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Sarah Connor Chronicles Information Center

Updated on June 27, 2014

Sarah Connor Chronicles Information Center

information you can't find elsewhere. Not even at Guide to the Sarah Connor Chronicles (also done by yours truly)

For example,

fact: There is still footage and there are outtakes that fans have never seen.

Do you have information about the Sarah Connor Chronicles that simply is not on the web?

Do you have a request for information?

Do you want to see a new feature at the Sarah Connor Chronicles Information Center?

Do you want to contribute material to the Sarah Connor Chronicles Information Center?

Are you a fan of the Sarah Connor Chronicles Information Center? Then please Squid Like us.

Not a fan of the Sarah Connor Chronicles Information Center? Then please comment and tell us what we could do to make you like us.

Are you aware of Sarah Connor Chronicles web sites that have gone down or may go down and you want the material here so that it is not lost?

Contact the lens mistress and I'll be glad to oblige! Send message via Twitter to Toni_Roman

Sarah Connor Chronicles Information Center

operators are standing by


Breaking news as of today Saturday the 6th of April 2013, Squidoo is taking down "The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season Three". This lens was built years ago. It has a rank of 218,727 and one like and traffic of around one visitor a week. Since that is 100% referral traffic, my guess is that it is all coming from links from my fan fiction that this lens was built to complement. Squidoo wants to take the lens down for being "too commercial". This is interesting since fellow lensmasters often criticize me for not being commercial enough. Go visit this lens before it is gone. I cannot make any money from the lens because the owners of the Terminator franchise refuse all overtures by me and other Sarah Connor Chronicles fans. My own personal interest would be getting Annapurna to make me an authorized novelization writer. Since that is unlikely, I really don't care if Squidoo takes Season Three down. I left it up because it is a good place to store images I found and in a few cases created to accompany my fan fiction story Season Three which happens to be by most popular fan fiction story.


Just when you had given up, some new news.

1. The not-so-new news is that ownership of the franchise is now in the corporate hands of Annapurna Pictures.

2. The bad news is that Annapurna owners are not interested in the Sarah Connor Chronicles -- the only valuable and economically viable part of the franchise since it has actual loyal fans.

3. The good news is that reports that SCC fandom's death are premature and a 2013 revival campaign is under way.


Finally, some information about Sarah Connor Pictures, Inc. Only scraps but if any fans living in Los Angeles or Albuquerque could do a little digging and share with me what they find, then we would all know more of the origins of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

A new department called "Who needs Skynet? We're killing ourselves!"

Sarah Connor Chronicles Information Center - the cast


also includes Agent James Ellison (Richard T. Jones), Ms. Weaver (Shirley Manson), Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green), John-Henry (Garret Dillahunt), and Savannah Weaver (Mackenzie Brooke Smith).

Sarah Connor Chronicles

We've all had this problem, a scratch you can't reach


and when you do, you scratch so hard that you cause an infection or even scratch all the way down to the bone (or endoskeleton).

No, they are not as close as some fan fiction suggests


the incest in this show is limited to brother and sister.

Seen from the wrong angle . ..


. . . oh never mind.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles


Sarah Connor Chronicles BTS Photoshoot Season 1

Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 3 Trailer

TSCC Virtual Season

Josh Friedman - trivia


Josh Friedman was the main writer on the show.



Lena Headey was once blasted by feminists for what they called an "emaciated" physique. Movie fans said Linda Hamilton was in better shape.

The truth is that Ms Headey is a model



and a boxer.

As the Spartan queen in the bloody blockbuster 300, Brit Lena Headey is swarmed by scantily clad warriors — but it barely made her blush. ''It was kind of like having a lot of naked brothers running around,'' says the actress, last seen in 2006's Imagine Me & You. After years of supporting roles (1997's Mrs. Dalloway, 2002's Possession), Headey, 33, is carving out a career playing strong, tough women. She recently shot The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a Fox pilot based on Linda Hamilton's character from the Terminator films. ''It's after T2, and you meet John and Sarah in L.A., trying to establish a life together whilst finding the enemy,'' says Headey. At least she's no longer fighting 300 beautiful fellas for screen time.

Her 300 role was elevated from cameo to queen ''In the graphic novel, [Queen Gorgo] was kind of one [page] in the entire book. I love that she manages to be feminine alongside being really secure.''

Headey had to be careful not to pull a Janet Jackson while wearing her revealing royal wardrobe ''If anything, it made me more still, which I'm really not in my life. It gave me a certain grace. If I do move suddenly, then there's a chance for a little boob action.''

