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SYTYCD 9 -- July 25, 2012 Episode

Updated on July 27, 2012

Kat Deely starts the show by revealing the show won't be on again for two weeks. The damned Olympics. I'm not into sports and I hate that the networks won't let the normal programming go up against it. There are some of us who don't watch the Olympics. Yeah, that probably makes me Un-American for saying that. Now even a reality show won't go up against the Olympics. It's getting ridiculous. Rant over.

Tonight's guest judge is Christina Applegate. I thought it was another case of just needing someone to fill the judges chair, but I thought she did a good job at judging the dances.

Tonight only two dancers will go home. There will also be a live performance from the Alvin Ailey Dance Company. I have to say once more I really like the new format. I wish all these shows would adopt it. There's no filler. There's no watching the clock waiting to hear the result. It's really made the show so much better.

Tonight we're learning things about the dancers we didn't know.

At George's first track meet he peed his pants, and Tiffany is smart. Tiffany and George are doing a Tabitha and Napoleon dance about being babysitters that was inspired by the fact Tabitha is about to have a baby. It's a fun routine.

Nigel -- It was a great routine, but he wants the HIp Hop routines to get a little grungier. This is something he's been saying all season. He's thought the Hip Hop routines have been a little too light at times. Thinks George looked a bit tired at the end and that Tiffany got down.

Mary -- She's out of her mind over this pairing. Not disappointed by George.

Christina -- Tiffany was tough and scary, but wish on the slow parts they could have made it soupier.

As speculated last week, since they lost their partners, Brandon and Amber were partnered together, and it was a good partnership. The thing we don't know about Amber is a hair stylist and Brandon was in Main Crew in Step Up Revolution. Amber and Brandon do a Ray Leeper number about a couple in the south. It's very hot and steamy.

Christina -- Felt it was so private she shouldn't be watching it because of the intimacy they conveyed in their dance. It's the best she's seen Amber dance. She has passion in her gut. She forgot Brandon was a stepper watching him dance.

Mary -- Soul in the bowl. Amber sultry and soulful. Brandon did fabulous.

Nigel -- Baby making choreography. First time Amber has let her emotions out. Brandon needs to lower his shoulders, though. Excellent.

Dareian and Janelle are up next. They're going to do the Cha Cha. Dareian is a daredevil skateboarder, and Janelle likes to write rap songs. Pasha [which had me fangirling a bit] choreographed the dance. I thought it was me. I just didn't care for the dance, but the judges didn't, either. I didn't find it sexy or hot, even though it should have been.

Mary -- Good tricks. Dancing going in and out. Both had bad feet. Rough transitions. No chemistry.

Christina -- Pair tried their best effort. Janelle sparkles. Dareian had strange had things going on.

Nigel -- Agrees that Dareian needs to watch his hands. Didn't find Janelle sexy in the routine. Didn't feel the connection between the two of them.

Lindsay and Cole do a contemporary number by Mandy Moore about love and hate and dark vs light. The thing we don't know about Cole is that he's very serious about his acting, as witnessed by the way he immersed himself in his nerd persona last week and wouldn't let it drop, while Lindsay has a foot phobia.

Nigel -- Mandy Moore crafted a beautiful routine and the lighting also played a part in making the dance a winner. Lindsay's spirit in right place. Beautiful Cole was meticulous, neat and tidy. Nigel warns that could get boring after a time, but Cole isn't boring he's a genius.

Mary -- Lindsay has all the magic in the world. She was mesmerizing. What can't Cole do? Versatile.

Christina -- Cole is an enigma. Didn't know Lindsay could do that.

Amelia and Will are doing a jazz routine. The thing no one knows about Will is he wishes he was in a boys band as he's always singing. While Amelia uses a high SPF to keep her pale complexion. Mandy Moore praised Will in rehearsal. The dance is about opposites attracting.

Christina -- labels them as a dream team. They have great chemistry together.

Nigel -- Didn't feel it. Black and white. Didn't connect.

Mary -- She's somewhere in the middle between Nigel and Christina's opinions. She doesn't feel it's as strong a number as they've done previously.

Audrey and Matthew are doing a salsa. What we don't know about Matthew is he only started dancing when he was 16. Before that he was a golfer. Audrey is a geek at night. Some tricks gave them a hard time in rehearsal. I thought the tornado spin they did was too slow and it turns out I'm right.

Mary -- they're her favorite couple. They looked uncomfortable.

Christina -- Bit distracted by music. Thinks that could have played a part in why the number wasn't a winner.

Nigel -- they were a margarita mix on slow. Not their best, tonight.

Witney and Chehon are dancing contemporary.. Chehon likes to put orange juice instead of milk in his cereal. He also plays the violin. Witney speaks German. Stacey Tookey choreographs the dance about circumstances not allowing them to be together. Don't think the dance would have worked as well if it wasn't backed up by Whitney Houston's I'll Always Love You. The judges give them a standing ovation.

Christina -- says she thinks she's going to cry. Chehon was stunning and you couldn't tell Witney was a ballroom dancer.

Mary -- emotional. The catch jump most memorable moment on the show. Most defining moment.

Nigel -- glad they saved them last week. Flawless.

Eliana and Cyrus are going to do Hip Hop, so Cyrus lucked out this week. What you don't know about Cyrus is his belly button looks like a power button and Eliana raises bird. She loves her birds so much she slept with one and killed it when she laid on it. Tabitha and Napoleon have Eliana be a ballerina with Cyrus as the robot that brings her to life.

Their dance gets another standing ovation from the judges.

Mary -- Fabulous. Pleasure to see Cyrus do his thing. Eliana was great.

Christina -- Thought it was great. Eliana is one of the best dancers.

Nigel -- So pleased Cyrus pulled this routine. How did a ballerina get swag? Eliana was even better than Cyrus in a few of the moves. Nigel thinks Cyrus is going to make it.

Now that all the dances have been dances it's time to announce the bottom girls and guys:









Nigel wants to see more of Amber, Eliana, Brandon and Dareian. We later find out the two he didn't have dance are safe. It's down between the four who danced to see which two leave and which two stay. Considering how Nigel feels about Eliana, it's no surprise that Amber is chosen to leave. Nigel tells her if she had danced the dance she did this week last week she wouldn't be going home. It's a tough choice between Brandon and Dareian, but the judges decide to say goodbye to Brandon.

So when the show comes back in two weeks there won't be any new couple mix-ups. However, it did seem this week more than the previous one that the audience isn't voting down couple lines, but voting on them as individuals.


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