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SYTYCD 14 -- The LA Auditions Conclude

Updated on June 26, 2017

And Nigel and Mary seem to be getting on better, this week

The auditions continue in LA.

A few dancers are shown getting a no.

Tristan and Jensen are up first, tonight. They met when they were kids. Jensen is Lyndsay Arnold's sister. They do the Samba.

The judges seem very impressed with Jensen, but not so much Tristan.

Mary – Some connections not there. Jensen has great personality.

Vanessa – Girl, you are a star.

Nigel – Girls like her got him into dance.

They get a ticket to the Academy, whatever the heck that is.

Cody a champion rodeo rider is next. He said he realized what he does isn't his is. But not just any kind of dance. He's a belly dancer.

Male belly dancer. Not sure it works as well with a man as a woman.

Mary – shocked by it, but would have liked to see if keep going. But doesn't see where hip hop comes in.

Vanessa – with the right training he can improve.

Nigel – applauds him.

It's a no.

Sade is next. She started dancing when she was 2. Her parents were both dancers and they're her inspiration. Her mom is in the audience.

She's doing real hip hop.

Nigel – everything was going on.

Mary – says she was on fire.

Nigel wants Mom to come on stage. He encourages them to dance together. They do and the audience goes crazy. She gets a ticket.

Matthew is going to do contemporary. When he was 2 his granny put him in dance. He cried, but she made him stick with it. He fell in love with it, later.

He seems really good. Excellent spins and jumps. Seems to really be enjoying himself.

Nigel – has he ever counted how many pirouettes he can do? 17. Best audition of the day, but needs more feeling.

Mary – he brought it.

Vanessa – says he's incredible and has great control.

He's going to the academy.

More contemporary dancers shine. They all get tickets to the Academy. What the heck is the Academy? Maybe I missed it and they explained what it is and where it is. All the dancers seem excited like they just got a golden ticket to enter Willie Wonka's factory.

Inyoung aka “Dassy” is up next. She says watching season 3 made her move to the United States. Moved to New York in 2012.

She tells the judges it's her 26 birthday, today.

She starts out strutting to “Big Spender” then does robotic moves. She's good. She makes Mary laugh.

Mary – she was so much more than she dreamed for.

Vanessa – says it was amazing. She was both feminine and masculine.

Nigel – says her music was done by Shirley Bassey and says she would have loved what she did.

She gets to go to the Academy.

Blessin grew up in a rough neighborhood in Baltimore. She fell in love with dance while at school. She did some step competitions; won some and lost them. She an alumni at the school she went to. She wants to show that step should be considered an art.

She corrects Nigel when he said he thought step was only for guys. She's good, but how would she be with the other style of dances? I'm not sure.

Mary – says she has so much fire and passion. She brings up the fact she'd have to do different styles of dance.

Vanessa – says the same about her passion.

Nigel – says it hits you stronger when there's 22 in the performance. Have to agree it kind of lacked something when there was just one doing it.

They send her to choreography.

Mary and Nigel seemed to be connecting better this week and he hasn't made any snide remarks about her. They actually seem to be enjoying each other this week.

A guy demonstrates triple jointing to them. His name is Eric. He does his body out of joint, making the judges scream. He gets sent to choreography.

Dustin is the last LA contestant.

He moves great. Hard to believe someone can move like that. He's good. I think I like his dance the best of all the dances, tonight.

Mary – that was something. His transitions were out of this world.

Nigel – loved his finger thing and gliding across the stage. Believes people will pick up the telephone and vote for him.

Vanessa – he did things she never saw done.

He gets a ticket to the Academy.

Now it's time for choreography by Mandy Moore.

Blessin goes first. Shes not good.

Nigel says she's got the passion, but lacks the technique. They decide to let her go.

The triple-jointed dancer let go, too.

Next week the show is in New York.


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