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Sardines All lined Up To Get Canned

Updated on February 5, 2010

Sardines all lined up to get canned.




So I sat and squandered


the first twenty minutes,

drawing cheesy doodles on a sticky pad,

then my girlfriend called and

coerced me into phone sex.

I'll tell you what,

it really hurts putting that reciever

up your wazoo, and I felt like


I needed a whole bar

of dial soap afterward.

all of that interruption

blew another ten minutes

of my hour to write,

the absolutely right stuff.

then it hit me that one only had to look

into their own eye and study the intricate

web of colors blended in a flowering iris,

and I became a pupil of my own insight,

gazing at my somewhat undetached retina,

I saw the handiwork of God

in this red viened, wet pearl orb,

with greenish brown pigment

adorning a tool I took for granted daily.

I once removed an enemies eyes,

by hooking my thumbs into the corners,

exerting less then two pounds of pressure,

they popped out and hung by the

optic nerves and viens,

swinging to and fro,

disabling any further desire

in him to kill me,

I left him studying the ground

he sought to put me in,

and now as I remember

that dismemberment

of such sacred organs

I shed a few tears for his loss,

however temporal

and then I realize

as my clock chimes

its silly british tune,

that my hours up,

and I have babbled away

any points I could have made with you,

and so in place of a poem

I will fetch a flintstone glass


and share Barney's rubble

with four fingers of

white chocolate schnapps,

and just sip the the eve away.







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