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Sasuke Shippuden

Updated on February 8, 2013
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Sasuke SketchSasuke vs Naruto
Sasuke Sketch
Sasuke Sketch
Sasuke vs Naruto
Sasuke vs Naruto

From the amazing series of Naruto Uzumaki, we are here to discuss about one of its favorite character, Sasuke Uchiha. In the series he was introduced as, last survivor of the Uchiha clan (Leaving Itachi Uchiha). According to the second hokage, Uchiha clan is a clan who is possessed by evil. Uchiha clan was mercilessly murdered by his own clan member Itachi Uchiha.

I am just going to highlight some invents happened in Sasuke’s life, to give you a quick peek.

1. He wasn’t an Uchiha born with exceptional ability, though his brother was and because of that he grew under his brother shadows. Itachi Uchiha was considered as one of the child prodigy born in Uchiha clan. He was a born genius and people always compare Sasuke with his brother Itachi. Sasuke wants to be like his brother but a night Itachi eliminated his own clan leaving his brother alive saying he’s not worth killing, he is weak.

2. After the incident happened in Uchiha clan, Sasuke’s innocence was corrupted and his personality changed severely and started becoming cold, lonely, cruel and somewhat arrogant and the only aim left for him, was to take revenge of his comrade and family and kill his brother Itachi.

3. Later he was introduced to Kakashi as a student of Kakashi Team. He displayed indifference and arrogance to his team mate Naruto and Sakura as he felt they would not provide any help in achieving his goal. Despite of that he started to lose his anger and thought of revenge being with Naruto and Sakura to some extent till Orochimaru showed up and gave Sasuke the curse seal of heaven during the chunin exams to give him a taste of power.

4. Sasuke has both superiority and inferiority complex and unwilling nature to acknowledge someone is stronger than him especially Naruto when he always tries to compete with Sasuke. Seeing Naruto sudden growth and victory over tailed beast user Gaara make him realize that he can’t defeat his brother till he is in Konaha. He left the village with Orichimaru sub-ordinate, who were ordered to bring Sasuke back safely. But Naruto and his friends tried to stop him to become a wandering ninja and Naruto battle with Sasuke alone at the valley of end but Sasuke defeated Naruto. He planned on killing his closest friend to awaken his Mangekyo Sharigan but upon his victory he chose against it and vows to fight his brother in his own way.

5. Orochimaru main motivate to bring Sasuke was to use him as his new body but he arrived late and because of that Orochimaru was forced to choose another body as his container. Sasuke claimed that he didn’t care to sacrifice his body as long it served his purpose but when Sasuke felt that he had grown stronger than Orochimaru he decided to kill him which later result in sealing him inside Sasuke’s body when Orochimaru try to absorb Sasuke.

6. Sasuke formed a team “Snake” and started his quest to find the whereabouts his brother Itachi, which he finally did and challenged him for a battle of life and death. Afterwards he was confronted with the real truth about the massacre of the Uchiha clan. Itachi was ordered by the Konoha elders to eliminate the Uchiha clan as they were posing a threat to the fire country (leaf village). Sasuke then vowed to destroy Konoha for sacrificing Itachi and the Uchiha clan for their happiness. Sasuke then renamed his team and changed it to “hawk” .

7. After defeating his brother and knowing the truth about the massacre of Uchiha clan, Sasuke joined the Akatsuki and confronted Danzo who share equal share in giving order of sacrificing the Uchiha clan. He killed Danzo but after effect of using Mangekyo Sharigan started showing and he started losing his eye sight. By Madara Uchiha, Sasuke was implanted with Itachi eyes.

8. He was able to again confront Itachi by Edo tensai (Living Dead jutsu), who again let him consider his goal and destiny. He was confuse and eager to know the actual truth behind Itachi and his clan. That’s why he resurrected Orochimaru, so that he can take him to the people who know everything.

9. 1st Hokage, 2nd Hokage, 3rd Hokage and 4th Hokage were resurrected using the Edo tensai and Sasuske asked them about the real truth behind the massacre of Uchiha clan and why he ordered it. He asked 2nd Hokage about the Uchiha clan and 2nd hokage told him that’s its clan possessed by Evil.

Quite an amazing series and I am really eager to know its end.

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Sasuke with ItachiSasuke childhood
Sasuke with Itachi
Sasuke with Itachi
Sasuke childhood
Sasuke childhood


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