Playing the tough Connor shouldn't be hard: Headey is a boxer ''I took up boxing as a fitness thing. I got obsessed and I would go every day when I wasn't working. It's just an insane sport when you get into it.''

Don't tell James Cameron, but Headey hasn't really seen Terminator or Terminator 2 ''I've watched pieces. [Sarah]'s so iconic, and people are so protective of her. I don't want the added pressure. My Sarah Connor is my Sarah Connor. I'm making her my own.''


The first on-air teasers for the Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox were in September of 2007.



7th of December 2006, Thomas Dekker was cast as John Connor.



Halcyon acquired the rights to the franchise in 2007. And, even after the sale, retains certain rights.



10th of November 2005, Warner Brothers Television and C2 Pictures began a pilot for Fox Television.



C2 Pictures was Andrew Vajna and Mario Kassar who were the producers of T3 and partners in Carolco.


Talent agencies ICM and UTA brokered The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Hilarious link to check out:

As of Wednesday June 15, 2011 @ 9:33am PDT, UTA signed Summer Glau. She was with WME which was handling the auction of Terminator franchise. Glau continues to be represented by manager Mimi Ditrani at The Schiff Co.

The old UTA logo is on the left and the new UTA logo is on the right.



26th February 2007, Brandon Molale was cast as "The Big Cop" in the pilot which was lensing in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Sarah Connor Pictures, Incorporated

Mailing Address

c/o Julie Spencer

4000 Warner Blvd.

Burbank CA 91522

Sarah Connor Pictures, Inc. had a location at 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California 91522 in Building #137. It had a second location at 4121 Cutler Avenue North East, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110-3811. The telephone was (505) 830-1115. The third location at 300 Television Plaza Building # 137 is merely approaching the same address as the first Burbank location from a different street. Within Building 137, it was in Room 2115.

The president was Jody C. Zucker, who was a Warner Brothers Vice President. Zucker had or has interest in many small picture companies.

Sarah Connor Pictures, Inc. filed as a Articles of Incorporation on Friday, November 17, 2006 in the state of California. C T Corporation System served as the registered agent for this organization.

C T Corporation System

818 W 7th St

Los Angeles CA 90017

Sarah Connor Pictures, Inc. was privately owned and not a publicly traded company.

4121 Cutler Ave NE



Level Three Post worked on the show 23rd of April 2007.


Nielsen ratings still do not reflect alternative ways of watching TV series.


Like loyal NASCAR fans, fans of the show bought the products advertised during the show and even started websites to remind Fox executives of that fact. Fox cancelled the show anyway.



On the 18th of October 2007, "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" was renamed "Terminator". The Sarah Connor Chronicles became merely a subtitle.

Many Sarah Connor Chronicles fans stubbornly refuse to call the show by the later name and stick to the original title.

Link List

The Amazon link has seven nifty links in it.



The one and only time the word "terminator" is used on the series "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" is on the finale in the final minutes of the show when Sarah calls Catherine a terminator b*tch.

Season Three series at Booksie


Written by Toni Roman for Sarah Connor Chronicles fans the series picks up where the finale of Season Two on Fox-TV leaves off and follows the characters into a virtual Season Three. The inspiration for this series is The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The primary plot or story arc for Season Three is inspired by what producers of the show said in interviews about what Season Three would have been. According to these interviews, they wanted to explore what it would be like if there were no John Connor.

This did not seem to bother Thomas Dekker who would have been unemployed by such a course -- unless they planned to show him either disappearing like a soap bubble bursting or in dream sequences. Perhaps in Sarah's blood loss-induced shock and delirium like Kyle was seen in The Good Wound when Sarah was shot and, as usual, threatening the person who was trying to help her (in this case, a doctor). An alternative would have been letting John live but as a low-ranking Resistance member or as an anonymous survivor who is never trusted enough to gain leadership status.

The promotions for the movie Salvation stated overtly that John Connor was one of many human leaders du jour and that Skynet had a top ten list of most wanted dead and that the terminators started at number one (with Kyle) and worked their way down. This is perfect logic: to destroy the most able humans thus leaving humans to be led (if at all) by idiots and imbeciles and morons (like real life). If in real life we are led by the worst and the dullest, I certainly can see teenage John Connor (as played by Thomas Dekker) being passed over again and again for leadership while in the past (April 2009) Sarah shrivels up and dies after burning Cameron's remains while Cameron watches this outrage from the cameras of the Zeira mainframe since that's where her mind seems to be.

Anyway the producers seem to have dispensed with the character of Cameron and Governor Schwarzenegger is not going to appear on a canceled show. That means that the producers would likely fill the gap with a new machine character.

