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SYTYCD 14 -- The Academy: Week 2

Updated on August 7, 2017

It's another week of The Academy and presumably the pros will eliminate two more dancers from their teams, tonight, as they pick the chosen one who will dance with them on the show.

Choreographer Sonya Tayeh is introduced to the contestants to show them their last dance challenge; a jazz routine. Before that Cat warns them that one member of the team will be eliminated after this round. Sonya has to lecture one dancer on how lucky he is to be there and to look at her when he talks because it's disrespectful. One dancer accidentally gets hurt by another practicing the routine. The All-Stars give their acolytes final words of encouragement before they perform.

Team Gabby is first. She watches as her three team mates perform. She eliminates Natalie.

Team Paul is next. He puts them through their paces before they perform. He eliminates Ramika.

Five more contestants says goodbye after her.

Comfort asks her three members why they want to be there. She dismisses Frankie.

Update on Team Robert's Jennifer who was hurt in rehearsal. She says she can dance but if she does it'll open up her stitches. I was actually impressed by her decision to give up her chance and put her health, first. I don't know why, but I got the feeling the pros thought she didn't want it bad enough to put her health at risk. Robert says to his final two they need to show more personality, but thanks to Jennifer's decision they both get to stay.

Team Jenna's team is the last to dance. All three of her dancers are dancing out of their comfort zone. Keven was the guy Sonya took to task during rehearsals. The All-Stars give her team a standing O. She compliments Kiki for having the choreography down. She was disappointed by Keven for giving up in rehearsal. Reilly soared through this week, but she didn't feel a connection so she's letting him go. So the guy with the bad attitude who had to be lectured on how to behave and to be grateful for being there gets to stay, but cause she didn't feel a connection with the other guy who didn't need to be lectured he gets to go. Let's be honest here. She saved this Keven guy from being eliminated and she will most likely dump her other team members and keep him.

So the top twenty has been chosen. Now it's time to pare it down to the top ten. For the final round the final twenty will dance with the All-Stars to see which one of their team they're feeling it with. Again, not the best dancer, but whoever makes them all tingly when they dance together. Yeah, that's real fair.

Team Marco is first. He does his dance with both contestants, separately. Now he has to choose between his final two girls Koine and Sophia.

Gabby is next. Gabby asks Evan why he wants to be on the show. Her other team mate is Lex. The pros take sides between Evan and Lex. I always hate when someone asks you what I called the Miss America Question. If you don't answer it the way they want you to it's a black spot against you.

Paul danced with Sydney and Kristina.

Robert dances with Jonathan and Taylor.

Allison dances with Zachary and Logan.

Apparently, none of the pros will choose the final member of their team until everyone performs.

Cyrus walks Kaylee and Havoc through his routine. Cyrus says Havoc struggles with the choreography but has passion. Cyrus asks why Kaylee picked him. The Miss America question, again. Then he performs with both of his dancers. The pros debates over the two performances.

The final teams dance. Team Jenna is the last to dance and she created two different dances for each of her team. Kiki's not sure he can keep up with Jenna. Kiki says Keven is a talented dancer and she has a tough decision to make. Keven gets to do a Krump routine with her. Okay, is it really fair to make them dance two different dances when one may be better than the other. Is she playing faves with Keven, again. All the pros impressed with Keven. Yeah, because he didn't have to dance outside of what he can do, which isn't fair. None of the other so-called all-stars catered to one dancer and created a dance in his specialty so he wouldn't suck.

So they're not going to reveal their picks until next week. What a gyp.

It sounds like they'll reveal who got picked at the live show when we see who is dancing with one of the all-stars. The only good thing about this is we'll finally get Nigel and Mary back. Sorry, but to quote one of the all-stars they just don't make me feel it with them. They're actually all kind of boring.

I really wish this show would go back to it's original format and would permanently dump these so-called all-stars. I liked when there was a top twenty and they danced with each other. We had some pretty interesting dances and when the dancers had to mix it up and dance with different partners it was great. I still remember the season that featured Benji, Travis and Heidi and the dances they did.

In short, the show wasn't broke and they didn't need to bring these all-stars back. We're watching for the newbies and by getting rid of these ten all-stars it would give ten other talented newbies the chance to dance on the live shows.


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