, but no one else wants to keep him. They reluctantly let him stay because he’s a good dancer. Armand says he feels horrible about the judges comments about him.

8 more dancers get cut after the Jazz round. Shen Shen is one of them. She says she wants to come back. It’s down to 68 now. Jade still has to dance for his life. Judges love his dance and they put him through to next round.

Next up is the ballroom round and they only have one hour to do it. Dimitry and Chelsea are the choreographers. Jade gets a different partner and Sydney is still there. Jenna is the first to be judged. It’s her style. She shone and she’s through. Armand makes it through. Fik-shun does well, too. Jade does, too.

Sydney gets sent home and so does Tommy T.

Nigel announces they’ll be up all night and this is Group Night. They all pick CD’s at random and have to come up with a dance routine. Dancers are starting to fatigue after second night of no sleep. Tempers start to fray.

The last day begins. First group takes the stage. Brothers Alex and Gene, Jenna, Kayla and Jasmine are in the first team. They say it’s about the Boston tragedy. They dance to I Can’t Make You Love Me. Judges like it. It makes the judges cry. Hannah moved. Adam says everywhere he looked was filled with perfection. Adam says he had doubts about the brothers, but not anymore. They all go through.

Jasmin, Derek, Chrystiany, Jarvis, Viktoria and Fik-shun. Chrystiany lead the group but some had doubts about her leadership. Derek called it quits and leaves to get 2 hours sleep. He may have just settled for a smoke break. Not sure. Mary says it was a hot mess and Derek didn’t know what he was doing. Adam says it’s terrible. Derek asked to come forward and gets dismissed. Derek now regrets what he did. Chrystiany is also dismissed. Viktoria, Jarvis, Fik-shun and Jasmin are sent to next round.

Jennifer, Tucker, Amy, Mariia, Markus have had no sleep. Using chairs in their routine. Jennifer doesn’t feel Mariia is receptive to what they’re doing. The dance had to be revamped five times because of Mariia. Jennifer finally calls her out. Jennifer is saying she wants to kill Mariia by 5 a.m. Markus is out of gas. Mariia insisted on continuing to rehearse. Nigel doesn’t feel the group brought Mariia into dance, at all. Judges said it was perfect. Judges give Mariia kudos. They all get sent through to next round.

Armand manages to redeem himself in the group dance round.

Final group is Makenzie, Carlos, Carly, Sarah, and Vitaly. Nigel says it’s a bit of a mess and juvenile. Vitaly had a lot of really awkward moments and gets sent home. He punches a column after leaving stage. Sarah gets sent home, too. Makenzie, Carlos and Carly survive the cuts.

The final found is Contemporary. 54 dancers are left. Stacy T. is the choreography for this round. Jennifer is dancing solo, so far, while the others have partners. She finally finds Latin dancer, Misha, to dance with.

Jennifer and Misha first to be let go. Misha believes it’s his fault Jennifer didn’t make it. They really didn’t have as long to rehearse as the others. More dancers get cut. One contestant begs to do it with another dancer, but she’s told to go.

Jade’s turn to perform. He once again has to dance for his life and Stacy will make the call. Tapper Curtis is up next. He’s crying as he awaits decision. He breaks down crying as judges give him the decision. He makes it through. Curtis feels good about himself.

Fik-shun makes it through the next round, too. Malece also makes it through. As does Jenna. The final group is Jasmin and Bluprint who have a Cyrus connection. Jasmin says she used Cyrus rejecting her in dance. She makes it through. Bluprint is asked to battle with Jade for his place in the show. Both of them are animators.

They have to dance on stage together in some kind of animated duel. Stacy gets to decide which one gets to stay, but she picks both to stay.

Nigel asks each remaining dancer why they should stay on the show. Armand is the last to plead his case. He claims they all changed his life and made him a better person.

The five ballroom boys are called to the stage. Armand is the one who gets sent home. Armand says he thinks they made a mistake not taking him. 8 others let go with him.

The ones still in contest went off to party. There are 33 dancers left. Next week the top 20 will be revealed and they’ll perform for the first time.


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