I have written short stories (some published, some yet to be released) where John returns to April 2009 still a teenager with either Cameron's repaired chip or a fast new chip from the future to free her from the same life on an umbilical that John-Henry escaped. This is pretty much the only scenario that would have restored the situation back to whatever passes for normal in this dysfunctional family. John could then graduate from high school and go on to college and have a reasonable shot at becoming the US Senator that James Cameron envisioned as the ideal ending to the story. Cameron could have a chance at going to the prom with Morris.

All this is rosy and we all know that SCC isn't classic Star Trek where there can be happy endings. And that might be the problem with The Terminator franchise. In real life and in this franchise, the machines are going to win. We programmed them to be smarter than us at the same time that we are dumbing ourselves down. If you doubt this, I suggest you start collecting books about the dumbing down of America where we make a cult of anti-intellectualism, worshipping stupidity, and idolizing mooks. Google the exact phrase "dumbing down" or do an Amazon advanced book search for that subject. Granted that America is not the whole world and that there are SCC fans worldwide but stupidity is found in other nations too.

Okay, you can see that the show makes you think. Perhaps that is why its fandom persists despite a series of setbacks in the effort to get the show back on the air [financial problems of Halcyon, the sale of the franchise, the destruction of standing sets, teasing the fans with talk of the show on DVD with nothing materializing, the disappearance of Bartleby, the closing of some major SCC fan sites, the failure to organize a major SCC fan convention or even SCC fan clubs].

So where does this leave Season Three? I have tried to take on all of this in the series "Season Three" which deconstructs John and actually kills Sarah. No Sarah, no Sarah Connor Chronicles!

John originally sent back Kyle to be his father in the ultimate violation of cause and effect or the ultimate act of self-creation (hey, that makes John God right?) so now the multiverse corrects that causality violation and restores the balance by erasing John out of existence. John who?

Since there are only two members of the Connor clan, Sarah and Cameron (see how quickly I forgot whatshisname? or is it whatshername?), the series takes a turn into the unknown just as the producers intended.

For the record, I was exploring alternate universes long before Fringe. And the series Sliders was the first TV series to take on parallel universes or the multiverse in a big way. Doctor Who is really a time traveler and only in the recent reboot of that series did he leave his companion in another universe (they all seem to have airships and dirigibles while we have the nukes & the terrorists).

I take on my biggest challenge yet -- my predilection for Sarah bashing by making it near impossible to do so. We've seen evil Sarah and crazy Sarah and even stupid Sarah but we've never seen good sane and smart Sarah.

Is the Cameron who was wiped out of existence when our Cameron (you know, the one played by Summer Glau) dropped in gone forever?

Is this alternative Ms. Weaver going to spike somebody or have sex with Agent Ellison? (maybe both simultaneously)

Where is Agent Aldridge?

Is Jesse going to screw everything up?

Will Cameron find true love?

Did Skynet destroy the planet because of ---- ? Oops, almost gave it away.

Stay tuned.

information please

If you have SCC info you want to share, send a message to Toni Roman at any of my sites on the internet and state in your subject line that it is for the Sarah Connor Chronicles Information Center.


TV shows that become hits and get renewed till their seventh season (and beyond) usually have to be nursed through low ratings during their first three seasons by patient network executives who believe in a show.


Trivia: Richard T. Jones as James Ellison was in all 31 episodes of the series and was always listed in the opening credits as one of the stars of the show and yet is routinely overlooked in short lists of the regular cast. Previously known for playing Bruce Van Exel in Judging Amy, he has most recently appeared in the movie Super-8 and in the series Hawaii Five-0. He was born in Japan and the T stands for Timothy not terminator.


Trivia: Ned Bellamy as Ed Winston was in 5 episodes -

Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep

Desert Cantos

Earthlings Welcome Here

To the Lighthouse

The Good Wound


There was Porn in the Sarah Connor Chronicles.


Erik Porn, key artist, Almost Human Inc.

trivia - Erik is the one on the left.

He was special makeup effects supervisor for Almost Human Inc. for 18 episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

trivia - Diana R. Lupo

Trivia: Lena Headey had one stunt double, Diana R. Lupo, over 20 episodes. Stephanie Jacobsen had one stunt double, Olivia Chang, over 3 episodes (this stunt work does not include the lovemaking scenes with Brian Austin Green). Mr. Green had two stunt doubles, Mark Aaron Wagner and Colin Follenweider, for 3 episodes each. Although Summer Glau did some of her own stunts, an indication of how demanding the role was the use of three stunt doubles for Ms. Glau. Heather Arthur was worn out after 10 episodes and replaced by Sonja Munsterman for 7 episodes and Tree O'Toole for 6 episodes.

trivia - Mike is on the right

Trivia: Mike Cameron did uncredited safety diver work on 3 episodes. He mainly works as an underwater camera operator and is a helicopter pilot. He built a special camera case for the deep sea dive in Titanic. And this is the entire Cameron family input into the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

More's the pity.

trivia - Mike is on the left

His older brother is the creator of Terminator and director of Avatar. He is also ex-brother-in-law of Linda Hamilton and Gale Anne Hurd.

