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Samsung UE55HU8590 Curved UHD TV Test Review

Updated on December 6, 2014
Samsung UE55HU8590 Curved TV
Samsung UE55HU8590 Curved TV | Source

Barely a few months in the market, the Samsung UE55HU8590 curved TV is a revolutionary new TV that gives sharper images. We review the UE55HU8590 design, picture quality, sound, performance and price.

I have owned this unit for a few days and wanted to possibly help out those who are trying to make a purchasing decision with this review.

Unboxing the Samsung UE55HU8590 TV

Off the box, the UE55HU8590 comes with the following items as standard:

  • One Connect Box (OCB),
  • Appropriate cables
  • Some adapters
  • User manuals
  • Two 3D glasses
  • Two remote control- one for normal operation and the other for Smart TV control
  • Batteries for glasses and remote controls

That is basically everything you will need to start using the device. One thing you will immediately notice is that everything is packed very carefully. The One Connect Box (OCB) as well as instructions, accessories and glasses even have their own packaging within the main packaging. So on unpacking you will realize that this is a very premium product.

Samsung UE55HU8590 Construction and Commissioning

The device structure is straight-forward and steps to be taken when assembling are clearly shown in the manual. After the TV is installed you only have to connect the OCB device to the power from the TV input and possibly a LAN cable (if you do not have wireless) and you are good to go.

It is a good thing that the OCB does not need its own power source as it is fed via the TV. The cable that connects the OCB and the TV is a special cable that is different from the one used for HDMI connections. Except for the OCB and electricity ports, there are no other proprietary ports on this TV. All other connections can be made via standard cables which greatly simplifies cable management on OCB.

There is a regularly updated simple Setup Wizard that helps greatly during the initial stages of setup.

UE55HU8590 Viewing Experience

Ideally, one has to have a HD signal to use the device. That means either a cable or satellite connection for HDTV. The HD signals on the UE55HU8590 look really good as the TV automatically calculates smaller signals up to UHD. But if one views with SD, the picture is not so good.

The picture quality when played with Blurays as well as 3D movies is incredibly good. For 3D, it is important that the image is bright enough as the shutter windows do absorb some light. Unlike other models, there is no ghosting effect in the Samsung UE55HU8590.

You should note here that the TV has an extremely reflective surface and there are some reflections that can be seen when it is on. It may be necessary to have a screen on the side of the TV to shield it from direct sunlight.

The key features of the UE55HU8590 that I think are worth noting are:

  • Excellent black levels
  • Rich and natural colours
  • Very good motion sharpness

Also important are the right picture settings. For this I recommend visiting the many online forums that have decent setups that you can easily follow.

While some people have reported the contrary, I have not experienced either banding or clouding with this TV. Banding and clouding are technical terms that are a clear indication of poor quality and should not be associated with this TV set.

Samsung UE55HU8590 Features- Curved Design

I think that the argument for or against curved screens is unnecessary. In fact, in my opinion the curved feature brings an incredible plasticity to the picture. You can immediately notice a certain spatial effect. This is something I have noticed because I normally sit about three metres from TV. Another reason why I love the curved design of the UE55HU8590 is that it simply looks good to look at.

Gaming Using PS4 with the UE55HU8590

Gaming with this TV is a real treat. Games like Watchdogs or The Last of US Re-mastered on this TV were really good than on my old TV. The TV has a game mode which is meant input (the delays in response time) can be minimized. Therefore all gaming titles will be run flawlessly on the TV even in fast scenes. Full HD at 60 frames per second with a game like Last of Us is a truly pleasurable experience. The bending of the TV screen gives a very vivid and real picture with colours that are just amazing!

Using a Hard Disk on the TV

If you connect a hard drive to the TV (I use a 500GB USB3 disk), you have two options:

  • It is possible to pause the live TV program and continue at any time. The hard disk acts like a temporary memory
  • You can easily select the items to be included on the TV guide and then sort them clearly by recording date. Using the two tray tuner, it is even possible to record a program on one channel while watching something else on another

Samsung UE55HU8590 Sound

I use the TV completely without a home theatre sound system. Though I am not an audiophile, I am completely impressed by the sound performance of this TV. Unlike other devices, the sound is actually very rich and pleasant to listen to and produces a relatively good 3D sound-effect. Also, music played on the devices very good.

Do you plan on replacing your current TV with the Samsung UE55HU8590?

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Other Functions- Smart Hub, Smart Control Remote Control

I find the SmartHub feature of the Samsung quite excellent. By a simple click, it is possible to download many apps and use them. The YouTube app also works great with the feature. Max Cathedrals, Watch Ever Amazon Video as well as other work perfectly and are preinstalled.

I find the Smart Control Remote very good as it has an in-built pointer (much like the Wii). Using the remote control, it is very easy to enter words search terms on browsers, for example on YouTube.

The remote is also used for the TV voice recognition and gesture control features. The voice control feature works remarkably well. There is also an ambient light sensor for the purpose of saving energy.

The TV menu is easily understood in a clear and quick manner. While it may lag behind with the date sometimes, the TV Guide is also very clear and easy to understand. The TV processor allows for fast navigation of the menu with little or no delay.

Samsung UE55HU8590 Overview

In conclusion, the Samsung UE55HU8590 has the following advantages

- Good delivery

- First-class workmanship

- Extremely good picture in HD and 3D

- Very good sound

- Curved screen has a very positive effect on the viewing experience from

- Many useful functions such as saving energy, Smart Hub and voice control

- Super Smart Remote

All in all, anyone who has the resources should buy this TV. I really like the curved design and it is among the most compelling factors in choosing the device. For those with limited funds but want to enjoy comparable quality, the UE55HU7590 offers a nice alternative. The OCB is slightly toned down compared to the HU8590 in respect to frame rate, tone and delivery.


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