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Saturday Night At The Corners

Updated on August 15, 2010

Saturday Night At The Corners

Saturday Night At The Corners

by Chuck RitenouR 5-20-2K7


I got fifty dollars in my pocket and a fresh pack of cigarettes

Saturday night at the Corners, hell that's as good as it gets

If I drink up my last dollar well at least I ain't drinking alone

and if I get drunker than you do honey, I might let you drive me home.

verse 1:

Workin' all week in the warehouse, sweatin' and bustin' my ass

now its made in the shade, my bills are paid and I gotta full tank of gas

now the only thing inh my refrigerator is a case of domestic beer

but its Saturday night at the Corners and the Suspect Band is there.

verse 2:

We wear blue jeans and tee-shirts we love the stars and bars

we're all tryin' to get lucky in the back seat of someone's car

and its true about what we've been smokin' but what happens here always stays here

Its Saturdy night at the Corners and all my friends are here.

Its Saturdy night at the Corners and Donald just bought me a beer.

the end.


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