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Samsung UE48H6410 3D LED TV Review

Updated on November 18, 2014
Samsung UE48H6410 3D LED TV
Samsung UE48H6410 3D LED TV

The Samsung UE48H6410 is a relatively new model that has generated a lot of interest from people looking for high quality TVs at a decent price. I review the Samsung UE48H6410 3D LED TV based on my personal experience and hope that this will assist you make your purchasing decision. I know in the crowded TV market it is difficult to make right choice and this review is intended to make things easy for you.

The general features of the TV include:

  • Type: LED-backlit TV with 121 cm (48 inch) diagonal
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD) / Refresh Rate: 400 Hz CMR
  • Reception: DVB-T (terrestrial), DVB-C (cable), DVB-S2 (satellite), CI +, Wi-Fi
  • Features: Quad Core processor, 3D Sound, Studio Sound DTS / DTS 5.1 Premium Sound, Voice Control, Screen Mirroring
  • Comes with: Classic Remote + Smart Touch remote control with batteries, 2x SSG-5100GB 3D Active Shutter Glasses, Samsung IR Blaster, power cable, manual.
  • Amazon Instant Video compatible

Unboxing the Samsung UE48H6410 Packaging

The packaging for a TV this size is neither too small nor too large. On the outside of the box as usual you will find information on the functions of the device, the name and size. When you open the packaging, the first thing you see are the supplied 3D glasses. These are well protected by the internal Styrofoam so as to prevent any damage.

Also included inside the box are:

  • Two remote controls (more on that later)
  • IR extender (described further below)
  • CI + Adapter
  • A small cable clamp, which helps to merge the cables behind the television
  • Batteries
  • Power cable

Appearance / Operation

The Samsung UE48H6410 looks good with its chrome stand. The frame is made of Plexiglas while the front of the TV is made of piano lacquer. Thanks to the appropriately sized stand, the unit is rock solid. Overall, the workmanship is of very high quality, though the design is a matter of personal taste (I love the design).

The stand is secured with 8 screws and a bracket for the TV. After the first start, the initial set-up is performed.

Besides, Date/Time, Internet Connection and other settings, there is also the setting up of the Infrared Extender. This can be used together with the integrated Set-top-box/Receiver for calibration purposes without the need for the extra remote control. Since I use the internal receiver, I cannot say how well this function accomplishes the task.

The tuning went extremely quickly without any hitch whatsoever.

Image quality of the Samsung UE48H6410

So, we now come to probably the most important aspect of a TV, the picture quality. The picture quality right out-of-the-box with the default settings is pretty good. My only criticism is that to attain the perfect image quality, some manual adjustments had to be done.

For me personally, the colours were a little too red-heavy in the default settings. After struggling and doing some intensive settings, I can now say that the image quality is simply amazing compared to my old television. In fact, they are worlds apart when it comes to image quality.

The TV gives natural and vibrant colours, with a sharp picture due to the 400Hz frequency. For this purpose, I must note one thing: in the picture settings there is a section called “Motion Plus”. The default settings are “standard” Motion Plus which helps to keep the image sharp during fast in-screen movements.

The Motion Plus has simply blown me away because I have never seem such sharp images with my previous TVs. What is more amazing is that the TV appears to learn how and when it should use this function. On selecting the Motion Plus settings, the initial images appear a little blurred but after about a day in operation the focus gets better progressively.

Alternatively, can turn this feature off – I however find it to be awesome and therefore will leave mine on for now. However, image quality may vary between devices as reported by some users in their reviews of the product.

The TV gives the best imaging results for HD material as well as SD channels or normal DVD, which are presented sharply. The 2D to 3D conversion works pretty well, though I prefer 2D in normal operation. In summary, the picture quality of the Samsung UE48H6410 has exceeded my expectations.

Watching TV is now really fun! I have watched the movie Avatar on BluRay 3D and the quality on the UE48H6410 really surprised me- very little difference with the movie 3D effects. But you should make sure that you watch the 3D movie in a very dark environment since too much light affects the quality of the picture. In a dark room one is able to enjoy the full splendour of 3D movies. I personally think that the 3D quality of the Samsung UE48H6410 is just outstanding.


An important criterion to look at in addition to the image quality of a TV is, of course, the sound. The internal speakers of this TV deliver a solid sound and I was surprised that even a little bass can be heard. Compared to my old TV, the sound quality here is worlds apart. For those who have an external sound system, the internal speaker performance may look a little short of expectations. Since I do not have enough space for external speakers, the performance of the internal speakers is satisfactory to me.

Smart Hub

This function converts the TV into a Multimedia Centre. There are many apps that can be used with this model, including among others Amazon Instant Video. This has really made me happy because I no longer have the app on my Blu-Ray player. However, Watch-Ever has yet to be integrated but I expect it to be included in the near future.

In addition to the traditional remote control, the TV comes with a smart remote that is tailored specifically for the Smart Hub. I initially did not understand how to use this small remote control. As it turns out, you can use this remote control as a laser pointer.

If you hold a finger on the centre of the navigation keys and move the remote control, you will get a kind of mouse pointer on the screen. This helps in navigation between apps which is a really convenient feature. I am so impressed with this smart remote control that I no longer use the standard remote control.

The smart remote control also has an integrated microphone for voice control. I have not yet tested this feature yet but I guess it will come in handy one day. Thanks to the quad-core processor, the Smart Hub runs extremely well, with the apps running very fast without a problem.

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Personal Opinion of the Samsung UE48H6410

Samsung no longer has the Ultra Clear Panel installed in the ES Series (2012). The Ultra Clear Panel reflects a lot more but also provides a better black level and therefore TVs with the panel give a more brilliant image. My old D-Series TV had such a panel and the black was much better. In fact, those who had become accustomed to the Ultra Clear Panel will surely miss it in this model.

However, with a little fine tuning of the settings, you will be able to come close to the brilliance of image as experienced on TVs with Ultra Clear Panel. This model is thus much better than the older models of the 6-series as has been the 400Hz feature on newer models.

If you really want the absolute best image quality, you should try the Series 7 as these models have re-installed the Ultra Clear Panel. As for me, I did not want to pay twice the price for a feature that is almost similar and that is why I opted for the Samsung UE48H6410.


I know that this has been a long review, so I will just recap the most interesting features of the TV. I hope this will help you in making the decision to buy the Samsung UE48H6410 because of its price and features advantages.

  • The TV gives an excellent picture in both SD and HD formats
  • 400Hz and Motion Plus function give stunningly sharp images – something that still fascinates me
  • Good quality sound from the internal speakers

At $280 from Amazon, the Samsung UE48H6410 is surely a good buy and I would recommend it to anyone who wants good quality at a fair price.


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