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Saori Yoshikawa Japanese race queen and supermodel

Updated on December 30, 2017

Pictures of Saori Yoshikawa riding a scooter

Who is Saori Yoshikawa?

Can you name some of your favorite race queens? Chances are that the first name that comes to your mind is Korean racing Queen Hwang Mi Hee. Or you may be thinking of the stunning Japanese race queen and actress Miho Yoshioka. Well, you probably have not heard of Saori Yoshikawa. If you live in the United States you most probably have not heard her name as the Japanese supermodels are really not known by the average person in the United States. Not to be confused with Saori Yamamoto, this beautiful Japanese celebrity is a native of Aichi Prefecture and started her career as a race queen in 2007. She was born on May 6, 1987 and she stands at 165 centimeters tall. Her body measurements are as follows:

Bust is 83 centimeters

Waist is 58 centimeters

Hips are 83 centimeters

Saori Yoshikawa and her photo book releases

It can be easy to confuse two Japanese supermodels that have the same name. In order for them to get more public exposure, the common practice of many Japanese supermodels and race queens is to release photo books. Saori has released one photo book so far titled Synchro. In addition to this, she has released 4 digital photo books including two with the same name. They are called “Colors.” The other two are “Meet the Girl” and of course, Synchro once again. I don’t know why they came up with the same title for two different photo book releases. Saori has also released 6 DVDs, the latest one being “Resolution” in 2010.

A few more photos of Saori Yoshikawa


Saori Yoshikawa is also a gravure idol in addition to a race queen

Like many of her fellow supermodels and race queens, Saori has done photo shoots in school uniforms, lingerie, and even bikinis. She has got a sort of really great cuteness that will attract fans from all over the world. Saori Yoshikawa also likes to ride scooters in order to stay fit. Whatever she is doing, she is doing something right because this lady is really beautiful. On an interesting side note, Yoshikawa shares the same birth year with former Morning Musume member Makoto Ogawa. But Makoto is cuter than Saori.

Saori Yoshikawa takes a walk through a garden

Favorite race queen and supermodel

Who is your favorite race queen and supermodel?

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