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Sammy Hagar, The Red Rocker

Updated on May 24, 2013

Sammy Hagar : Chicken Foot" Yeah


Sammy Hagar, The Red Rocker

Sammy Hagar, aka ," The Red Rocker " , of rock and roll hall of fame is such a character and lively musician we have in our midst. Sammy is kicking a good sixty years plus in his age and still looks and sounds as he did when he was in his 20s . What a life this man has dreamed up and lived, to many a true man to rock and roll. In reading his book , one gets a feeling that this guy is half insane and half genius. He has entertained people from all over the world more than any other rocker I have read about. He is a father a family man that loves life to its fullest and seems to gleam when asked about his career in the music business, and of course Van Halen. Sammy was a mouthpiece for Van Halen for over ten years and did he have to put up with a lot of foolishness. I will touch on this later.

Cabo Wabo, stands for many things personally for Sammy Hagar, and for main stream people as well. Sammy started this little village located in Mexico and now very popular to the elite and the normal person who likes partying and the atmosphere of the intense surreal lifestyle of Mexico. Sammy Hagar started a Tequila brand while in Cabo in between concerts and on his breaks in life. The tequila is extremely popular in the world as a whole, and this is a business venture that Sammy really enjoys sharing with his fans and his friends. A multi-billion dollar tequila business and multi-million dollar sales in records make for a fine , stable,likable , and rich billionaire, Sammy Hagar.

In his book he talks about the struggles with growing up and almost ending up in prison for messing with drugs. He goes on to tell of several bands he had made friends with and , what a likable guy he is. He throws names around where you don't even care about that other guy , Eddie Van Halen. Yes, Eddie Van Halen and Sammy Hagar were two friends that fell apart like most good male friends do when they get older and and better. I thought about this the other day and I had such a dislike for Eddie Van Halen after reading Sammy's book , "The Red". How much is the book one sided? Well if it was mine and I was Sammy , I would write about the truths like he did about Eddie and his Van Halen rock band. Eddie looks like he has been through hell and back, yet he can still make that guitar sing like a fine tuned bird jacked up on steroids. He is remarkable and outstanding in his own right. Sammy and Eddie had a falling out and its over, I don't foresee or even think for one moment they should ever get back together, I mean look at Diamond Dave on the recent tour with Van Halen. Lets hope this is short lived.

I grew up in the 80s and the Sammy Hagar and Van Halen groups were very popular by themselves. When they joined forces, it was rock pounding good music and still is. Excellent venues were played back in the 1980s and the screaming guitar and lyrics by both Eddie and Sammy really complimented each other. Those were the days and they are gone except for the digital recordings that I have all over the house.

Did Sammy get a bad rap or did his ten years with the Van Halen Bros. just get to him . No one knows but Sammy and Eddie, and it was a great deal for the public when they combined with each other for our listening pleasure. I remember how glad to see Diamond Dave leave and find the Van Halen group with Sammy and being a real rock band instead of bubble gum rock crap. This lasted a long time while Sam and Ed were together so it could not of been too bad for either party .

I like Sammy Hagar , he seems to be the kind of human you could just walk up to and start a conversation and get something out of it. In his book , one gets to really know how ludicrous his spending was and how crazy his life became. He lived through all this and the women in his life to end up being a business man and a Red Rocker. I respect this person and believe his book was a reminder to us that these guys are just humans. They are smart like you and I and they can make money like you and I. How far are you willing to go to get what you want.? Sammy is still climbing mountains with his music and refuses to grow old in age. One will find him touring till the day he dies, its in his blood, and in his soul. God Bless Sammy Hagar and rock on.


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