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SYTYCD 9 -- And The Winners Are...

Updated on September 20, 2012

This was the only episode this season that really dragged as they tried to fill up two hours before revealing who the winners are. It turned out my prediction was half-right. I still can't believe one of the people that won.

For the finale we have six judges [Nigel, Mary, Lil'C, Debbie Allen, Adam Shankman and Tyce Dioro], as well as the return of the top 20 dancers to do a number that Christopher and Sonya choreographed to the song, Torn.Nigel declared it the best ever opening dance in the show's history.

Each judge gets to request their favorite dance this season be repeated for an encore dance. Nigel is first. He wants to see the chaise lounge dance that Travis Wall choreographed that was inspired by the movie, Titanic, that was done to the tune of Unchained Melody. Matthew and Audrey re-dance it and get a standing ovation from the judges.

Lil' C wants to see Twitch and Witney's swagography that was choreographed by Luther Brown to My Homies Still.

Debbie wants to see a Sonya danced choreographed by Sonya to Turning Page featuring George and Tiffany.

They also show the top five auditions of people who didn't make it on the show. The one named 5 is Leroy, the overweight dancer who wants to start after school dance programs for kids.

Adam picks a Pasa Doble with Cole and Lindsay to Unstoppable.

Tyce wants to see Will and Amelia doing Tabitha and Napoleon's The Love Cats dance. Judges give them a standing ovation.

4th best moment is Dallas housewife Bree who brought her kids to the audition with her.

Mary wants to see the number Tyce choreographed about the memory of the holocaust with Chehon and Katherine having to pack all their belongs in a suitcase.

The Top 4 also get to choose their favorite dances.

Eliana wants to redance with Alex the Bang Bang number.

Nigel once again declares that Eliana is his favorite girl. She can be mature or goofy. She was at the top of all the choreographers list in Vegas to be in the Top 20. Predicts she has a great future ahead of her.

3rd favorite moment was Nick and James aka The Ninja Twins.

Cat even gets to pick a dance she wants to see redone. She picks Tiffany and Brandon's disco number to You Make Me Feel. They get a standing ovation from the judges.

Chehon chooses to redance the Argentine Tango number with Anya to Breathing Below Surface.

Mary says he's been extraordinary since he came on the show. He's experienced greatness in the show.

Next is a new hip-hop routine danced by Twitch, Cyrus, Christopher Scott and Comfort doing animation about Cyrus cheating at the gambling table.

Tiffany chooses to redance The Power Of Love dance.

Mary says she really opened their eyes when she first danced that number and that's she's spectacular.

2nd favorite moment in the Exorcist-Style dance.

1st favorite moment was Dragon House and they perform sans Cyrus. I've been wondering how Cyrus has been getting on with them since he was the only one of them that made it. Are they happy for him or bitter because he did what they couldn't do? I still don't know the answer to that question.

Cyrus wants to redo the dance he did with Twitch to Like A Criminal. They get a standing ovation.

Nigel says Cyrus stole the season. He's been amazing. And he hopes Cyrus will continue to learn other styles of dance.

The final dance of the season is a group dance featuring the Top Ten and the All-Stars to The Circle Of Life.

The winning girl is no surprised, I predicted it would be Eliana and it was. The winning boy was a surprise. It's Chehon.

And thus ends another season. I felt bad for all the dancers who returned, as only a few got chosen to redance. It might have been nicer if they'd have them all redance one number from the season they did that was considered their best. It would have been more interesting than the top moments and Cat even requesting a redo dance.


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