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Sandler on the Screen- 1989 to 1999

Updated on October 29, 2015

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is an actor who got his start on Saturday Night Live. He has since gone on to perform in many movies and is still very popular today. Sandler is also a comedian, screenwriter, musician and film producer. He founded Happy Madison, a film and television production company that has produced several films and even developed the 2007 popular television series Rules of Engagement.

This is part 1 of the 4 parts of Sandler on the Screen.

Going Overboard. 1989. As Schecky Moskowitz.

(fan-made picture; not from movie)
(fan-made picture; not from movie)

A struggling young comedian takes a job on a cruise ship where he hopes he'll get the chance to show his comic abilities.

Shakes the Clown. 1991. As Dink The Clown.

2 clowns compete for a spot on a local show. When the other clown wins it, Shakes gets depressed.

Mixed Nuts. 1994. As Louie.

On Christmas Eve, the people who run a crisis hotline called Lifesavers are in need of help themselves.

Airheads. 1994. As Pip,

A band desperate to get their demo tape heard holds a radio station and the people in it hostage. They'll let them go once they play their song over the radio for everyone to hear.

Billy Madison. 1995. As Billy Madison.

Billy's father is about to retire from his business. Normally, Billy would be the one to take over, but seeing as how he spends his days drinking and waiting around for "nudey magazine day", his father plans on giving the company to someone else, more specifically, a man Billy despises. To prove he's not as much of an idiot as everyone thinks, Billy makes a deal with his dad to go back to school, 1st through 12th grade, and pass on his own without his father's help like the first time around. Back to school to prove to dad that he's not a fool, it is.

Happy Gilmore. 1996. As Happy Gilmore.

A hockey player enters a golf competition. It's not for himself, however, it's so that he can try to win the tournament and use the winnings to save his grandmother's house that is about to be taken away. The previous tournament winner has no plans to let Happy win the game, but he'll do everything it takes to make sure he can take care of his grandma.

Bulletproof. 1996. As Archie Moses.

An undercover police officer befriends a drug dealer and car thief to try and catch a powerful drug Lord.

The Wedding Singer. 1998. As Robbie Hart.

Robbie is a singer/songwriter who plays at weddings and Julia is a waitress. Julia is engaged to be married, but the more Robbie and her spend time together, the more she realizes that she's engaged to the wrong man! Robbie was left brokenhearted at the altar by another woman, but he thinks he's found the right one in Julia.

The Waterboy. 1998. As Bobby Boucher.

A waterboy becomes a football team's star player, helping them win for the first time in years. His mom, who he still lives with, doesn't want him playing. But like coach Klein says, "what mama don't know, won't hurt her." Bobby also has to learn to be a man and keep Vicki Vallencourt, the devil woman his momma doesn't like, satisfied.

Big Daddy. 1999. As Sonny Koufax.

A man pretends to be the father when a little boy shows up at his friend's door because his friend, the real father, is out of town. Him and the kid quickly become attached to one another, and he fights to get custody and make Julian his son for real. He also enlists Julian's help to win over Leila, his friend's ex-hooter's waitress fiance's sister.

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