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San Francisco Bay Area DJ Bassnectar

Updated on October 9, 2010
Bassnectar at work
Bassnectar at work | Source

Gaze out across the landscape and take a look at the beautiful scene before your eyes; a scene where creatively costumed indie fashionistas, emerging artists with a passion for film and a love of passion and music geniuses who know how to turn their bodies into drum sets filled with breaks and beats all dance together. When the light slips across their bodies, you can see the shimmer of sweat created by their never-ending motion. Just as one moment is about to end, a seamless transition to another moment creates a continuity in this creatively playful life that feels like it could last forever. This scene could be a frozen moment from any of the underground clubs or outdoor dance festivals that are set to the sound of DJ’s across the nation. But add in a dash of Burning Man style, a pinch of sci fi fantasy and a whole planet filled with talent and what you’ve got is a performance where the intensity has been turned up and the person at the center of it all is Bassnectar.

Bassnectar, whose real name is Lorin Ashton, has been part of the underground DJ scene since before some of you knew that it was a scene. A decade of experience on the play of Burning Man and the stages of small venues has given this DJ the know-how about all kinds of different tricks in the business. But a ceaseless passion for the art of his work, a determination to always push himself further than his last efforts took him and the support of a fan base that is practically unimaginable for someone who is “just a DJ” has helped to bring Bassnectar out from the underground and into the limelight.

Bassnectar has released seven albums and four EPs at this time. His 2007 album titled Underground Communication ironically helped to catapult him out from the underground into a more prominent position in the music scene. This 80-minute CD put out by Om Records was an electronic experiment to show off the synth and style of the San Francisco DJ. It’s a CD for the dreaming, the daring and the DIY generation. More than any of Bassnectar’s previous work, this CD did something that is at the forefront of the DJ world; it showcased the work of hip hop artists and MCs within the texture of electronica. In a time when the hyphy movement was getting increasingly well-known and genres were blending more than ever before, Bassnectar didn’t just follow the trends but grabbed on to the bullhorns of the movements and pulled the animal out into the race. 

Bassnectar followed this up with a 2009 album titled Cozza Frenzy. This new album continued the thread of talent with more advanced musical expression and exploration. Bassnectar’s 7-track EP titled Wildstyle is just about to be released and is available for download online. Equally loved by new club-goers and old festival fiends, this DJ is one of those folks who doesn’t just stand out in the scene but actually makes up a crucial part of it.


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  • Eric Saville profile image

    Eric Saville 6 years ago from London, England

    Nasty DJ, pretty good article....... i'll be nice and leave it at that