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Saving Grace Television Show Alternative Ending

Updated on June 23, 2010

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Alternative Ending To Saving Grace TV Show

Saving Grace’s last season was this last Monday night. It was cancelled early by Fox Television. I am assuming the directors and writers had to come up with a meaningful ending in the last minute. There actual ending was very good on one level but followed the typical Christian theme of sacrifice. Grace was struck by deep depression for hitting the little girl who ran in front of her car when she was playing Mozart. Grace was not drinking and speeding as in the first episode where she hit an adult inmate and was somehow saved from this moment of tragedy. Earl her angel came to her rescue.

So in this last episode Grace in her desperation hits the road and goes to Mexico trying to find some peace with taking a life of an innocent little girl. She does find some closure there. The piece fit together nicely until Grace goes out in the ocean has some spiritual revelation and feels renewed. I would say this was getting baptized like Jesus did one week or so before he would be crucified. Then Grace has some vision of an evil human who is in Baltimore and so she must confront him at all cost. Grace’s house is burnt by this evilness, Flanders and almost kills her nephew if it wasn’t for Earl. Obviously there is a fight between good and evil and Grace becomes the human in the middle. This is all very true. We live in the world of opposites.

Now the ending is just too western and sacrificed themed for my taste. Grace pursues evil as if she can somehow defeat it. She finally figures out that Flanders is Satan and is not in Baltimore but is at the Baltimore storage unit where she is going to take her many, many bags of fan letters. She sits on the old Ford looking truck waiting for evil to arrive, calm, until he holds up her sisters necklace. She tries to shoot him but he does not die after 6 shots by her gun. She is smoking a cigar and Flanders explains how he will release a nitrate into the air on a spring day and kill many people. She throws the cigar on the nitrate and it blows up everything.


I would do everything the same except for the moment she is sitting on the truck smoking her cigar waiting for evil. I think Earl should have showed up to help- so then you have good and evil presented in front of you. Instead of Grace provoking either good or evil, she would have crossed her legs, kept the cigar, closed her eyes and prayed/mediated on what was before her. She would have a revelation or nirvana type moment where she saw the illusion of good and evil. Grace was on her journey of growth. She would have been a great Bodhisattva- one who awakens and then returns to help her fellow human beings. We already know Grace was helping humans all the time, as a cop, or just a radical crazy moral person at times. The Buddha and Christ has some sort of temptation by the lust, power and evil of the world before they refused it and accomplished their journey- but each saw through the illusion of this world, past the temporary into the eternal. The great part of Grace is that she is an empowered character except at the end- she has the strength and vision to do what Neo did in the Matrix- see the bullets flying, and stop them because they were essentially not real. Neo was able to see the program, i.e. the illusion that is the Earthy realm, the world of opposites. Grace in the end maybe outwitted evil for a day or so, but as the story goes- darkness will manifest itself in some other shape or form.

I think a better fight against evil is not to believe in it, but also help everyone you can, believe in the light. It may seem you are ignoring it and thus not facing reality, but until we understand that evil/darkness is the absence of light or god then we will never move everyone up to the level of their true selves which are spiritual beings clothed in limitation for a purpose. This purpose is not for the good angels to battle the evil angels and we are only the victims of this fight. The purpose is that we are expanding consciousness and doing this radically must be in a structure of limitation (world of opposites) or expansion cannot happen.

Saving Grace is a great show and kudos to Holly Hunter to produce a show with edge and out-side-the-box vision. It will be missed.


Buddha and the Matrix


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    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      sorry never watched this program, have know idea about it. Thanks for a little glimps though.