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Sabaya 3 (young Ladies 3)

Updated on July 26, 2011

“Sabaya 3” will be full of Changes!

“Sabaya” set itself apart from other Syrian comic series during its last two seasons. The series conveyed a new image of five girls regarding freedom and love of life. The third installment of the series "Sabaya" comes with many additions, will be different from the first two installments, and will witness many major developments.

Jenny Asper

Jeny appears in the series as the character of Media.

Syrian actress Jenny Asber confirmed she wrapped up filming all her scenes in the project, where the cast of "Sabaya" filmed between the cities of Damascus and Beirut.

Jenny appears in the series as the character of Media, but this time she explores the field of journalism and television presenting, with the help of her friend who arrived from America, played by Nadine Tahsin Beik.

Mariam Attalah

Rania is a funny and cute role and will be a plus to her career.

Syrian actress Mariam Attalah said that she's happy to be part of the show, and considers it a great way to shed light on the difficulties girls face in Arab societies. She added that women's issues are always painted in very broad strokes on Arab television series, but “Sabaya” delves into the details. She hopes audiences will like the show.

Myriam plays Rania, a young woman born to a Lebanese mother and Syrian father, and who is very fond of Yoga. She faces many problems with the other girls in the series. She added that Rania is a funny and cute role and will be a plus to her career.

Mariam said that the cast and crew work well under the wise supervision of director Nagi Taa'mi, who knows how to deal with all actors.

Kenda Hanna

Syrian and Arab girls in general should take part in all of society's issues.

Syrian actress Kenda Hanna said the role of girls will not be limited to staying at home. They will leave this narrow location and travel to Dubai and Beirut.

She also explained that the change to the girls’ roles in the third installment reflects the need to convey the message that Syrian and Arab girls in general should take part in all of society's issues.

Hanna explained this year will involve the girls in various social issues that are new to them in order to lift the veil off the Syrian and Arab women in general.

Dima Kandalaft

Dima Kandalaft joins the cast of the series "Sabaya 3"

Syrian actress Dima Kandalaft joins the cast of the series "Sabaya 3" in the role of a wedding planner. Her character is named Hanadi and runs a wedding planning business. While she's a moody and temperamental young woman, she is also highly organized. Hanadi dreams of the day where she herself will get married, but has not yet found the right person despite her many suitors.

Dima denied being worried about playing a role so similar to that played by many actresses before her. She insists her character is a different take on a wedding planner. While Dima admits the series is lighthearted, and does not really address any deeply intellectual issues, at the same time it draws a smile on people's faces.

Nadine Tahseen Bik

Tahseen Bik saying she is very happy to be part of the series

Syrian actress Nadine Tahseen Bik also joins the third installment of the series “Sabaya 3”.She plays a young woman who studied directing in the United States and who has returned to her homeland.

Tahseen Bik saying she is very happy to be part of a series which has garnered success in Syria and the Arab world. Tahseen said the series succeeded by focusing on woman in Syrian society.

The actress will appear in two productions this Ramadan season: “Sabaya” and “Tab El Meshwar” (Weariness of the journey), directed by Saif Al Deen Sobai.

Pamela Koueik

She said that she agreed to work on the series because of the fantastic script

Lebanese actress Pamela Koueik has finished filming her scenes in the series.

She will be a special guest star on the series and will play a Lebanese girl going to Syria for fun and then meeting the stars of the show.

She said that she agreed to work on the series because of the fantastic script written by Nour Sheshakly and Mazen Taha.

In addition, she was impressed by the success of the series in its first and second seasons.

Mais Hamdan

Mais says she can personally relate to the role.

Jordanian actress Mais Hamdan is taking on a completely different role, she was exciting for her to take - as she plays a maid.

She described her role as Nancy, an Egyptian maid in the Sabaya house this season. The maid causes a lot of problems that stem from jealousy.

Adding that while her character outwardly appears kind to the girls, in reality she is always scheming to harm their friendships, but with a comedic tone.

Mais says she can personally relate to this role.

This installment celebrates many additions with its stars

For sure every installment of Sabaya comes with new additions that didn't exist in the previous installment.The project is bold and strong, and represents beneficial social Syrian drama.

The new season will witness events outside the family framework the first two installments were limited to. The cast will be filming in Beirut, Dubai and possibly other Arab cities.

“Sabaya 3” is written by Mazin Taha and Nour Shishkili and directed by Naji Ta’mi.

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