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Saturday Entertainment Tidbits For 5/3/14

Updated on May 3, 2014

Ben Affleck Gets Banned From Hard Rock For Being "Too Good" At Cards

Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner decided to take a trip to Las Vegas before he spends months and months filming Batman Vs Superman and they decided to stay at the Hard Rock there for their time.But I guess when he wanted to wind down and just hang out he decided to play some blackjack at the tables some of the stuff he could of possibly learned from his film Runner Runner could of come back to bite him because Hard Rock and the state of Las Vegas banned him from the casino and from gambling all together because they said he was getting "Too Good" at it and it was thought that he was counting cards as well which for somebody who makes shameful amounts of money I really doubt he is just gonna steal from casino's as well.But when I came by the news it was shocking to read that the Hard Rock casino basically didn't even think twice and said "Nope your gone" and that was that and its for good.

Is Hugh Jackman REALLY Going To Hang The Claws Up?

It was reported on Wednesday or Thursday that there was rumors about Hugh Jackman saying that after these last two X-Men films that he is already signed on to do that the script and story for the film has to be really good or it is a 99.9% possibility that it is over for him and time to move on.Just thinking about somebody else in that role is weird because its like somebody else playing short stop for the Yankees or having the Detroit Red Wings D line being TOTALLY different now because Nicklas Lidstrom isn't there now either.Like he has been in 6 films now and when it is all said and done it'll be at about 8 or 9 which is crazy cause it is easily over a decade of him playing one character and just getting better at it with one hiccup because there is some consensus that not a lot of fans went for the origins story.But to continue if Jackman were to move on and just say "Yeah I am done" then it may change everything for Wolverine the character and it may take a while to find a reliable and good replacement.

Baz Luhrman To Helm Elvis Film

Director of the film Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby is going to sort of stay to his roots with music and Luhrman is going to take over for a biopic about Elvis Presley.Now me myself didn't mind The Great Gatsby because he got the time of it and the outfits like perfectly and the story of it was good but I mean the only thing I was bothered with and hope he doesn't do in this is like in Gatsby you will hear Jay-Z about a quarter of the movie cause he worked on the soundtrack so his music got in there a lot but I think the movie will get torn to shreds if they get an A list amazing actor to play Elvis and it has all of this promise and then when he comes on stage with his guitar and he starts singing Adele and Pink like they have no place being in the movie because its not Elvis music so I just hope they do it right.

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer

When you see The Amazing Spider Man 2 this weekend you might end up seeing the new trailer for Michael Bay's take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.Now after seeing it in 3D and the way it is technically intended on being seen I am myself excited to for this because I will root for the Turtles until there is a last breathe in my body and I think in the trailer not having Megan Fox talk in this as April O'Neill was a good idea because most people just like looking at her and they don't want to hear her act in any sense of the word because she isn't the greatest actress.But when they actually give visuals for all of the Turtles and you get to hear their voices slightly more I do like how they are still keeping the frat boy attitude with they "Hey Donnie?!" and Donnie responds with "Yeah Brah!!!" like it still keeps how they used to talk and it still keeps that darkness as well that the original comics have as well so as long as Michael Bay didn't totally screw this up then this should be a good one to go see and the 3D in it is actually worth the price of admission it seems as well.

Kevin Spacey Is Revealed As New Villain In New Call Of Duty Game

It was revealed online yesterday in a big trailer that was released for the new Call Of Duty game that is titled Call Of Duty:Advanced Warefare.But watching the preview it is amazing to watch Spacey play the role because he plays his evil Frank Underwood character that is in House Of Cards but in the game he doesn't have the hard southern accent and he basically talks about how Democracy drives certain things and if you give people Democracy they will know what to do with it.Then you see certain visuals of the soldiers in the game using the weapons that you can just throw in the air and it is a lot of robotic weapons and like a shield that looks plastic when he opens it but then guy stands behind it and shoots and it stops the bullets from the oncoming enemy which is crazy.The game is due in November and it does look like it is a step up from Black Ops 2 and Ghosts because it is trying something different as everything Call Of Duty does so it will be interesting to see how the game turns out when it finally releases.

Magic Mike 2 Is Being Released AND Has A New Title

The upcoming release for the sequel of the highly anticipated sequel Magic Mike 2 is already being green lit.Also within a weeks worth of waiting on hearing that news a title has been added to it as well and it will be titled Magic Mike XXL.This doesn't surprise me because that movie always try to be so tongue and cheek with what they do and like from what I am hearing as well like 90% of the original cast is back like obviously Channing Tatum will be back and getting Joe Manganiello from True Blood fame and everything else.But the ones they are stuck on is Alex Pettyfer because he hasn't been in anything huge and noticeable probably since the first film and Matthew Mcconaughey just had like the BEST year of his life so him going back is like him going back to be back as favor for the original type thing but I myself am interested to see what happens and what they will do with it because although this film was aimed at like 91% women I thought it was a very interesting film and had something else going for it more then dudes taking their clothes off so I mean this could be interesting and I mean adding new people to bring in more audiences as well could be a good thing like in the first film I was stunned to see an old wrestler I used to watch as a kid was in the film as one of the dancers which I thought was hilarious so maybe it would work out if they got the right people.

Magic Mike Trailer

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