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Salivating For The Return And Third Season Of "Justified" On FX...

Updated on July 16, 2013

Salivating For The Return And Third Season Of "Justified" On FX...

I have coined the term, “Must See Cable TV,” or at least, I think I did, because of the spate of excellent shows now airing on local cable television; OK, so my so called newly coined phrase is actually a derivative term from ‘must see TV,’ nonetheless, I could write a War & Peace like thesis about the many superior shows currently airing on the Tele, but I will instead write about one of the best among the crop of said shows, “Justified.” Justified, based on the short story by Elmore Leonard, stars Timothy Olyphant, as the no nonsense law and order sheriff… whose penchant for killing bad guys has garner the character quite a reputation, even among the far-away drug cartels. Justified is akin to a modern day John Wayne Western, but, one with more focus on personal family interaction… and highlighting the sheriff’s many frailties. Let us just say were you to see a gathering of the Sheriff’s family - which is doubtful because of the deep animus between patriarch and son (s) - it would be worthy of a Jerry Springer dysfunctional, rubbernecking, filial gabfest.

Sharing the small screen with Timothy Olyphant on “Justified” is Walton Googins - episode after episode, this man almost steals the show; it must be noted that Googin’s character was the protagonist in the first year of the show, and, normally, the protagonist’s character on Justified always comes to an end at the Season’s finale… be they carried out by six or judged by twelve - but Googin’s character has survived for a third season. Googin’s survival is a testament on how well loved his character is, which is a cross between Clint Eastwood’s character, William Munny, in Unforgiven or John Malcovich’s turn as a would-be assassin in… In-The-Line-Of-Fire. When watching Googin’s character, you will run the gamut from disgust to rapturous support… with a tint of guilt. You must know that the Googin’s character and the Sheriff’s, since their respective childhoods, were always ‘frenemies’ and even shared girlfriend and in an alternate universe, their respective characters would be reversed - it is why the new season is enticing because in one clip we see both characters as though they are fighting on the same side.

It is rather touching to see the angst that Olyphant’s character goes through when he interacts with his television father… the latter who is a life-long serial abuser and jailbird who has, apparently, brutally abused and beaten the former and his mother. There are visible, visceral scenes in Justified to see Olyphant’s sheriff’s character traversing the smorgasbord of emotions when forced to be in the presence of his father: from vengeance, to hatred, to the inherent love one feels for a father, notwithstanding said father’s abject failures. Like all fictitious characters, there are poetic licenses taken to justified Olyphant’s character exploits because he shoots so many of the bad guys… were he a sheriff in real life… he would be at least manning a desk, or moreover, be drummed out by the Sheriff department’s version of Internal Affairs. I look forward to seeing the third season of Justified and yearning to see how the Googins and Olyphant’s characters, like oil and water, are going to gel - for some reason, between the two, I see a lot of justified body bags.


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