It would have been nice to have had James Cameron involved but he sold his rights to the franchise to get the first Terminator movie done and perhaps Dark Angel was the last time he (James Cameron) felt like doing anything other than documentaries for television.

James Cameron had no involvement in the Sarah Connor Chronicles but is listed in the credits because he created the character of Sarah Connor. James Cameron sold his rights to The Terminator to get the film made and so we should not be surprised that he has little interest in the franchise since he does not own it nor profit from it. How much better might it be if he did? It cannot be said that creator James Cameron has no interest in machines because The Abyss, Aliens and Avatar all use machines.


Trivia: Brad Fiedel and Bear McCreary were not the only people who worked on music for The Sarah Connor Chronicles.


Trivia: In Russia the show is called by the name you see in Cyrillic.

In Spain, las crónicas de Sarah Connor.

In France, Les chroniques de Sarah Connor.

trivia: the show was once titled "The Sarah Connor Chronicles"

opinion: The word terminator was tacked on later to damage ratings, scare off people who might otherwise have taken a look, and to bring in fickle movie fans who hated it before they even took a look because there weren't enough explosions and bloody gore and high enough body count to satisfy their low IQ.

fact: My opinion is regarded as sacred in some timelines.

Just think. - If the Pentagon gets its way, Skynet and terminators will be real.


we may be entering the Silver Age

the "Who needs Skynet? We're killing ourselves!" Department

"Lord, what fools these mortals be!" -- Puck in William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream

now this would give us a splitting headache

as well as a messy exit wouond

these liquids seem to have a fondness for dirty places

like floors, restrooms, Greenway's mouth . . .

The one time you should hit & run.

Cameron is going to be road kill herself if the pool boy spikes her.

Sarah Connor Chronicles joke #1

Why did the T-1000 cross the road?

To kill you.


Sarah Connor Chronicles joke #2

How many Sarah Connor Chronicles fans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Three. The first one to screw in the light bulb. A second to unscrew it after the first one leaves. And a third to ignore the other two.

{self-deprecating sense of humor}

Sarah Connor Chronicles joke #3

What do you call a Terminator movie fan?

Someone who hasn't discovered that the TV show is better.

{I don't get that one. I just pass them along folks.}

Sarah Connor Chronicles joke #4

What do you call Sarah with PMS?

An improvement over the mood she's normally in. Now die!

Sarah Connor Chronicles joke #5

Why does Fox go out of its way to get good shows and then undermine them?

To keep other networks from making a success of the best ideas.

{that's not funny Toni}

Sarah Connor Chronicles joke #6

A terminator, an FBI agent, and a mobster walk into a bar. The bartender says: "What will you have gentleman?"

The terminator says: "A bar of Coltan and a bottle of tequila."

The FBI agent flashes his identification and says: "Nothing. I'm on duty."

The mobster looks at the others with some apprehension before replying to the bartender: "I just wanted to use the restroom."

now you know why your parents taught you that pointing is rude

let's not do any finger pointing


the sandwich scene with John and Cameron re-interpreted

Robot Chicken: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Now you know why the writers went over the top in making The Sarah Connor Chronicles so serious, even to a depressing degree. They were afraid that any humor would make people not take the show seriously or that males (being the single-minded types this video implies) would not take a young female terminator seriously unless she were scarier than all the other terminators good and bad combined.

I'm surprised the one obvious joke -- "I call shotgun." "I call nine millimeter." -- got through unless it was intended as grim dark humor.

After all the laughing stops though, would you slap Cameron the way Sarah does? I don't think so. She keeps her temper in check because Sarah is John's mother and you aren't.

[As for Ms. Weaver, really surprised she let Sarah get away with that insult in the last episode..]

This little lens started because I got tired of waiting for Guide to the Sarah Connor Chronicles to load. It was and is frankly a value-added promotion for my fan work Season Three. The value added was various factoids and trivia not suitable for the big Guide to the Sarah Connor Chronicles or too short to be worth including there. Also various kinds of information that fell between the cracks of major categories like my other lenses about the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Well the little lens that could has grown up and, on some days, pulls more traffic than its big mother.

The game is the same. Please please please let me know how I can improve it. What is missing? What can I add?

Information Please

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