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SYTYCD 9 -- The Top 14 Become 10

Updated on August 16, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance was back after a two week hiatus because of the Summer Olympics. To make up for the weeks missed, four dancers would be sent home tonight instead of two.

In a departure from previous weeks only Mia Michaels would be featured as the choreography. Dancers would do her most memorable routines from past seasons. On a personal note, I wouldn't recognize Mia Michaels if they didn't tell us who she is. She looks so different. I know she battled a bout of cancer. It's not that she looks bad; she just looks different. Before she just seemed really hard, and now there's a softness about her, like what she's gone through humanized her in some way. The darker hair also totally changes her looks.

Nigel said he didn't think it was unfair of the dancers to have to try and match or better the performances of these dances that were danced to perfection by previous SYTYCD contestants. I disagree with him. The bench dance that Heidi and Travis did to perfection was my all time favorite dance number. It's the dance I remember the most. And when I saw it re-danced by two new dancers it just fell flat for me. It just seems to lack the rawness, passion and chemistry that Travis and Heidi had in that dance. Nigel even admitted he felt a lot of the re-dances paled in comparison to the original dances.

One thing Nigel and I did agree on about the re-dances was that I thought the Addiction number was the best dance of the night. Cole was mesmerizing in the dance and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. And Nigel found his performance chilling and dubbed it as the best dance of the night.

Then it was time to see which two dancers were going home and which were going to make it to the top ten. Cat called the dancers out by the order they danced:

Eliana and Cyrus were both safe and in the top ten. When you think of the trouble Cyrus had in the auditions in Vegas it's amazing he's still with the show and that he's made it into the top ten. Not sure if Cyrus can win, but even if he doesn't, he should be proud of what he's accomplished. He's done what none of his friends could do. And he hasn't given up. He's learned new dances styles and he's grown and can take that experience away from him no matter how far he makes it.

Tiffany and George. Tiffany is safe, but George is in jeopardy.

Amelia and Will. Will is safe, but Amelia is in jeopardy.

Janelle and Dareian are both in jeopardy. I figured Janelle might be since she got negative comments both last time the show was on and this time. And the judges won't leave poor Dareian alone about his feet.

Audrey and Matthew. Audrey is safe and Matthew is in jeopardy. Matthew got a lot of negative comments from the judges about this week's performance.

Witney and Chehon are both safe.

Lindsay and Cole. Lindsay is in jeopardy and Cole is safe. Nigel has all six dance again and the judges decide to save Lindsay and George; which means Janelle and Amelia and Dareian and Matthew are going home.

Next week they'll be mixing it up and the partners the dancers have been dancing with won't be dancing with them.


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