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SYTYCD 9 -- July 11th Performance Show

Updated on July 12, 2012

Kenny Ortega was this week's guest judge.

The interesting thing I noticed about this week was Nigel is really the only one who critiques on the technical dance form. I don't know much about Nigel, but I didn't think he was a professional dancer, but he seems to know what he's talking about. While Mary, who has this ballroom dance experience, doesn't really say much about the technical aspect of the dances.

There was only one dance I didn't think was that good; the African Jazz Dance. I didn't think the dancers danced it as well as it should have been dance, but, otherwise, I thought all the dances were great. Although I find I can't really remember them all the morning after. The ones that stayed in my mind was that monkey bar dance with Alexa and the cat dance with Amelia and that's mostly because of the way she kept sticking up butt in the air and her partner had his face in her butt, almost.

First to dance was Witney with an I and Chehon. They were given a Latin dance that was choreographed by Dancing With The Stars' Louie Van Amstel. In rehearsal Chehon had some problems because he's a trained ballet dancer.

Nigel -- Thinks Witney is a star and Chehon was giving himself slightly bow-legs as he danced.

Mary -- Chehon has some foot problems, while Witney gets a Choo-Choo.

Kenny -- Witney was like Marilyn Monroe in a new version of Some Like It Hotter and Chehon needs to believe in himself.

Tiffany and George were partnered up to perform a Sonya dance. They portray star-crossed lovers. It's a very beautiful and romantic dance.

Mary -- Says it left her breathless. Both surrendered to Sonya's choreography. Declares George is one of the best dancers in the competition.

Kenny -- Only good words for Sonya. Dance made him remember his youth.

Nigel -- Sonya is going through a soft, romantic period. They danced to the ends of their fingertips.

Janaya and Brandon are partnered and they're dancing to a dance choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha. An alcoholic must choose between love and addiction.

Kenny -- Napoleon and Tabitha are turning Hip-Hop into a deeper language. Dancers did great.

Nigel -- Tabitha and Napoleon clever in doing routine. Smoothed out Hip-Hop. Dancers need to get more down and dirty in Hip-Hop.

Mary -- Loved how deep Brandon went into character. Thinks Janaya needed to bring a bit more.

Nigel gives them a warning they both need to step it up or they could be voted out quickly.

Alexa and Daniel do a Sean Cheesman dance that seems very insect-like on what looks like monkey bars.

Nigel -- They need to connect more, not just smile.

Mary -- Job well done

Kenny -- Didn't feel they were invested in dance and not as impressed by their performance.

I actually thought they did well.

Amber and Nick are partnered for the Viennese Waltz which is choreographed by Jason Gilkison. Jason is hard on Nick since even though the dance is in Nick's genre, because he doesn't feel Nick is up to snuff.

Mary -- Whole thing was dreamy.

Kenny -- Fluid, flowing, lovely.

Nigel -- Jason brought the best out in Nick.

Amelia and Will are given a Hip-Hop routine by Tabitha and Napoleon where they're cats.

Kenny -- Fun and charming.

Nigel -- Another great partnership. Both have personality.

Mary -- Perfect. Makes you happy watching it.

Dareian and Janelle are partnered. Apparently when Janelle came out of the auditions after being told she was in and she whacked her head, she did herself some damage, as she required stitches. Not sure if that's why she couldn't perform in the show. Then during this current dance practice she got hurt again, but was able to perform. They danced to an African Jazz dance by Sean Cheesman. Like I said, earlier, I didn't think they danced it as well as it could have been danced in a couple of spots.

Nigel -- Loved the routine. If Janelle can survive rehearsals she'll do well in the competition.

Mary -- Janelle does well with whatever dances that are given her. Dareian great body lines.

Kevin -- Routine took him to so many places.

Eliana and Cyrus are paired together for a Tyce routine from Hairspray.

Mary -- Brought the house down. Joy, love and life Cyrus brought to it. Eliana is a ballerina that can get down.

Kenny -- Felt he was in a Broadway house watching a show number.

Nigel -- Cyrus immersed himself in the dance. Absolutely entertaining. Eliana the benchmark for all the girl dancers.

Audrey and Matthew do a Travis Wall dance. It seems to be inspired by Jack and Rose from Titanic.

Judges give them a standing ovation.

Kenny -- Bravo.

Nigel -- Enjoyed it the most this evening.

Mary -- Breathtaking.

Lindsay and Cole are the last to dance. They're doing a Jason Gilkison Pasa Doble. Lindsay is the evil poison that Cole needs to fight off.

Kenny -- Mesmerizing and electrifying.

Mary -- Best Pasa Doble Jason's done.

Nigel -- Best Pasa Doble a boy has done on the show.

FOX has cut down SYTYCD to one show a week, so next week will be both a results and performance show. Two of the boys and girls will be sent home. I thought they were all good, so it'll be a shame to see whomever does get sent home.


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