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SYTYCD 2013 Auditions -- Memphis Auditions

Updated on June 4, 2013

Original Airing: June 4, 2013

This week the auditions hit Memphis for the final auditions before Vegas. This week joining Mary and Nigel as judge is Wayne Brady.

Bluprint is the first dancer of the day and he’s an animator. He’s inspired by what Cyrus did. He’s from Dragonhouse, too. He gets two screams from Mary as he performs. Nigel says it was superb. Mary says he left a blueprint on her brain. He’s on the hot tamale train. Wayne says he’s amazing. Nigel sends him through to Vegas.

Curtis is a tap dancer. Says his audition will be fast. Wants to be the fastest person alive in tap. Tapping since he was 4. No one there to support him. Wayne goes up on stage and hugs him; says he’s like his little brother. Made him happy watching him. Enjoyed him, Nigel says his personality better than his dancing and needs to extend himself. Sent to choreography.

Tucker auditioned for Julliard and made it then he had a car accident and broke his back. When his father came on the scene his car was on fire. It didn’t look like he’d be able to walk for awhile. He fought back so he could dance, again. Mary his dancing breathtaking. Wayne says he’s jealous of what God gave him and he’s a perfect dancer. Nigel asks if there’s any lingering injuries and if he gets frightened in car, before giving him the golden ticket to Vegas.

A montage of contemporary dancers followed Tucker’s performance. They also get tickets to Vegas.

Courtney raised by her father. Her father became a Dance Dad. She’s been dancing 12 years. Nigel compliments some of her moves. Mary says she had gorgeous movement. Her dad married her dancing teacher. Nigel asks if Dad can dance. Nigel and Wayne insist he come on stage and shake his stuff. They both have lucky pigs they carry with them. Wayne labels Dad’s dancing as Chris “Not So” Brown. She gets a ticket to Vegas.

Now a montage of the really bad dancers who auditioned. When they got rejected, some wouldn’t face reality.

Shanshan doing a traditional Mongolian bowl dance, but she really drops them a lot. Everyone thinks she’s saying whore’s milk instead of horse’s milk. The dress she dances in is really beautiful. Her husband has come to support her. She doesn’t drop the bowls once and gets a standing O. Nigel says she has a beautiful tranquil quality. Mary says her arm movements are stunning. Wayne happy seeing another culture’s dance. Nigel sends her to choreography.

Nico a contemporary dancer. Nigel says his mom is hot when he sees her in the audience yelling encouragement. Mary said she’d like to have seen a little bit more. Nigel says he’s surprised Mary didn’t scream and she shows that she did. He gets a ticket to Vegas.

Elyse final contestant. She likes hanging 25 feet upside down. She’s a flying trapeze instructor. She says it’s like dancing through the air and giving her courage to pursue a dancing career. Nigel says she has a beautiful quality. Mary says she’s captivating; liquid and fluid. Wayne agrees. She gets a ticket to Vegas.

Now it’s time for choreography. Curtis and Shanshan put through their paces. Shanshan gets a ticket to Vegas. Curtis also gets a ticket to Vegas.

Final day of auditions.

Jenna first audition of day. She’s wearing a fringe outfit and doing Cha-Cha. Landon dancing with her, but he’s only 17 so can’t try out himself. He’s hoping to impress the judges for next year. She gets a ticket to Vegas.

Novien dances contemporary. Nigel says his dance was fantastic even though he lost his hold at the end. This is what he wants for the show. Mary says he gave it everything. Mary gives him a scream. Wayne says he’s a masculine dancer. Ticket to Vegas.

Isabelle is a salsa dancer. Going to be doing some fun tricks. Judges go wild for the tricks. Mary says fantastic, wants to see her do another style. Wayne says it was great to watch. Nigel says she hit everything. Choreography.

Caleb looking very nerdy has come to dance. He’s wearing bowtie and plaid vest. Says he’s studied all sorts of different dances. He’s going to dance contemporary. He mixed comedy in his routine. It was very funny. Mary says spectacular and entertaining. Wayne says he’s a comedic Norman Rockwell painting. Nigel wants Caleb and his Dad to do Hip Hop. Dad looks like a biker dude with tats on his arms. Gets a ticket to Vegas.

Montage of the Southern Boys taking over the auditions and getting tickets to Vegas.

Larry says his signature move is the Sliding Door. The man has amazing feet. Nigel says it was entertaining. Mary says his feet are crazy. Wayne says he’s a born show man. Choreography.

Jasmine reveals that Cyrus is her ex. Says she felt like she lost her best friend. Says she thinks the pressure of the show just got to him. She says she’s proud of him. Cyrus inspired her. She’s a contemporary dancer. Nigel thought she was superb. Mary says she’s striking. Wayne says watching her dance was like watching Beyonce and Destiny’s child singing the song she was dancing to. They play with her saying no to choreography before revealing she’s going to Vegas.

No Memphis dances auditioning. All are out-of-towners. Paige’s father is an Elvis impersonator. She’s from Detroit, Michigan. Dad thrilled to be in Memphis. Dad will come to Vegas if she makes it that far. She’s trained in all types of dances. Nigel gets Dad to sing for them. Nigel does a bad Elvis impersonation. Nigel says she’s a good dancer, but needs that magical piece to put in. Mary says she needs to connect. Wayne says it didn’t work for him. She gets sent to choreography.

Now it’s time for choreography. Larry withdraws from competition so his partner won’t suffer as he’s having problem with choreography. Isabelle the salsa dancer gets sent home. Paige doesn’t make it, either.

Season 10 Vegas week is next week.


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    • profile image

      JimmyMackey 5 years ago

      Tucker’s story was great and I like that he didn’t try to hype up how hard he worked and how difficult it was. He was humble and I’m sure the producers wanted to feature him because of his parents writing ahead. Well, I rarely have time on Tuesdays to watch TV at night, since I work at my job at DISH those evenings, so my wife and I use my recording on our DISH Hopper DVR to watch SYTYCD on Wednesday. It records all of our favorite FOX shows each night during primetime hours though, so we have more flexibility and never miss a show that we like.


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