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Saint Seiya Omega

Updated on April 3, 2012

First question: Why?

That's what I thought when I knew about this release: Why? Do someone need it?

Why do not continue the classic series that stopped on the Prologue movie? This is really necessary? New Saints(Knights), new characters, a new vilain? Those "strange" designs and cloths, looking too childly to some people. My very first concern is WHY?

Talking and seeing some forums now after the first episode, heard and found good and bad opnions, about the why, only one thing everybody agree: A new saga for a new public. New fans, and the fact: younger fans. That seems to be the only reason for this.

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Seiya with sagitarius clothKouga is trainned by Shaina (where's Marin?)Kouga using Pegasus' cloth.Kouga talking with SaoriShaina teaching Kouga to burn cosmos
Seiya with sagitarius cloth
Seiya with sagitarius cloth
Kouga is trainned by Shaina (where's Marin?)
Kouga is trainned by Shaina (where's Marin?)
Kouga using Pegasus' cloth.
Kouga using Pegasus' cloth.
Kouga talking with Saori
Kouga talking with Saori
Shaina teaching Kouga to burn cosmos
Shaina teaching Kouga to burn cosmos

But, how about the story?

Well, there's not much I can tell, there's a lot of things to be answered, surelly it's just the beginning and I hope that all the "holes" to be filled, let's go to a preview idea:

The episode starts with Saori and a baby boy, when a villain named Mars appears and attacks, Seiya appears to defend his goddess, but now wearing Sagitarius cloth (and with a strange scarf getting out), they fight and something is extremely important to know: It's clear that this isn't their first encounter. The fight ends but you can be sure about who won.

13 years passed and the baby boy is presented as Kouga, and he's being trained by Shaina to be a Saint, apparentelly they aren't in the sanctuary or even in Greece, just Saori and Tatsumi appears (with a funny moustache), seems that Kouga raised away from the world just trained to be a saint , even he don't like it (So, in the end, Saori made the same as her Grandfather Mitsumasa?). During his trainning session and a talk with Shaina, Kouga mention that Seiya died to save him, and call him stupid, Shaina reacts attacking Kouga and telling him to not say that.

Moments after, Saori meets Kouga at the beach and they talk about his path, something strange is that Kouga shows a strange attraction/feelings by Saori (she's supposed to be at least 15 years older than him), he talk about a man in his dreams and ask if it's Seiya, Saori gives him some kind of pendant and Mars appears again few time after, just now Kouga discovers that Saori is Athena. Shaina and Tatsumi appears too, surelly the vilain is stronger and attacks Shaina (it's not clear if she dies or not).

Kouga burns his Cosmos and the pendant reveal to be the pegasus cloth, he wears it and go fight against Mars, firstly he's not stronger enough but Seiya appears to him and teach how to burn the cosmos, Kouga attacks again, stronger, is where the episode ends.

Technially speaking...

The main concern was about the character design, and it's true that it's strange to the classic series fans, but different than Lost Canvas series, that also has different but extremelly detailed and beautiful, Saint Seiya Omega seems to be much more simpler, maybe the foccus is children and younger new fans, but's it's really simpler, not ugly or childish, but simpler, surelly;

Animation also is ok, not bad, it's good but too far from masterpieces seen on Lost Canvas or even the Hades saga and Prologue movie, but seems to be well directed and edited.

Soundtrack is very good, openning theme is the classical "pegasus fantasy" with a new arrange and anew female vocals, ending soung is good too, but my attention was tooken by the bg music, resembles too musch the classic series.

Dubbing and voices are great, as always on japanese productions.


Final considerations

I think that if Toei's plan is to have new and younger fans, it's gonna work;

My wish is that they don't forget that they haven't ended the classic series, and this omega series start in a point that for now is unknow to everyone, I hope they explain it and a lot of holes(What happened to all the other saints, the sanctuary, who is Mars...) and they continue the classic series, for the classic fans and these new fans.

I have to remember that recently toei canceled Lost Canvas animation, that, even Great and high quality, will not have an end, not for now at least, so.

If what I expect happen, I think it's gonna be great, but honestly, until it happens, I still believe that, good or not, this animation is unnecessary to Saint Seiya Saga.


What do you think about Saint Seiya Omega

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    • profile image

      Mhf 5 years ago

      Im agree with everything you said but, I dont like the idea a Saint like Said appears now like he id dead... that path of light and message from seiya to kouga sounds like the message from aioros to seiya and the others, so they have killed the whole omega series already, and I want to remember to everyone this anime its named SAINT SEEEIIIIIYYAAAAA, not saint kouga, so its kinda bull... for me, and they haven´t give us anything about the war with major gods like Zeus, etc etc...