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SYTYCD 9 -- The Final Four Are Chosen

Updated on September 6, 2012

I told myself while watching this episode that they're all talented dancers and whomever is picked I'd be fine with, but I do think the wrong boy got through to the finale two. However, at this point it probably doesn't matter as I think America will give the title to Cyrus. People watched as Cyrus friends gave up but Cyrus kept fighting to make it in the contest and without any dance lessons. He taught himself to dance. So I think America wants to reward him with the prize.

Christina Applegate was the guest judge. This week the final six would dance with an All-Star, do a solo dance and then finally dance with each other. I still would have preferred it if they had been dancing with each other all along without these All-Stars involved.

Tiffany and Benji do a jive to What I Like About You and get a standing ovation from the judges. Nigel feels their energy lifted up the entire audience. Mary feels that Tiffany kept up with Benji. Tiffany could be a swing champion. And Christina feels they did the jive perfectly.

Witney danced a solo to Malaguena.

Cole and Melanie are doing a Sonya jazz number. Sonya wants Cole to soar free and show a lighter side, since lately he's been doing all these dark characters in his dances. Mary says Cole kept drawing her in. That he really carried the number off. Christina feels he's so masterful in every number he does. Says they'll see him next week. Unfortunately, she's wrong and America made a different choice. Nigel thought Cole adapted what he usually does in this dance and showed vulnerability.

Chehon dances a solo to Way Back Home.

Eliana and Twitch do a Hip Hop number by Christopher Scott to Please Mr. Postman. Christina feels it was wonderful to watch and that she's good at whatever she does. Nigel says the routine relied more on comedy and didn't have enough dancing in it. Mary says it was a fun and entertaining number.

Tiffany does a solo to Just The Way You Are.

Chehon and Katherine do a Tyce number to Eli, Eli. They get a standing ovation from the judges. Nigel says it was an incredibly emotional routine. Mary felt it was a magical moment in both their dance careers. Christina says this is what they wanted from Chehon.

Cole does a solo to Night Of The Wolf.

Witney and Marco doing a lyrical jazz number to No Nothing. Mary says she's still a star. Christina says she's a beautiful dancer, but sometimes her hair gets in the way of seeing her face. Nigel says that Witney is a star and that's why they've saved her.

Eliana does her solo to I Will Follow You Into The Dark.

Cyrus and Comfort do a Christopher Scott number. They're doing something called Dub Step to Cinema. Get a standing ovation from the judges. Christina says the routine was made for Cyrus. Nigel says that America loves Cyrus, as he's never been in the bottom three. And Mary says Cyrus connects with them.

Witney and Chehon do a Cha Cha to Where Have You Been. Mary says Chehon did this better than the Samba, but he's just not comfortable doing the latin dances. Christina takes a pass on commenting on the dance. And Nigel says the lift fell apart. He wanted to see more of Witney's hips. Overall it was disappointing.

Cyrus does a solo to Harem.

Eliana and Cole doing a Mia Michaels number about hatred to Adagio For Strings. They get a standing ovation. Cole was back to doing a dark character which he excels at so well. Nigel says both were brilliant and fantastic. Mary says she was mesmerized. Christina feels there is light coming out of Eliana's feet.

Cyrus and Tiffany do a Broadway routine by Spencer Liff to Treat Me Rough. Christina loved it. Says it was fun and sassy. Nigel says it was a terrific routine. Mary says it was the cutest number ever and both are superstars.

The Axis dance company performs with one man in a wheel chair and one not. It was an amazing number and it showed even if you're in a wheelchair you can still find a way to dance.

Then it's time to reveal the top four. I called it on the girls. Tiffany and Eliana made it for the girls, with Witney going home. The big shocker was Chehon making it and Cole going home. Cyrus was a no-brainer.

I honestly feel no one can beat Cyrus because of his journey in the contest. I'll be very shocked if Cyrus doesn't win. I also think Eliana will win for the girls because she just seems to have an IT factor about her that Tiffany lacks.

Next week the show will be on Tuesday because the X Factor will be taking over it's current time slot.


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