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Save Myself (Jane's Song)

Updated on September 5, 2011

Save Myself (Jane's Song)

by Chuck RitenouR

verse 1:

Jane thinks I've always got a plan she thinks I'm always on the move

but little does she know I'm lost somewhere in the grove.

She says there's always a smile hidden on my face

she said she can see it in my eyes like I just drew an ace.

She thinks she knows my heart, my heart like no one else

I need someone to save me 'cause I just won't save myself.

verse 2:

Jane talks about her kids and she talks about this town

and she always smiles at me even when she's feelin' down

cause she knows I have a plan she's been watchin' me for years

ridin' on rainbows bummin' cigarettes and beers

she said my heart is always on my sleeve, never on a shelf

but I need someone to save me 'cause I just won't save myself


Tell me who am I that I might save someone

I'm just here for the ride I'm just here for some fun

never think about tomorrow, livin' day to day

rollin in the clover and sleepin in the hay.

verse 3:

If I had a dime for every tear she ever cried

I'd still be a poor man 'cause she always runs and hides

She always holds her head high always talks so tough

says love is a good thing, but it ain't always enough

and if you can't say the words best not open your mouth

there's no way I can save you 'cause I just can't save myself.


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    • Chuck RitenouR profile image

      Chuck RitenouR 6 years ago from Front Royal, Virginia

      Sometimes, I can't imagine it myself. Thanks for dropping in.

    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Very nice Chuck! Too bad I can't imaginemthe music:)