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SYTYCD 9 -- The Utah Auditions

Updated on June 14, 2012

As someone who traveled by train through Utah and who was bored out of her mind with all the blah scenery, it's not a beautiful state. All I saw was one brown butte after another. I fell asleep I got so bored by the scenery only to wake-up to see more buttes and whine, "We're not out of Utah, yet?" When we crossed into Colorado with it's gorgeous scenery it was a welcome relief. Granted, this was only the train tracks view, so maybe other parts are pretty and since they went to Utah when all the brown was covered by snow, that could have also been a deciding factor.

Adam Shankman was back as the third judge. The judges gave the contestant a lecture on what they didn't want to see in their auditions. After that it was audition time.

For a change we got to see more ballroom than freestyle and as someone who enjoys ballroom more than freestyle, I enjoyed it. First up was Witney with an I. She does a Cha Cha/tango for her routine. The judges giving her a standing ovation. Mary does her first hot tamale yell of the season. Adam says she's mesmerizing. She gets the golden ticket to Vegas.

Lynn is next. She's going to do a alien space dance. She says a force entered her body and started her dancing. She claims she has 3 spirit guides. That her soul is from the stars. She's also a former aerospace engineer. She dodges the question if drugs were involved when she discovered she was possessed by aliens from outer space. The dance is interesting. It's not that bad. The judges tell her NO, though. Would have been a hoot if she did her dance routine to Katy Perry's Extraterrestrial.

Deanna who is called Dee is up next. She dances to, "Can't Make You Love Me." Mary loved every single second of it. Adam says she's extremely special. No surprise. She gets a golden ticket to Vegas.

Gene is next, and he seems to have been drinking from the same watering hole that Lynn was. He's got green paint on his face and he's going to dance the life cycle of the Preying Mantis. It was actually very good. Nigel says it was intriguing and entertaining. Mary love it. And Adam thinks he's brilliant. Golden ticket to Vegas.

Lindsay does another ballroom routine that impresses the judges. Nigel says she's absolutely fabulous. Mary calls her a hot tamale and compares her to Julianne Hough. Believes she could be a US ballroom champion one day. Ticket to Vegas.

Mariah breaks the ballroom blitz by doing Krump. She gets so into her routine she hurts her knee during her routine. Adam says she's the best Krumper her's seen. Mary said she was a huge surprise, since before she started her routine she seemed sweet and took on a whole new persona when she did her routine. Nigel says she's tremendous, but despite all the great words of praise from the judges, she gets sent to Choreography.

Murphy is a very sad and tragic fellow. His parents don't approve of him pursuing a dance career to the point they moved away and abandoned him. Mary says she loves his name. Nigel says he's an entertainer. And Adam says his love for dance transcends his technique. They send him to Choreography.

Mariah makes it through to get a ticket to Vegas. Sadly, Murphy, doesn't. He hoped if he could make it to Vegas his family might change his mind about him.

The second day auditions opens with Dareian. He says dancing pulled him out of a dark place and gave him something to believe in. The judges all comment about his feet, but I didn't really notice them, myself. Adam says he's what the show is about. Nigel says he was absolutely fabulous. And Mary says he was a joy to watch. He gets a golden ticket to Vegas.

The next contestant is Johnny, who kind of reminds me of all those SNL sketches of these guys who think they're real ladies men, but they aren't. He believes jerk moves can get a girl. They don't seem to impress dance partner, Whitney, much, who is also there to audition for the show. All the judges comment how Johnny doesn't even look at his partner when they're dancing and this causes there to be no chemistry between them. Both get sent to Choreography to see what they can do paired with other dance partners.

Old faces return to audition again and get through to Vegas. One such person is Adrian, who Mary broke the news to in person when he got turned down two seasons ago. He didn't tell his parents he was auditioning. Adam says he has beautiful lines and has gained confidence. He gets sent to Vegas. Nigel even chips in a ticket so his mother can come with him.

Rachel was a wallflower as a child, now she seems to be a wannabe pole dancer with all her bumping and grinding. She hopes to make Nigel extremely uncomfortable. After her routine Adam says she mostly ran around the stage and did burlesque. She gets sent to Choreography.

Leroy is the last dancer to audition. He's overweight. He wants to starts more after school dance programs. During his routine, defying his size he does back flips and does a stunning move standing on his head. Despite all the praise from the judges he gets sent to Choreography.

Miss Bump and Grind Rachel is the only one who gets a ticket to Vegas of the four featured dancers we saw get sent to Choreography Day 2. I thought Leroy was better than she was, and he did the Choreography, but I don't think the day will come that we'll ever see anyone overweight make it to Vegas, let alone into the top 20.

The auditions are over and next week we get down to the nitty gritty. It'll be interesting to see if any of the ones who got featured in the auditions makes it to the top 20.


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    • ballroominboston profile image

      ballroominboston 5 years ago from Allston, MA

      It's always great to see a ballroom dancer show up on SYTYCD and really represent! I hope there are a couple of ballroom dancers in the top 10. Ballroom dancing is always the hardest thing for all non-ballroom dancers. It would be nice to see a season where watching the ballroom numbers isn't so painful! Keep it up ballroomers!