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SYTYCD 14 -- Mary's Back And So Are The Adults

Updated on June 19, 2017

Is there a little tension between Nigel and Mary?

Mary Murphy is back and so am I. I'm hoping we're also back to normal aged contestants opposed to the kiddies from last season. I stopped watching when they got rid of Mary for the second time [I also quit the first time they got rid of her.] Mary more than Nigel makes the judging panel with her genuine love for the dance. We also have a new judge in Vanessa Hudgins. Does she have a dance background? From the brief dance she does on stage, I don't think so.

A few of the hopefuls tell their stories as the show opens.

The auditions are in LA for the start of the fourteenth season.

Mark V is our first contestant. His mom is deaf. She used to be a street dancer...a locker. He's from Hawaii. He's doing breaking contemporary. He's very agile, almost insectile. Warning, I use that word a lot about several dancers. But it's the only word that came to my mind.

Mary – says he raised the roof; loves everything he did.

Nigel – he had plenty of signature moves.

Vanessa – he's amazing and strong and creative.

Mary gives him a ticket and says he's on the hot tamale train.

Kristina and Vasily are our next contestants. They're married. Very attractive couple. He's blindfolded at the beginning of the dance. They share a hot kiss as he twirls her around.

Mary and Nigel give them a standing ovation.

Mary – cries over their ballroom routine.

Nigel – calls it 50 shades of dance.

Vanessa – says it's so beautiful and romantic.

Nigel gives DWTS a raspberry. They get a golden ticket. Maybe the one who should give the raspberry to is World of Dance, since they seem to be more on the same level with the show that DWTS is.

A dancer auditions with his back to the judges and they return the favor. No shock he doesn't get a ticket.

Robert G, a violinist, is the next contestant. In high school he discovered dance. He's in a plastic outfit. He uses humor with his dance. Another one that's very insectile and very agile. He makes the judges laugh.

Vanessa – says she loves him and he's so much fun to watch

Nigel – the best thing about him was his creativity.

Mary – loved it too.

He also gets a ticket.

Alexis G is up next. She's going to dance jazz. Her parents are in the audience.

Mary – says she's adorable when she's dancing.

Vanessa – says she was a ray of sunshine.

Nigel – says she gets a gold ticket.

Luke D is the next contestant. He's been dancing four years. Vanessa says he's cute. He's trained in hip hop. He doesn't seem very good to me. Certainly not as good as previous dancers. Nigel says he's created a new form of hip hop.

Mary – enjoyed it, but it doesn't translate to the show. [So I wasn't off about him not being that good.]

Vanessa – says it's fun watching him and she'd like to dance on stage with him, so she joins him on stage and they dance. [It's kind of a hot mess.]

Nigel thanks him for coming.

Next dancer is Darius H. Nigel says he's shocked at his story. His mom got in a situation with drugs and was taken in by his aunt. He was abused by her boyfriend. They went on the lam from her, but he tracked them down in every city they went to. Now he's got a godmother whose great. Dance helped him through all that. Wonder what happened to his aunt and the crazy boyfriend?

He's good. Seems to have good lines and expresses great emotion. His godmother proudly watches him from the audience.

The audience gives him a standing ovation. He gets a ticket. He hugs the judges.

A lot of international contestants.

Two dancers are next. Anastastia and Viktoria from Russia. They've been in the US for two days. They do a routine with their coats. They look like twins. Not sure if it's good or bad.

Everyone stands up and claps for them.

Nigel – says excellent and brilliant entertainment.

Mary – says it's the most unique auditions they've seen. Made her cry. Best modern dance audition she's seen on the show.

Vanessa – says it was emotion and breathtaking.

They also get a ticket. I'm not sure if it's to Vegas. They keep saying “The Academy”. Nigel jokes Trump is going to band this show for having too many immigrants in it.

Wonder if it was Nigel's idea to bring back Mary? He served her quite a bit of cutting remarks and she shoved them right back at him. Was he the one who got rid of her twice? If he was, shame on him. Glad she's back, although she seemed a bit more quiet than usual.


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