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SYTYCD 9 -- July 18, 2012 Episode

Updated on July 19, 2012

Which 4 dancers will go home, tonight?

Nigel's been passive-aggressively whining about FOX only having them on once a week, but FOX may have done the show a favor. Instead of some long drawn-out results show where the viewers wade through mounds of filler until we learn who is going home, we had a taught performance show with the results of who was going home at the end of the show. There was no torturing the contestants throughout the show telling them if they're safe of in jeopardy. They got straight down to the results. It was a refreshing change.

Adam Shankman was guest judge and throughout the night he was shamelessly plugging his movie, Step Up Revolution. Near the end of the show they showed a preview of the movie and had the dancers do a live performance. I think the show was proud that several of the dancers were former contestants on the show whose career has progressed because they were on the show.

Lindsay and Cole performed a Christopher Scott dance about a nerdy patient visiting a hot dentist for a dental appointment to Lady Gaga's Teeth. Cole got a little too into the character and continue playing the nerd even after the dance was over.

Nigel -- It was a fun routine. Great characterization by Cole. A little immature on Lindsay's part.

Mary -- Agrees with Nigel a bit. Cole is a lean mean dancing machine.

Adam -- Dental Association should adopt the routine. Lindsay needs to attack the character. Cole a little too in character.

Amelia and Will do a Sonya dance about two lost souls with the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Mary -- Screams. Compliments Sonya. Will and Amelia brought it. Will rising to the occasion and Amelia trusting Will to take her to places she's never been before.

Adam -- Amelia is brilliant; she got lost in the peace. Will stepped it up.

Nigel -- Sonya has grown as a choreographer. Amelia buried her quirkiness in the dance and embraced her character. Both were brilliant.

Amber and Nick do a tango. Amber says they're having a hard time connecting; like oil and bubblegum.

Adam -- Hot. Great routine. Compliments Amber on inhabiting her character. Nick vanished a little because he supported Amber.

Nigel -- Amber made herself look good. Nick very strong.

Mary -- It was a difficult routine that they made look easy. Amber was on fire. Hats off to Nick.

Audrey and Matthew do a Sonya dance about robotic power struggle between a man and a woman. Dance to Hear Me Now.

Nigel -- 2 for choreography. Likes the darker style. Dancers can move into any dance style.

Mary -- Loves the way they dance. One of her favorite routines of the night.

Adam -- Tonight belongs to Sonya. Audrey wiped away any doubts he had about her. It's Matthew's contest to lose.

Janelle and Dareian do a Hip Hop where Janelle has to act like she's in love with Dareian [who she describes as a duck] as he proposes. The dance is done to My Girl.

Adam -- Dareian was a little more successful than Janelle at living in the character.

Nigel -- Choreography was a little uninspiring. Thinks it could be tough on them next week when elimination time comes around.

Mary -- Routine was sweet; like cotton candy. They did it okay. For someone as exuberant as Mary, that's not a good comment.

Janaya and Brandon do a Sean Cheesman broadway routine about a girl sitting at a bus stop reading a romance novel who starts coming on to the man sitting there who isn't interested.

Adam -- Sean should be happy. Super fun routine. Brandon did a huge step-up. Janaya great. Played to the comedy in the routine.

Nigel -- Sean choreographed a brilliant Broadway number. Brandon's character great. Janaya brought it.

Mary -- Most entertaining routine of the night. Janaya dove into the somersault.

Eliana and Cyrus do a jive to I'm Shakin.

Mary -- Cyrus was a bit rought. Lot of tricky moves and he supported his partner. Eliana's star is still shining.

Adam -- Amazing that Cyrus made it through it. Eliana made them both look good.

Nigel -- Tony and Melanie helped Cyrus get through it, but Cyrus needs to fill in the blanks. Eliana has to compensate for Cyrus' lack of knowledge.

Daniel and Alexa do a contemporary dance in a bath tub. This week it's a tub and last week it was monkey bars.

Adam -- Beautiful routine. It was beautiful but chilly. Something was missing and he doesn't know what.

Mary -- It was missing chemistry between the two of them, but well executed.

Nigel -- Agrees. The connection between the audience and the dancers was missing. The emotion was missing.

Tiffany and George get to fox trot to I Want To Be Loved By You by Sinead O'Connor. That was a shock. Haven't really heard much about her since she pulled that stunt on Saturday Night Live and back then she sang edgy songs.

Mary -- Did great job. They earn 2 screams from Mary. Tiffany living it.

Adam -- Madly in love with it. Elegance and grace. In-freaking-credible. A slice of Old Hollywood.

Nigel -- Could be an opening act for anyone. They connected with the audience and each other.

Witney and Chehon do a Bollywood routine that's all about speed and stamina.

Adam -- Pure delight. So much fun. Both fantastic. Witney needs to dance with a long neck. First time he saw a shining personality in Chehon.

Mary -- Chehon on fire tonight. Great to see him let go. Still felt their chemistry. Witney still on fire.

Nigel -- Can't believe Witney doing knee turns. Did themselves proud.

It's now time for the dreaded eliminations:

Girls In Trouble:




Boys In Trouble




Nigel says he spoke to the judges for this week and last as well as the choreographers who worked with them and he doesn't need to see any of them re-dance.

After showing a preview of Step Up Revolution and having the dancers perform a dance routine Nigel gets right down to it and saves Witney and Chehon.

There was no giving yet another chance to Alexa. Nigel seems pretty unimpressed with her dances for both weeks by his comments. So she goes home, as does Janaya. I think if he was allowed to save four dancers instead of two he would have saved Janaya, as well, based on her dance performance tonight.

This elimination shows that viewers aren't necessarily voting for couples. Janaya and Nick were paired with different partners and still they got eliminated. So does that mean Amber and Brandon will now be partnered together? I guess we'll find out next week.

Dancing With The Stars likes to copy this show to try and make themselves a more legitimate dancing show. May I suggest they copy the dancing and results show in one show theme? It was so nice not to have to watch the dancers tortured for two hours wondering if they're staying or going, while having to sit through a bunch of useless filler. Tuesday's Dancing With The Stars result show is generally pure torture for the viewers having to sit through all the filler to find out who got eliminate. Think about it DWTS. It might just raise your sagging ratings.


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