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SYTYCD 9 -- 2 More Dancers Are Cut

Updated on September 4, 2012

And it's the unkindest cut of all

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is guest judge again as two more dancers are cut as we rapidly make our way to the finale with the top four dancers.

The top 8 dancers will dance a dance with their All-Star partner as well as a solo. I still miss them dancing with other competing dancers instead of the All-Stars. I barely even remember any of these "All-Stars". I only remember Twitch because Mia Michaels had such an O from him and was so nasty to another dancer because of him.

Tiffany opens with her solo to I Was Here. I guess the point of the solos is the dancers get to choreography their own solos, while when they dance with the All-Star it's a dance choreographed by a professional choreographer.

Witney and Twitch do a Hip Hop routine which I didn't really care for. Nigel, however, loved it, because this is the type of Hip Hop dance he's been wanting to see all season. Mary says Witney was everything in her dance, and Jesse says both Witney and Twitch are stars.

Will does his solo to Better Man.

Cole and Allison are doing a Sonya dance to Possibly Maybe. Jesse says Cole's dance had great acting. He came off as demonic. Mary says she believes Cole will probably be in the finale if he keeps dancing like that. Nigel says it was powerful and dramatic. Sonya says Cole is the strongest dancers to dance with Allison.

Lindsay does her solo to Senorita.

Eliana and Ryan do a Quickstep to Jonathan Robert's That Man. Mary says the Quickstep didn't throw Eliana. Jesse says it's been amazing to watch her transformation in the contest. Nigel says she has the best top-line of a non-ballroom dance and it's like this show was almost created for her.

Chehon does solo to On The Nature Of Daylight and gets a standing O.

Lindsay and Alex do a Sonya jazz piece to Somebody I Used To Know. Nigel says the technique was tremendous but didn't feel any sexual tension between them. Mary agrees there was a big NO in the chemistry department. Jesse echoes there was a problem in the chemistry department.

Will dancing with Lauren in a Christopher Scott routine, Dance My Pain Away. Mary loved it. Will was outside his style. He was articulate and precise. His movement was perfect. Jesse says Will is an adorable puppy. Nice to see him play it serious. Nigel says it was a tough routine to do. Will contained his personality. Really good job.

Witney does her solo to Where Have You Been.

Cole does solo to Arise.

Cyrus and Melanie dance to a Mandy Moore routine. Jesse says he had charisma and spirit. Couldn't take his eyes off Cyrus. Nigel feels his personality just grabs you and America must love him because he's never been in bottom 3. He's improved tremendously. Mary says every week he's outside his style. He blows their minds.

Eliana dances solo to Infra 8.

Chehon and Anya doing tango to Breathing Below Surface. They get Standing O. Mary feels it was something special. Hairs went up on her arms. Her favorite number of the night. Jesse says it was a strong performance. Nigel says it was everything he's been asking all the couple to do. To connect.

Cyrus does solo to Existence.

Tiffany and A'Day dance to The Power Of Love. Jesse says the lifts were insane. Mary says Tiffany was extraordinary. Best dance she's done. Nigel says she's a beautiful technician. She's focused.

Then it's time to reveal who the bottom two are:

For the girls it's Witney and Lindsay. This is a hard elimination for them since they're friends who've been competing against each other since they were kids. The judges decide to save Witney and send Lindsay on her way.

For the boys it's Cole and Will, which is hard for me, since they're my two favorite male dancers to win it. The judges decide to save Cole and let Will go.

Ultimately, this is a popularity contest, and Cyrus may win it all with this personal story of teaching himself to dance and fighting to learn all these new dances so out of his field of experience.

For the girls, Eliana seems to be the odds on favor, as none of the other girls really seem to touch her field of expertise.


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