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SYTYCD 9 -- And Then There Were 8

Updated on August 23, 2012

This week the format of the show changed. Contestants would no longer be dancing with the partner they've danced with since the start of the show, they would be dancing with an SYTYCD All Star. The All Stars are past contestants of the show from previous seasons like Twitch. To be honest I don't really care for this new format. I liked when the other dancers had to switch partners each week and dance with a different contestant they'd never danced with before. It could cause some interesting results. Although, since the show isn't going to shrink it's two-hour time slot, I can understand them wanting to do it this way. Instead of having five dances, they get ten dances. Although, they could have easily fixed the time manner by having the dancers having to learn two different dances per week. That's what they do on Dancing With The Stars. If a non-trained celebrity can learn two dances a week, surely these trained dancers could do the same. Unfortunately, that wasn't the way it was and ten past contestants danced with ten new contestants.

Nigel felt there was nothing wrong with gushing of Eliana and declaring she is his favorite dance of the girls still in the contest. Maybe he felt there was nothing wrong with it, but it could cause some resentment with the other dances who aren't getting praised the same way.

My favorite dancers left are among the boy dancers. I think it's amazing that Will is so tall and he can move the way he can. There's also something infectious about his personality that makes you want to smile. And I don't think there's anyone better than Cole when it comes to immersing himself in the character he's playing in a dance. His performance last week is the one I remember most.

Then it comes to the time to find out who is going home. Since there's so few dancers left they're now only revealing the top two male and female vote-getters. This week it's:

Male Dancer -- Chehon and George

Female Dancer -- Audrey and Witney

While Chehon, Witney and Audrey were all safe from elimination last week, George was in jeopardy last week. Nigel points out there's something about George that isn't connecting with the audience. This is that time in the contest where this becomes as much a popularity contest as it is a dance contest.

Nigel asks if the audience would like to see all four dance one more time and they audience claps and cheers madly. After they do their dance solos, Nigel reveals that after the judges and choreographers conferred with each other, they decided who should go, but it wasn't a unanimous decision.

They decide to save Witney and send Audrey home. And they decide to save Chehon and send George home. I think George got the boot because this wasn't the first time he's been in the bottom and it seems the viewers were going to keep voting him into the bottom until he finally got sent home.

So now we're down to 8 dancers: 4 girls and 4 boys. I do hope when the final four are chosen, they don't change the format and have them dancing with each other instead of dancing with an ex-contestant.


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