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SYTYCD 14 -- The Last of the Auditions

Updated on July 17, 2017

Who will make it to the Academy?

So You Think You Can Dance is back after taking the holiday off.

The New York auditions wrap up, tonight.

Magda and Kiki audition next doing the Cha-Cha. They just made up their routine a few days ago. Kiki says their just dance partners; just soul mates in dance. Kiki wasn't planning to audition, originally. Magda keeps answering for Kiki. They're very good.

The judges automatically give sthem tickets to the academy. Mary said she'd love to dance with him. Me, too. He's a hottie.

More ballroom dancers audition and get a ticket to the academy.

Mary says she's having the best day ever as she does a long drawn out scream.

Zachary auditions. He's a returning contestant. His says his piece is aggressive and animalistic. He never made it to the live show, last time. It's very good and he's very athletic and a fine specimen of manhood.

Audience gives him a standing O.

Mary – that was amazing and says he's on the hot tamale train. Feels he'll make it this time.

Vanessa – I'm dying. He was so freaking fierce.

Nigel – very Alvin Ailey. Beautiful and controlled.

He's going to the academy.

Ramita is next up. She's wearing an Indian outfit. She combines indian in her dance to connect with her parents.

Nigel – really interesting.

Mary – her hand work was beautiful

Vanesa – agrees with Mary.

Mary says choreography, so does Vanessa. So, not as impressed with her as they were the previous dancers.

Peter age 20 is up next. He's been dancing since he was a kid. He's not afraid to try any different kind of dance. He auditions in his underwear. He's a bit athletic but I'm not sure how good he is.

Mary – he's something else.

Vanessa – loved he auditioned without his shirt.

Nigel – thanks him for taking a chance.

He doesn't even get choreography. So I was right and he wasn't that good.

Arielle up next. Started dancing when she was 4. Her mom is her rock. A few years ago her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Mom is cancer-free today.

She's very flexible and athletic. Ends perfectly on the music.

Nigel – has a great look.

Mary – has great moves.

Vanessa – so animated.

Mary and Vanessa say academy, while Nigel wanted her to do choreography. Mary asks Nigel afterwards if he's crazy. I guess he wasn't crazy about her.

Jamie is someone Cat remembers. She's not the only one. There are a lot of returnees trying to make it this time. They get to go to the academy, this time.

Romainson is back and is just under the cut-off age. He's 29. His cousin Marvin passed away last year. He helped him to audition last time. He breaks down crying over him. He's dedicating the performance to his cousin.

Nigel smiles during his performance. So does Mary.

Vanessa – feels he has so much inside him she wants to see more of.

Nigel – agrees there's a sadness inside him.

Mary – she can see he wants this so bad.

Mary wants him to do choreography and to bring the joy back to see if he can shine. The other judges agree with her. Mary gives him a hug.

Marc auditions next. He' s overweight. He moves good for that size, but don't think it's anywhere near the other auditions. He apologizes, after all. Vanessa says his technique needs work, and Mary and Nigel agree it's a no.

Claire is up next. She's a ballet dancer. She's been dancing since she was 3. Wants to show you can do ballet and have a big personality. She does a fun ballet routine.

Nigel – wants more.

Vanessa – her technique is incredible.

Mary – a grace and elegance they haven't seen before.

They agree she can go straight to the academy.

Their last dancer plans to do an improv in his routine. His name is Lex. He's Japanese. Japanese is his first language. Started dancing when he was 7. He was inspired by watching his older sister dance. He does all sorts of dance types and tries to infuse them all.

I think I recognized some ballet and tap in his routine. Mary start yelling during his performance and Nigel says, “WOW”. Audience gives him a standing O.

Vanessa – it was so good and he was so strong.

Nigel – he's going to be a star.

Mary – asks to see one of his dance moves again. She loves the way he moves and thinks he's in the tenth dimension.

Nigel says to come and get his ticket to the academy and Mary hugs him.

Mandy Moore teaches the maybes a routine.

Romainson doesn't look like he's doing very well in routine. They let him go to the academy, though. Let's hope he gets better as this will be the last year he can make the show.

Ramika makes it, as well to the academy.

There's 100 dancers going to the academy.

Next week we finally see what the academy is.


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