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Sam Tumblin "A World Without Music"

Updated on July 31, 2015
Sam Tumblin profile image

Sam Tumblin singer/songwriter and author from Eunice, La married and managed by wife Doreen (Mouton) Tumblin.

"World Without Music" lyrics written by Sam Tumblin

What would we do without a world with no music

It’ll be sad and blue

In the end you'll say its true

Not to hear the sweet sounds

Rhythmic and melodic pounds

Harmony composed with a symphony

Ending crescendo of pure emphaty

Same page or improvised

All by the maestro devise

By horn… as it plays its on divine

Melody to make you unwind

Still in the world so you feel blindin

But those drums come in

You know what you feeling is no sin


So what would we do without a world with no music...

No music

No music

So what would we do without a world without music...

End Chorus

Next song so I can hear it again

I hear voice saying I never begin

Piano says let me take you for a spin

Your heart I'll win

I can stroke it fast or slow

Just let my pianist show

Man when he ABC me

He found in me

A place for all to be

Full of peace and harmony

To bad the world don’t see

but for those who do

This grooves for you

What would we do


So what would we do, without a world with no music…, it’ll be sad and blue… what would we do . .


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